Working Papers​

The main objective of the working paper series of EDII is to help faculty members/researchers share their research/study/project findings with colleagues, as well as test and receive feedback from them at pre-publication stage.



Amitkumar Dwivedi and Prinyanko Ghosh

Efficiency Measurement of Indian Sugar Manufacturing Firms: A DEA Approach

Astad Pastaki

Socially Responsible Business in India and the Asia-Pacific: Meeting the Challenges of Inclusive Sustainable Development.

Hari Govind Mishra, Malika Sharma and Piyush Kumar Sinha

Customer Profiling of Generation-Y Females Purchasing Handbags in Jammu

Ganapathi Batthini, Nupur Vaishnav, Ashok Chaudhary & Ashok Madnani

The Journal of Entrepreneurship: A Retrospective Bibliometric Analysis and Future Directions

Dr. Baishali Mitra

Determinants of Women Entrepreneurship in India: A Scrutiny based on Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)