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Women Entrepreneurship​

Women entrepreneurship is one of the core areas where EDII has intervened successfully to bring women to the forefront of the economic world. EDII designs tailor-made courses in women entrepreneurship development and skill building so that women are able to overcome their inhibitions and hurdles that so typically bother them. EDII contributed to entrepreneurship development of women from across the world through

  • New Enterprise Creation programmes: These skill development and technical training programmes ensured presence of trained women entrepreneurs in emerging sectors. These programmes helped women identify their strengths, hone their skills, align it with their identified business opportunity, and float a sustainable business enterprise.
  • Programmes to create cadre of Women Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators & Business Counsellors: The Institute not just creates women entrepreneurs but also conducts training programmes for putting in place cadres of women entrepreneur trainer-motivators who take up the task of giving wings to the women entrepreneurship development movement. The Institute has conducted several such capacity-building programmes in the African and the Asia-Pacific region with resounding success.  
  • Performance Improvement Programmes (PIPs): The success of an enterprise depends on its viability, project planning, implementation and management. Realizing that presence of soft skills in an entrepreneur can help achieve these, PIPs were offered to impart soft skills to existing women entrepreneurs.

Some major initiatives in the domain of Women Entrepreneurship include:

-Skill Development Programmes for Women Entrepreneur Trainer–Motivators & Business Counsellors


Funded by: Commonwealth Secretariat, London (Under financial assistance from Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation).

Activities undertaken with an objective of developing a cadre of hard core professionals who will work for the promotion of economic activities among women in the Asia Pacific Region. These capacity building programmes were organized to increase the supply of competent women entrepreneurs in all strata of society in the Asia Pacific Region and to encourage the consolidation and growth of existing small enterprises by way of providing effective business counselling services by trained professionals.

-International 3-tier training programmes for women
(i) imparting necessary entrepreneurial skills in women who are already in business,
(ii) sensitizing support system institutions (both training and financial) about the gender biases that are inherent in social relations and
(iii) training a cadre of committed women Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators (ETMs).

Funded by: UNIDO

With a view to optimize utilization of human resources and to promote entrepreneurship among women entrepreneurs, training programmes were conducted for the participants of developing countries.

Core Activities