Technology Never Fails

While most of us realise the importance of agriculture in our lives, we forget to endorse the sector’s contribution in terms of providing livelihood options to our farmers, and how these messiahs need be supported so that they get right compensated for the services that they offer. Two young and dynamic friends Havyas and Nitin vowed to do their bit to add a little sunshine to the lives of farmers who provide for millions around.  


Over 60% of the Indian populace depends on income from agriculture for their livelihood. No wonder, as they say agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy; catering to food requirements of millions, serving as raw-material provider for the non-agricultural sector, including large scale industries.


India is a blessed country harbouring the advantages of vast stretches of land, favourable weather conditions and soil types with the capacity of growing varied plants and crops. However, these strengths could be leveraged upon yet more intensely  to maximise results. The agriculture sector in India has been facing a flurry of challenges that have dwarfed results. These challenges caught the attention of Havyas and Nitin who were looking for a start up opportunity, and after a lot of research, they decided to delve in the domain of agriculture.

Beegle Agritech and Agriproducts Private Ltd, cofounded by Havyas KS and Nitin Singh, works with people responsible for providing us our food. As the cofounders say, “Our venture has been founded on understanding, compassion and the urge to give.”


The idea of floating Beegle Agritech and Agriproducts came up to Havyas and Nitin while they were pursuing their Post-Graduate Diploma in Management – Business Entrepreneurship  at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad. Havyas, a graduate in Agricultural Marketing, during an academic activity at a village, as part of his curriculum, was interacting with a couple of farmers who were being shown how they could adopt and implement some contemporary technologies such as; drones and agricultural robots. Much to the surprise of Havyas, the farmers took interest and enquired about the technologies. As Havyas puts it, “Until that day, I had thought that farmers in villages were not open to change or upgradation of any sort. But their enthusiasm surprised me.”  At EDII, during a discussion on business opportunities, Havyas casually discussed this incident with his friend and batchmate, Nitin and from their commenced a meaningful story. Nitin, a Mechanical Engineer, reflected over the incident and deduced that had it not been for high cost, lack of access or unavailability of information, farmers would gladly step forth to adopt and adapt. The two looked at each other as if nodding to collaborate to work on an idea which they thought was, “a purposeful opportunity to empower farmers.” They decided to add wings to their idea and ventured out with all necessary exploration for their agritech startup. 


They were guided by EDII faculty and noted agri experts. While Havyas looks after agricultural, strategic and operational aspects of business, Nitin looks after technological aspects of the business. 


The company provides intelligent farming solutions to the farming community. It works with the goal of democratizing modern agricultural technologies like drones for precision farming, coffee harvesting tools, hydroponics and IOT and robotics-based microphonic solutions. It operates under two brand lines – Happening Farming and Happening Hydroponics. The entrepreneur duo comprehends the grassroots level problems, needs and requirements, based on which they develop technology based solutions that are viable, accessible and affordable to a significant farming population. Their recent innovation is Multipurpose Drone for precision farming which can do multiple tasks from monitoring plant health, precision application of both liquid and solid plant inputs, and reducing aerial pollution, which is a significant issue faced by existing aerial spraying drones.


Within a span of just two years, the firm could raise funds from various state and central government programs, which has resulted in its expansion in various locations in Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


Havyas and Nikhil believe that it is important for more potential entrepreneurs to think about agri tech startups. They echoed the emotion that the youths of today have to know that there is potential galore in this sector which needs to be unleashed to help graduate farmers from traditional farming practices to contemporary ones, thus creating the win-win situation for the people and the farmers. Obsolete equipment, inadequate infrastructure, poor pricing and lack of quick access of farmers to several markets are some of the problem areas where they feel opportunity exists for intervention.


May the agri sector flourish manifold with the concerted efforts of Havyas and Nikhil. We wish them great success and many more awards.