Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility

Background Content

Social Entrepreneurship has emerged as a key approach to third sector interventions for development and strategy for providing market-based solutions to reach bottom of the pyramid where market failures have kept them socially excluded.

The recent bill passed by the Indian Parliament that mandates the corporates to spend 2% of their net profit (if the net profit is more than 5 crores) on CSR activities, opens up many opportunities for consulting and implementation through CSR funds. They will become a major source of funding initiatives of NGOs and will need strategies for bridging the gap between CSR funds and need of the communities.

Our role must grow in support, in mentoring, vision building, and capacity of CSR initiatives to deliver, assist in moving to the next level as a business and as a social enterprise.

Centre co-ordinator

Sanjay Pal



  • IDBI supported Karnali project, YES Bank Project, Accenture and HP have brought to light an opportunity for other geographical areas also.
  • Keeping in mind the EDII mandate and relevance to any of the centres would make the CSR projects become effective and thus various training programmes and ideas could emerge. The companies may see alignment with different centres of EDII and we could offer a basket of services to Corporates which could be funded from their CSR budget.
  • Offer new short term and innovative programmes for both CSR and social entrepreneurship
  • Re-launch our existing programmes especially Distance Learning Programme to meet the market demand for social entrepreneurship

Core Activities

  • Skill Development Programme, Karnali - Skill and Capacity Building in Karnali Village.
  • British Council: Mainstreaming Social Entrepreneurship Education - Mainstreaming Social Entrepreneurship in Education
  • IICA Certified course
  • Developing proficiency in implementing CSR projects
  • Swachh Bharat Mission - Create business opportunities and awareness
  • Accenture MEDP's - To develop Micro entrepreneurs among the rural youth and women and help in income generation and employment generation in rural areas. Outcome: Develop 2800 Micro Entrepreneurs, direct employment to 7500 persons and indirect employment to 10,000 persons
  • HP WoW Project (5 Bus + OPEX) - To provide Digital training to the beneficiaries. Ensure that the beneficiaries are digitally trained.
  • Establishment of Centre of Excellence - Provide mentoring support to budding entrepreneurs, incubators.
  • EDII’s CRADLE - Social Entrepreneurship ventures

Programmes and Activities 2017-18

Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target Group Objectives & Outcome
5.1.1 Developing Course Material on Social Entrepreneurship EDII Campus  Throughout the year Participants of various programmes at EDII To prepare study material which will be used for programmes on social entrepreneurship besides multiple other possible projects. As per the requirement for MOOC and PM Yuva.
5.1.2 PM Yuva Yojana  Pan India 5 Years Potential Social Entrepreneurs and Stakeholders in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Promoting Social Entrepreneurship to facilitate inclusive and holistic growth of the local economy. Developing social entrepreneurs, creating a conducive eco system on SE.
5.1.3 Swachh Bharat Mission EDII Throughout the year Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Students, NGOs Create business opportunities and awareness.
Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target Group Objectives & Outcome


Case Studies on Social Entrepreneurship

EDI Campus

Throughout the year

Students, Researchers

To encourage youth to set up social enterprises and/or to motivate them to take up societal issues.

Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target Group Objectives & Outcome
5.3.1 Skill Development Programme, Karnali  Karnali, Dabhoi Throughout the year Youth and Women Skill and Capacity Building in Karnali Village.
5.3.2 British Council: Mainstreaming Social Entrepreneurship Education  9 States 1 Year Academic Institutions Mainstreaming social entrepreneurship education acrosss 9 states.
5.3.3 Certified Course of IICA Certified Professionals (ICPs) EDII Campus  1 Year Graduates with 45% in any discipline interested in CSR Train and certify students as CSR professionals. 
5.3.4  Accenture MEDPs   Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra, Puducherry, Kerala, Goa One Month Rural Youth and Women To develop Micro entrepreneurs among the rural youth and women and help in income generation and employment generation in rural areas.  
5.3.5  World on Wheels (WoW) - Mobile EDP & Digital Literacy Training  Telangana, Jharkhand/Uttarakhand, Tamilnadu One Month in a selected location For School Students, Women & Youth To provide digital training to the beneficiaries at their convenient locations, especially in the rural areas.
5.3.6 Establishment of Centre of Excellence Bhubaneswar, Ganjam Throughout the year Incubators, Start-Ups, Budding Entrepreneurs Provide mentoring support to budding entrepreneurs, incubators. 
5.3.7 Community Development, Self Help & Livelihood  Generation Entrepreneurship Programme for Women  Pan India 1 Week Women Communities Facilitating organizations to benefit communities by executing CSR projects.
5.3.8 Conduct CSR Workshops - Micro Enterprise and Sustainable Livelihood  EDII Campus One Day  Official from CSR Foundations, Functionaries of NGOs To deliberate upon the strategic directions for incorporating entrepreneurship development programs in the approaches to be followed for CSR related work. 


Content under Development

Policy Advocacy

Content under Development


  • Instituted a distance education programme in Social Entrepreneurship for imparting knowledge, education and skills to set up social enterprises
  • Extended management, advisory, monitoring and execution support for the project, ‘City Sanitation Planning & Implementation of Cleaner Cities’, covering urban areas of Gujarat
  • Created a cadre of trainers on Social Entrepreneurship
  • Under CSR initiative of corporates, trained 6455 youths to set up micro enterprises

Future Plans

  • ACCESS TO FUNDERS FOR GOOD IDEAS/POTENTIAL SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS: We are applying to donors for establishing an Idea Bank/Crowd Sourcing and applying to funders who could fund these ideas. The centre would act as a bridge between the donors and the idea. It would facilitate and train the potential entrepreneurs by creating a mentor group through EDII’s offices, CRADLE and partners across the country.
  • GAIN APPROPRIATE AFFILIATION FOR DIPLOMA IN SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: EDII has already graduated 10 batches of students in its diploma in social entrepreneurship. We intend to relaunch it.
  • WORK WITH INDIAN INSTITUTE OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS (IICA): Several activities, including studies are planned. Amongst a wide range of topics, energy efficiency, environment, social empowerment, public health and education have been identified as areas of focus. We are also identified as Master Trainers for the CSR professional training course under IICA. This has helped us create a space in the growing CSR network.
  • KNOWLEDGE PARTNER FOR AASHRAY INCUBATION CENTER FOR GRASSROOT TECHNOLOGY PROJECTS OF SOCIAL IMPACT: EDII has signed an MOU with Ashoka Trust & Saath Livelihoods to be the Knowledge Partner for their ‘AASHRAY’ Techno-social Incubator in Ahmedabad. As knowledge partner, EDII would provide training, mentoring and library support to the incubatees registering with the Incubator.
  • PLAN TO UNDERTAKE RESEARCH: For the next three several research studies have been proposed under the centre for the purpose of contributing to knowledge generation in the field of Social Entrepreneurship and CSR.

Sanjay Pal

Area Of Apecification : Rural Marketing

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

(Via Ahmedabad Airport & Indira Bridge), P.O. Bhat 382 428, Dist. Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.


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