Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Faculty Profile

S.B. Sareen

Associate Sr. Trainer
Academic Qualification

Textile Technologist; D.I.M, D.I.M.O. (Hons-); D.M.M

Professional Qualification
  • Completed his professional training in the areas of:

  • Modular Approaches to Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skill Development, Netherlands International Institute for Management (RVB), Netherlands

  • Behavioral and Motivational Input

  • Business Counseling, DUBS, U.K.

  • “ Writing Self-Study Material and Writing Better” by Brain Mee, Open Learning Centre, Carmarthen, U.K.

  • Edward de Bono’s Cort 1 (Breadth) Tools Teacher Certification of Advanced Practical Thinking Training, Inc. Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.

  • Global Faculty Colloquium at University of California, Berkeley, USA

  • Executive Programme on Technology Commercialization at University of Texas, Austin, USA

  • Country Focused Training Course in SME Promotion Strategy in Japan at Osaka, Japan

Areas of Specialization
  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Training programme for New Enterprise Creation

  • Capacity Building Programme for promoting & strengthening entrepreneurship

  • Faculty Development programme

  • Enterprise Upgradation programme

Courses taught/projects handled



  • Initiated, planned and executed number of Accredited Trainers’ Courses for the benefit of Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators (ETMs), in which large number of ETMs of various state-level Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) conducting organisations were trained, motivated and counselled to strengthen the ED movement all over the country.

  • Conceived, designed and implemented number of new enterprise creation programmes for the benefit of first generation / potential entrepreneurs to promote Small & Medium Enterprises & entrepreneurship all over the country. These programmes were targetted to various groups viz., General, Science & Technology Graduates, Ex-servicemen, Women, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes.

  • Conducted large number of Achievement Motivation Training Programmes for different target groups.

  • Assisted many state-level EDP conducting organisations in selection of potential entrepreneurs for their EDPs.

  • Organised number of Performance Improvement Programmes for the benefit of existing entrepreneurs at various locations.

  • Conducted sector specific Growth Programmes for the benefit of existing entrepreneurs to enable them design growth oriented action plans and take strategic decisions for expansion, diversification, new product development, quality improvement, cost reduction, etc.

  • Organised Business Counsellors Programmes on the basis of model developed by DUBS, UK.

  • Organised Faculty Development Programmes to encourage the teaching professionals for imparting entrepreneurship education amongst the students at educational institutions across the country.

  • Project Guide to Students of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship and Management for New Enterprise Creation.

  • Conducting National Meets of Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators with the objective of providing them a common platform for sharing their rich and varied experiences.

  • Planning, designing & coordinating large number of entrepreneurship development programmes targeted at first generation entrepreneurs for New Enterprise Creation under European Union’s sponsored project for Economic Rehabilitation of Kutch & Saurashtra (Earthquake affected region).



  • Conceived, designed and implemented large number of Capacity Building Programmes, sponsored by Commonwealth Secretariat, London for the benefit of organisations / institutions of commonwealth member countries. Trainers trained under these programmes, in turn, promote and strengthen entrepreneurship in their respective countries.

  • Organised UNIDO sponsored Trainers’ Training Programmes for six Asian Countries.

  • Conducted UNDP sponsored Training Programme for Business Counsellors at Thimphu, Bhutan.

  • Conducted Advanced Training Programme for Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators of Nepal & Sri Lanka, sponsored by APCTT, New Delhi.

  • Conducted UNIDO sponsored Training Programme for Resource Persons in Mozambique for promoting entrepreneurship amongst potential entrepreneurs of Mozambique.

  • Conducted UNIDO sponsored training programme for resource persons in Jordan under the aegis of Arab Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship & Investment Training (ARCEIT), Bahrain to promote & strengthen entrepreneurship in Palestine & Jordan.

  • Conducted UNIDO sponsored training programme for Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators and resource persons in Kuwait under the aegis of Arab Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship & Investment Training (ARCEIT), Bahrain to promote & strengthen entrepreneurship in Kuwait.

  • Conducted Faculty Development Programme at Kathmandu for Professors of Science & Technology Institutions, Nepal

  • Conceived, designed & conducted Capacity building programmes for Entrepreneurship & Small Business Promotion in developing countries under the aegis of ITEC, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

  • Conducted Capacity building programmes for Promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship through Incubation in developing countries under the aegis of ITEC, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

  • Conceived, designed & conducted MBA enrichment programme for the benefit of students and faculty members of University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

  • Conducted capacity building programmes in Entrepreneurship for Resource persons and Entrepreneurs in Iran

  • Conducted Trainers Training Programme in Entrepreneurship in Bangkok

  • Conducted Entrepreneurship Orientation Programmes for Policy makers in in six African Countries namely; Benin, Chad, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Malavi and Nigeria

In addition to various other activities, looking after various Projects sponsored by NSTEDB, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. These are;


  • DST-NIMAT Project

  • i-STED: NER Project

  • DST-Policy Research Centre in S&T Entrepreneurship

  • Food Processing Industry Project (Ministry of Food Processing Industries, GoI)

  • Skill Development of Artisans in Textile and Cane/Bamboo handicrafts: NER

  • Promoting Entrepreneurship amongst Individuals and Self-Help Groups from Affirmative Action Communities in Pune District (TATA Communications Ltd.)

A textile technologist with rich management background. Possesses over 38 years of teaching, training and consultancy experience in entrepreneurship at both national and international levels. Has been trained at the Netherlands International Institute for Management (RVB); University of California, Berkeley, USA; University of Texas, Austin, USA and Osaka, Japan on innovation, incubation and science & technology entrepreneurship. Has expertise in conducting new enterprise creation, faculty development and capacity building programmes for entrepreneurship development.


National Directory of Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators and Resource Persons in the field of Entrepreneurship Development


  • Case Study on M/S Shree Santram Engineering Works Vadodara, Gujarat with Prof D.D. Trivedi

  • Chapter on “Support to New Entrepreneurs” in Text Book for 11th & 12th Standard under vocational stream published by the Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

  • Who is an Entrepreneur? & Qualities of an Entrepreneur.

  • Planning a Small Scale Industry.

  • Market Survey : Tools & Techniques

  • Paper on “Developing Entrepreneurs through Training Interventions in North East Region: Problems, Prospects & Issues”.

  • Paper on “Entrepreneurship Development in the Changed Scenario and Role of an Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivator”.

  • Food Processing Sector: Current Scenario and Future Prospects.

  • Scope of Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing Sector in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Promoting Entrepreneurial Initiative through Planned Intervention: The Case of Food Processing Industry

  • Identified Business Opportunities and Prepared project profiles for Guinea and Ghana as a part of the World Bank Assignment

  • Conducted study on Economic Rehabilitation of Tsunami affected people in Sri Lanka

  • Prepared compendium of 50 viable business opportunities in Vietnam, the project supported by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India

  • Prepared diagnostic report on edible oil mills of Sudan, the project supported by Govt. of India & UNIDO.

  • Prepared project profiles for the state of Tripura to facilitate potential / existing entrepreneurs to set-up small & medium enterprises

  • Prepared tourism based project profiles for Goa to facilitate potential entrepreneurs in taking investment decisions for their ventures.




  • Participated in Global Faculty Colloquium on Technology Entrepreneurship held at University of California, Berkeley, USA under the fellowship support from Indo-US Science & Technology Forum

  • Conducted series of workshops, seminars and training programmes for investment & entrepreneurship promotion in Sudan under the aegis of Govt. of India & UNIDO.

  • Conducted seminar on Entrepreneurship in Malaysia

  • Conducted workshop on promoting & strengthening Techno entrepreneurship in Mauritius

  • Conducted series of Awareness Programmes-cum-Workshops on Entrepreneurship Benin, Chad, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda


  • Member of the Advisory Committee of State S&T Councils of Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi

  • Member of the Core Group on State S&T Programme related to Location Specific Research & Technology Development, Demonstration (LSR &TDD), Govt. of India

  • Member Secretary of DST-NIMAT Project, DST, Govt. of India

  • Director, Centre for Advancing & Launching Enterprises (CrAdLE), Technology Business Incubator setup at EDII under the aegis of NSTEDB, DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi

  • Member of the Advisory Board of LJK Antrapreneur The Business Incubator, Ahmedabad

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

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