The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)

Till now, EDII has brought out 9 GEM Report. The GEM India Report is an outcome of collective efforts of GEM India consortium that strives to capture and understand the current state of affairs in Indian entrepreneurship. This report provides information on entrepreneurship ecosystem prevailing in the country and entrepreneurial activities being carried out in various states.


The GEM India study is conducted using a well-established GEM research methodology that is consistent across all participating countries and generates a variety of relevant primary information on different aspects of entrepreneurship, providing harmonised measures about individual’s attributes and their activities in different phases of entrepreneurship. The key outcomes of research reported in the book are relevant to researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and corporate houses.

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Core Activities

The Policy Brief Series

The Policy Brief Series is a thoughtful initiative in the direction of creating awareness among policymakers, institutions, entrepreneurs, and other esteemed audiences about major policy interventions. It aims to create a knowledge repository.

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Rajasthan Patrika

EDII and Rajasthan Patrika have entered into a collaboration to jointly organize Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for emerging women entrepreneurs. Against the backdrop that entrepreneurship is the need-of-the-hour, especially among the women community, the two organizations have joined hands to institute meaningful, outcome-based programmes and bring the results and interventions before the society at large to earn a winning response for the development tool of entrepreneurship.

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