Government Projects / Initiatives

Centre for Empowerment of Differently Abled (CEDA)

EDII has set up ‘Centre for Empowerment of Differently Abled (CEDA)’ at the Institute supported by Department of Social Justice & Empowerment, Directorate of Social Defence, Gujarat State Handicapped (Divyang) Finance & Development Corporation, Govt. of Gujarat. The centre has been set up to promote entrepreneurship, employability and livelihood activities among the differently abled.

The project is aimed at unleashing the entrepreneurial potential of the differently abled through capacity building and training to ensure enterprise creation, employability and sustainable livelihood options.


In this 5-year project, sanctioned in 2021, efforts will be focussed on conducting entrepreneurship and livelihood training to empower people with disabilities to train them to initiate entrepreneurial ventures in domains of their interest and convenience. The Centre will also undertake research to steer policies in this direction. 


The tangible outcomes of the project would be visible in terms of sensitisation of 11,500 participants and hardcore training of 12000 of these, thus resulting in improved economic patterns; higher incidence of employment, entrepreneurship and livelihood, inclusive growth, empowerment, setting up of close to 4800 enterprises and generation of around 9600 employment opportunities.


The centre will aim at promoting entrepreneurship, employability and livelihood activities among the divyangjan. Through an all-inclusive approach, the centre will sensitise, train and build capacities of the differently abled, thus resulting in improved economic patterns; higher incidence of employment, entrepreneurship and livelihood, inclusive growth, empowerment, setting up of new enterprises and generation of employment opportunities.


To unleash the entrepreneurial potential of the differently abled through capacity building and training to ensure enterprise creation, employability and sustainable livelihood options.


“Mainstreaming divyangjan through sustainable economic empowerment for self-reliance, autonomy and inclusivity”.


Sensitisation and Awareness Creation:

CEDA works in rural as well as urban areas of Gujarat to sensitize the divyangjan and spreads awareness about adopting entrepreneurship as a career. CEDA conducts the following programmes for sensitization and awareness creation.

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes (EAP)
  • Entrepreneurship Orientation Programmes (EOP)
  • Community Outreach Programmes (COP)

Policy Research and Publication:

Policy research, dissemination of findings and publications ensure advocacy in addition to creating a knowledge infrastructure, based on which outcome based activities are designed. One of the important responsibilities of CEDA is to undertake policy research and publications. Following are some of the research and publication activities of CEDA:

  • Research studies •   Project profiles
  • Modules and booklets •   Impact assessment studies
  • Success stories •   Policy briefs

Capacity Building:

Capacity building will enable Divyangjan to identify viable business opportunities, develop feasible linkages available under various government schemes like MUDRA, Stand-up India, and Start-up India, and float own enterprises. Following activities are conducted for Divyangjan, under this initiative.

  • Thematic Programmes (TP)
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP)
  • Trainers’ Training Programmes (TTP)

Livelihood and Skill Development:

Livelihood and Skill Development Programmes enable Divyangjan to adopt sustainable livelihoods. This, in turn, has a conspicuous impact on their personality, in terms of raised confidence, self-esteem and rewarding entrepreneurial traits. Under this activity, following livelihood and skill development training programmes are conducted for divyangjan.

  • Livelihood Programmes (LP)
  • Development Soft Skills Programmes (DSSP)

Dissemination Events:

CEDA works with the intent of organising activities and undertaking policy advocacy for the benefit of the Divyangjan. Dissemination of findings and information, as also brainstorming sessions help create awareness, spread knowledge and result in evidence based activities for the target group. The following activities provide a platform for networking and support for economic empowerment of the divyangjan:

    • Consultative Meets
    • Workshops
    • Roundtable conferences
    • Seminars

Core Activities

Centre for Empowerment of Differently Abled (CEDA)

State and Societies have continually sought to institute plans and methods to evolve an inclusive approach to growth so that the struggles of the disadvantaged and the deprived could be reduced, and they could be integrated in the mainstream social structure. Several amiable policies and approaches have been put in place to ensure their wellbeing, including that of the differently abled whose daily struggles for living and livelihood are overwhelming.

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Start-Up Village Entrepreneurship Programme

EDII has been roped in as a National Resource Organisation (NRO) for implementing the largest PAN-India rural poverty eradication programme, the Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP). SVEP is the sub-scheme under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NRLM) with the objective of helping Self Help Groups (SHGs) and their family members to set-up small enterprises in the non-farm sector.

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Hastkala Setu Yojana

As knowledge partner to the Commissionerate of Cottage Industries, Government of Gujarat, EDII is working on conceptualizing, developing, implementing and evaluating an integrated model to strengthen the cottage & rural entrepreneurship ecosystem in the state.

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Aspirational Districts Embrace Entrepreneurship

Under the Government of India’s policy initiative for inclusive development and rapid transformation of 115 backward districts across the country, EDII has been entrusted by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India to conduct short-term Entrepreneurship Sensitization and Development Programmes (ESDP) in 40 districts across the country.

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NIMAT Project

As the National Implementing & Monitoring Agency for Training (NIMAT), sponsored by NSTEDB, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, the Institute has been conducting a series of programmes to promote and strengthen S&T entrepreneurship among youth, thus strengthening S&T entrepreneurship in educational institutions.

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Bihar Skill Development

Bihar Skill Development Programme

‘Kushal Yuva Program’ launched by Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) aims at enhancing Soft Skills among youths in the age group of 15-25 years, who have cleared class 10th or class 12th or have dropped out of formal education and are looking for jobs.

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Srinagar Mega Carpet Cluster

EDII functions as Cluster Management and Technical Agency (CMTA) for Srinagar Mega Carpet Cluster Project under Comprehensive Handicraft Cluster Development Project of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The objective of the project is to facilitate development of mega carpet cluster, with necessary infrastructure support and modern production facilities to enable the industry to meet various legal and trade commitments.

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Food Processing Sector

In 2003-04, the Ministry of Food Processing, Govt. of India assigned to EDII the task of promoting and creating new enterprises across the country by conducting Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.

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Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation Ltd. (GWEDC)

Under the sponsorship of Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation Ltd. (GWEDC), Govt. of Gujarat, EDII initiated one-year programme in 2020 focussing on developing the entrepreneurial capacity of women and enabling them to build their business resources to ensure sustainable income through enterprise creation.

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MP Tourism

Backed by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, EDII is promoting entrepreneurship in the tourism sector in Madhya Pradesh with customised Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programmes.

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