Library & Information Centre​

EDII Library and Information Centre (EDII LIC) is a state-of-the-art centre enriched with updated information sources in the field of entrepreneurship and related subjects. EDII LIC’s collection focuses on books, research reports, cases, serial publications, project profiles, reference material and journals. In addition to national and international journals and periodicals on various sectors, the centre also subscribes to selected online resources. The LIC resources help its patrons to access the latest and relevant information to supplement their education and research at EDII. EDII LIC uses open source software for its library management system (Koha), DSpace for digitization of institutional repositories and VuFind for integrated research tool. EDII LIC initiated and implemented INFLIBNET’s Indian Research Information Network System. The centre is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, too.

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Project Profiles
EDII Reports
Bound Volumes

Library Advisory Committee

Shri S. S. Modi
Dr. Pankaj Bharti

Shri Gopal Kumar Roy

Mr. Ganapathi Batthini, Senior Librarian

Library Staff

Mr. Ganapathi Batthini, Senior Librarian

Mr. Umesh Mehta

Ms. Hema Rawal

Mr. Laxman Rathod

Mr. Virendra Sathawara


  • Lending Service : Books are issued as per rules, to all library patrons.
  • Article Database : Article database contains information on selected articles from core journals subscribed by EDII LIC.
  • Reference Service : All EDII LIC patrons are assisted in getting their information instantly.
  • Product Information Database : This database contains information on about 10000 product profiles published by various organisations.
  • Industrial Information Service : From various specialized information sources of EDI LIC, specific information such as, product profiles, feasibility study reports, industrial and economic statistics, trade statistics, directory information on manufacturers and industrial organizations  is provided to patrons.
  • Information and Documentation Services : EDII LIC provides information services to its users such as Current Awareness Services (CAS) and Selective Dissemination Services (SDI)
  • Press Clippings Service : Latest news items relevant to ones area of interest are scanned from 30 leading daily newspapers and other magazines.
  • Referral Services : EDII LIC users are directed to other libraries and information centres to get information.
  • Inter-Library Loan Service : EDII LIC borrows books from other libraries on request by users. Also, EDII LIC issues books to other libraries as per the needs and requirements.

Types of Materials

EDII LIC has fairly good collection consisting of

  • Text Books
  • Reference Books
  • Research Reports
  • Handbooks
  • Directories
  • Serial Publications
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Dictionaries
  • Working Papers
  • Economic and Industrial Surveys
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Biographies of Entrepreneurs
  • Project Profiles on Products
  • Business Opportunities
  • Journals/Periodicals/Newspapers