Economy Engagement / Initiatives

Institution Building for Strengthening Entrepreneurship

EDII has come forward in a big way to provide technical assistance to developing nations under the aegis of the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. EDII’s vision also advocates institution building for concretising entrepreneurship. In order to, therefore, replicate the success story of promoting first generation entrepreneurs through training and counselling interventions, the Institute took up the task of setting up EDII-like institutions across the world.  In this concept-to-completion approach, work involves feasibility study, entrepreneurship appreciation workshop for the policy makers and planners, identification of viable business opportunities, setting up a library on entrepreneurship, long term advisory services to the Centre, policy framework for promotion of SMEs and organizational framework for an Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC). The Institute has set up EDCs at Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Uzbekistan. Work is in progress in countries like Rwanda and other selected African countries.

The process of establishing centres include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Appreciation Workshops for policy makers and planners
  • Workforce selection and orientation
  • Training of Trainers to create a cadre of trained professionals who could consolidate the learning
  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Developing teaching & training aides
  • Setting up financial and administrative system
  • Long-term Advisory services for sustainability of the Centre

Centres Established

  • Lao-India Entrepreneurship Development Center (LIEDC) at Vientiane
  • Cambodia India Entrepreneurship Development Centre (CIEDC) at Phnom Penh which was later re-christened as National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (NIEI)
  • Myanmar India Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MIEDC) at Yangon
  • Vietnam India Entrepreneurship Development Centre (VIEDC) at Hanoi
  • India-Uzbekistan Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IUEDC) at Tashkent
  • Rwanda – India Entrepreneurship Development Centre (RIEDC) at Kigali

Similar Centres are proposed in selected other African countries

The Vision of the Centres Established

The Centres will spearhead entrepreneurship development movement in their respective countries to promote a conducive environment, thus becoming Centres of Excellence for facilitating creation of viable and competitive new enterprises and strengthening of the existing ones. It will endeavour to create resilient, indigenous entrepreneurs who will be efficient in the competitive global market.

Core Activities