Business Development Services and National Outreach​​

Facilitating for fostering global competitiveness and growth of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)


  • Enabling Business Development Services across regions and sectors.
  • Facilitating growth of existing MSMEs at the national level.


  • Enabling and Development of Business Development Services (BDS) for MSMEs.
  • Developing a cadre of Business Development Service Providers.
  • Providing BDS to Institute’s Alumni.
  • Setting up Institutes/Centres of Entrepreneurship development across the country and ensuring their capacity building.
  • Developing a repository of knowledge on clusters, value chain & BDS.

Core Initiatives Over the Years​

BDS Market Development

The objective of interventions in this domain are to ensure that MSMEs operating in clusters derive benefit of quality Business Development Services provided by private and public BDS providers.

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BMO Capacity Building

The role of Business Membership Organizations (Industry Associations or Chamber of Commerce and Industry) as facilitators of business (of MSMEs), by extending a range of meaningful value added services to their members cannot be understated.

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