Developing Countries

Projects in Developing Countries

YearCountrySponsorActivityDurationImpact Generated
1984-85U.K.Cranefield School of Management, U.K.Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) for Malaysian entrepreneurs trained at Cranefield School2 weeksThe training inputs had a positive impact on their attitude, skills and extension orientation.
1984-85Srilanka Malaysia PhillipinesUNIDOEDI expert visited 3 developing countries and identified present conditions of entrepreneurship programmes, problems of policies, organizations & manpower and possibilities of adopting Indian EDP Model3 weeksThe report titled ‘Fostering Industrial Developing Countries’ Efforts, Issues and Strategies’ was accepted by UNIDO and constituted one of the key background papers for discussion at the International Conference of Small enterprises Development jointly organized by GoI and UNIDO at New Delhi in February 1985. Several countries had shown interest in adopting EDI-EDP approach.
1984-85MauritiusDevelopment Bank of MauritiusTo conduct an Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) for tiny and small enterprises financed by the bank.1 weekA 2-member EDI team, in the process, led the bank and the government in accepting the need to develop local capabilities to improve performance and selection of local entrepreneurs.
1985-86MauritiusDevelopment Bank of MauritiusTo conduct an Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) in April 1985 financed by the bank.1 weekEDI team provided the selected entrepreneurs intensive entrepreneurial and behavioural input along with counselling sessions on project selection & planning and key managerial orientation. Impressed with the impact generated by the training, the bank again invited the team in November 1985 to conduct another programme for both existing entrepreneurs as well as for officers of the developmental agencies.
1985-86USAWorld Bank and Economic Dev. Institute of World Bank (EDI-WB)To conduct seminars in Washington to provide an exposure to the officials of World Bank and EDI-WB on EDP approach.May 1985The need for policy framework, appropriate schemes of assistance by financial institutions, decisions regarding margin money and collaterals and evaluation of inherent entrepreneurial capabilities were some of the key areas identified for introducing EDPs in developing countries.
1985-86TanzaniaWorld BankTo explore the possibility of introducing ED approach in the country.2 daysEDI team took sessions in the World Bank-sponsored training programme for African countries at Eastern & Southern Management Institute (ESAMI) to discuss the feasibility of conducting EDPs in the country.
1985-86MalaysiaMARA Institute of TechnologyTo train trainers in conducting AMT for new and existing entrepreneurs.Nov 1985 12 daysThe group consisted of 17 trainers who had already conducted many EDPs as also AMTs. With this background, EDI team designed a special training package to further strengthening their capabilities in conducting AMTs which included conceptual and theoretical aspects of development of entrepreneurial identity through AMT.
1985-86NepalGovt. of IndiaTo conduct a General EDPOct-Dec 1985Apart from organizing one EDP for the general target group, two more programmes – one for existing entrepreneurs and the other for officers of developmental organizations were carried out by the EDI team of experts.
1985-86SenegalWest African Division of World BankTo conduct a Feasibility Study for organizing EDPs in Senegal3 weeks Feb 1986The assignment involved assessment of institutions, manpower resources, target groups, training facilities, support system and other pre-requisites for launching EDPs successfully.
1986-87NigeriaNigerian Bank of Commerce & Industry (NBCI)To conduct a 3-day seminar on ED related activitiesJune 26-28, 1986About 80 participants representing senior officers, policy-makers and executives from federal government participated in the seminar. The seminar highlighted the need for appropriate policies and commitment of the government for nurturing a conducive environment for indigenous entrepreneurs to emerge and survive through viable profit-making projects. Realizing the concern for development of small industries, particularly through self-employment of educated/uneducated youth and retiring civil servants, the seminar concluded that the country must initiate EDPs on an appropriate scale.
1986-87Ivory CoastEDI-WB & African Development Bank (ADB)To conduct a workshop on ED for the benefit of Francophone African countries.June 2-11, 198628 participants from 13 countries attended the workshop apart from senior officers from EDI-WB and ADB. This high profile group well received the key elements of EDP process and replicating the same in the diverse parts of various African countries was fruitfully discussed. The most positive impact was that most countries were eager to initiate EDP process and understand the pre-conditions for doing so.
1986-87TogoWest African Division of World BankStudy visit to Togo.4 days
June 1986
EDI team visited institutions, development banks and concerned ministries to create awareness about the EDPs; assessed the country’s interest in Small Enterprise Development and selected 4 potential Trainer-Motivators for subsequent training at EDI, India.
1986-87Guinea-ConakryWest African Division of World BankStudy visit to Guinea-Conakry4 days
June 1986
The team identified 32 project opportunities with potential for new enterprises which included manufacturing, agro-based and service-based units with a low investment in plant & machinery, simple technology and ease in maintenance and operation with locally available man-power skills. 8 Trainer-Motivators were selected for subsequent training at EDI.
1986-87MalawiILO-UNDPThe first full-fledged Training of Trainers’ course8 weeks July-Aug 1986The programme was specially organized for 12 vocational training instructors and development officers from Malawi to suit the particular needs of the target group and combined conceputal and field action inputs.
1986-87PhilippinesAsian Development Bank & ILO (Asia Pacific Region, Bangkok)An international seminar on Self-Employment & Entrepreneurship DevelopmentAug 1986EDI presentation had a sound impact on the participants from 19 countries which comprised senior policy-makers, bankers, heads of training institutions, development banks and directors of industries. EDP approach for Self-Employment and Small Enterprise Development, dealing with a variety of target groups was well received and a great deal of interest was evinced in selection techniques and training of Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators.
1986-87Ivory CoastAfrican Development Bank (ADB)To conduct a seminar on ‘Development Banking’ in Abidjan5 daysThe participating officers were provided inputs on identification, selection, grooming them as entrepreneurs and evaluation of entrepreneurial competencies through new selection technique prior to extending financial assistance.
1986-87EDIWorld BankTraining of selected trainers from Senegal, Togo and Guinea-Conakry8 weeksLooking to the priority and country needs, a special training programme was designed and organized at EDI with 7 participants from Guinea, 6 from Senegal and 3 from Togo. Simultaneous French translation facility was the highlight of the programme.
1987-88TongoUNIDOTo organize the first EDP10 daysThe first EDP was attended by 36 participants representing 9 countries from South Pacific Island Countries. Impressed with the training inputs provided, the sponsor requested EDI to extend their support in conducting further such programmes in the country.
1987-88 & 1988-89GhanaWorld BankImplementation of ‘Concept-to-Completion’ Approach for entrepreneurship development2 yearsA 4-tier approach was carried out for institutionalizing ED activities in Ghana :
– Feasibility study
– Identification of viable business opportunities
– Launching of EDP in Accra, Ghana, to support the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) in replicating EDI-EDP Model. 2 pilot EDPs – one General EDP for 35 participants and the other for 23 re-deployed group were organized.
1987-88Ivory CoastWorld BankPrivate-sector in Fisheries Development with specific reference to EDPOct 1987EDI expert presented EDP approach and its role in privatization of fishery project. The delegates found the EDP approach relevant in developing African countries and approved its suggestion to appropriately train fishermen/artisans engaged in fishery related activities.
1987-88IndiaCommonwealth Secretariat, LondonFor developing Curriculum and Guidelines for introducing Entrepreneurship in the education system in developing member countries The project aimed at preparing case studfies of successful experiences of ED efforts in cross-cultural conditions. For this purpose, the Chief Project Officer of HRD Group of Commonwealth Secretariat, London, visited EDI and looking at its ED activities decided to award the assignment to EDI for preparing a case study in India on the EDP Process.
1987-88MalaysiaColombo Plan BureauConference in Kuala Lumpur on ‘Small Scale Enterprises and ED’1 week Feb 1988Given the diversity of member countries in terms of size, development policies and demographic characteristics, EDI was able to clear the air about the role of entrepreneurs in small scale enterprise development, the importance of EDP as a strategy for creating indigenoius entrepreneurship and the criticality of an integrated approach combining selection, training and follow-up assistance.
1988-89KenyaILO, GenevaConsultancy assignment for Developing Small Scale Development Strategy for Kenya3 weeks Sept-Oct 1988EDI team looked into the policies, credit availability, training and other schmes. A separate assignment was taken up to prepare an integrated proposal to introduce entrepreneurship education in vocational institutions and polytechnics.
1988-89SudanILO, GenevaTo explore the possibilities of self-employment for educated unemployed youthJan 1989A comprehensive report was submitted to ILO and Sudan Government spelling out requisite policies, programmes and institutions needed to implement graduate self-employment programmes based on entrepreneurship training.
1988-89TogoWest African Development Bank, LomeTo familiarize the bank officials in developing local entrepreneurial talent2 days 
1988-89PakistanFriedrich Ebert Foundation & Govt. of PakistanParticipation in a 3-day workshop in Islamabad on ‘Developing Entrepreneurship for promotion of Self-Employment in Urban Areas’3 days Feb 26-28, 1989The Institute offered its assistance in setting up a Centre for Entrepreneurship Development in Pakistan, training of trainers and also in replicating EDI-EDP Model.
1989-90 & 1990-91ChinaUnited Nations Fund for S&T for Development (UNFSTED), New YorkInitiating EDP in China2 weeks April 1989 & Apr 20-May 3, 1990Initially, a 2-member EDI team visited China to decide on a training package for Chinese entrepreneurs and in the process, interacted with scientists & technologies, existing entrepreneurs and owners of small enterprises set up in industrial incubators and also visited zones specially created by the state for housing hi-tech projects. Subsequently, the team organized an EDP for Tenants of Business Incubators at Wuhan, China, for a group of over 50 professionals, mainly scientists and engineers aspiring to translate their research ideas into commercial ventures.
1989-90SeychellesAAPAMConference held in Mahe, Seychelles, on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’Nov 27-Dec 1, 1989Indian experiences and EDI expertise in ED related activities were well received by the participating officers and the need for replicating the same in their countries.
1989-90KenyaUnited Nations Centre for Human Settlement (HABITAT), NairobiTo participate as a resource person in a group made for discussing ‘Integrating Employment Generation Activities in Human Settlement Programmes’3 daysThe seminar aimed at identifying opportunities in construction related areas so that individuals with this background can be identified for initiating enterprises. EDI expert interacted with the experts from various countries on developing entrepreneurial capabilities through training interventions.
1990-91MauritiusIndian High Commission in Mauritius & Development Bank of MauritiusEntrepreneurship Orientation Seminar for potential and existing entrepreneurs4 days Aug 21-25, 1990Encompassing four major areas viz., business opportunities in Mauritius, business plan preparation, appropriate technology and entrepreneurial competencies, the seminar was well received by the agencies and entrepreneurs.
1990-91USSRGovt. of IndiaTo explore the possibilities of cooperation with USSR in Small Industrial DevelopmentDec 11-20, 1990The study report suggested an action plan for Small Industrial Development in USSR through sensitizing the support system officials, assessment of techno-economic viability of opportunities, training interventions for various target groups such as, educated unemployed youth, business school graduates, managers and employees with technical and managerial work experience in public-sector units, small traders and artisans.
1990-91EgyptAAPAM & United National Economic Commission for AfricaPolicy-makers’ seminar on ‘Enabling Environment for Enhancing Entrepreneurship in Public & Private sectors in Africa’Oct 8-12, 1990Subsequent to EDI expert’s presentation, the seminar attended by about 35 participants concluded with a decision to build national capabilities at macro policy and institutional level/micro training level for promoting entrepreneurship.
1990-91ThailandILO, BangkokPaper presentation on ‘Course Curriculum Development on EDPs in India’July 25-27,1990As a part of ILO/Japan project on ‘Strategic Approaches towards Employment Promotion’, EDI’s efforts helped strengthening the capacity of National Institute of Skill Development (NISD) to set up a comprehensive programme for developing new entrepreneurs in Bangkok and regional centres.
1990-91MalawiCommonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa (CAPA)Trainers’ Training Programme on ‘Entrepreneurship Education’Nov 18-Dec 13, 1991A group of 29 participants and resource persons representing 25 CAPA led institutions and 11 Commonwealth African Countries were imparted inputs in planning and organizing workshop with emphasis on design and management of Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programmes in Polytechnics.
1991-92Malaysia & NepalCommonwealth Secretariat, LondonTo act as a resource person in the Sub-Regional Workshop on ‘ED for Technical & Vocational Education Teachers’ organized by Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) in Kuala Lumpur & KathmanduMay 1992This was a repeat assignment from CFTC which confirms the significance of imparting entrepreneurship inputs in educational institutions.
1991-92ViennaILO/INTERMANILO Task Force Meeting on Selected Best Practices in Entrepreneurship Development2 daysThis Vienna meeting coincided with 36th International Council for Small Business (ICSB) annual meeting in which, EDI New Enterprise Creation (NEC) case was presented to some 100 delegates. Two more papers were prepared and presented in the 2-day workshop in UNIDO for East European countries going in for privatization.
1991-92MalaysiaMinistry of Industry, Govt. of IndiaEDI senior faculty member’s participation in a training course on ‘Advanced General Management for Entrepreneurs & Managers’ at Malaysian Institute of Management as a part of UNIDO Modular Programme4 weeksThis participation helped the trainers of entrepreneurship and management institutions to develop capabilities to organize Advanced General Management Programmes for Entrepreneurs & Managers of small and medium firms.
1992-93MauritiusDevelopment Bank of MauritiusTraining Programme for Existing EntrepreneursApr 199250 participants derived benefit out of the training inputs on competency development, business plan preparation, project identification, project counselling, business opportunities in Mauritius, local resources and market survey.
1992-93VanuatuCommonwealth Secretariat, LondonPresenting a paper on ‘Improving Operational Efficiency in Small Enterprises’ for existing entrepreneursMay 1992Two papers prepared by EDI expert – one on Production & Productivity and the other on International Marketing were well-received from Pacific Island countries. The participants were guided in their projects and on the possibility of diversification, expansion and modernisation of their small businesses.
1992-93 & 1993-94CambodiaUNDP-ILOImplementation of ‘Concept-to-Completion’ Approach for entrepreneurship development Institutionalization of ED activities in Cambodia was carried out through the following strategy:
– Evolved a training package to develop 60 Small enterprise Promotion Officers (SEPOs) to man 15 Small Enterprise Promotion Centres to counsel and guide a large number of soldiers being demobilised (2 weeks).
– Conducted 3 EDPs of 4 weeks each in Cambodia for training 3 groups of selected SEPOs.
– Business opportunity identification based on local resources, skills and demand of the area identified.
1992-93JamaicaEntrepreneurial Extension Centre, College of Arts, Science & Technology (CAST), KingstonAs a resource person to develop faculty members of academic institutions in Jamaica and other Caribbean Island countries3 weeksEDI resource person conducted an internship programme for 23 faculty members of academic institutions to provide them orientation on entrepreneurship in general and development of entrepreneurial competencies and motivation in particular.
1992-93TogoWest African Development Board (BOAD), Lome promoted by 7 French speaking countries in West AfricaTo organize a seminar on ‘Appreciation of Training Interventions for Small enterprise Development’Sept 1992EDI expert conducted the seminar for chief executives/senior officials of government/banks and support system officials engaged in small enterprise development followed by a training programme for operational level officers of banks/financial institutions for assessing entrepreneurial competencies. This consultancy opened doors for working in Francophone West Africa.
1992-93MexicoNational Bank of MexicoTo make a presentation on ‘Impact of Globalization on Small & Medium enterprises’3 daysEDI expert’s participation developed linkages with South American organizations for future interactions.
1992-93KenyaSmall Enterprise Finance companyTo present a paper on ‘ED Approach: The Indian Experience’Sept 18, 1992In the seminar, EDI expert shared Indian experience in identifying a good entrepreneur and his role behind the success of the project.
1992-93TanzaniaCAPAPaper presentation on ‘Institutionalizing ED in Technical Institutions’Nov 9-13, 1992The seminar provided a forum to interact with educationists, principals of polytechnics, international consultants and government officials on the need for introducing ED inputs in technical institutions.
1992-93South AfricaInternational Council of Small Business (ICSB) for South AfricaParticipation as a resource person in the international Conference on ‘Small businesses’ held in JohannesburgMay 14-19, 1992The ICSB conference evoked considerable interest in South Africa in acquiring training expertise in small business development from India. Resultantly, a delegation from the Triple Trust Organization, South Africa, visited EDI to discuss the Institute’s experience in developing rural poor through REDP.
1993-94PakistanUNDP-ILOParticipation in Inter-country Consultative Meeting in IslamabadMay 23-25, 1993The meeting was held on ‘Innovative Policy Approaches to Entrepreneurial Skills and Micro Enterprise Development’. The other participating countries were Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Philippines.
1993-94India & TurinILOResearch Study followed by Dissemination Workshop The Institute was commissioned for a research study on ‘Training for Self-employment through Vocational Training Institutions (VTIs) : Lessons from Experience’. The analytical report based on case studies of 3 Indian VTIs revealed better performance by the VTI run by an NGO because of its autonomy and commitment while the poor performance of government-run VTI was due to a casual approach to the task of self-employment. Subsequently, in November 1993, ILO invited the EDI expert to present the research findings at Turin.
1993-94U.K.British CouncilNetworking with U.K. institutions2 weeks Feb 1994EDI expert had interactions with professionals from Scottish Enterprise Foundation, Durham University Business School, Warwick University and two other institutions devoted to distance learning in view of EDI’s plans for developing a distance educational package to facilitate younger generation seeking entrepreneurial career.
1994-95 & 1995-96BhutanFNStIdentification of Small Business Training Needs leading to Bhutan Industrial Extension Sub-contract2 yearsDiscussion with local entrepreneurs, government officials, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, bankers and representatives of international organizations led to a specific action plan which was implemented in Bhutan in collaboration with the Business Opportunity & Industrial Centre (BOIC), Ministry of Trade, by entering into a contract with EDI to develop business counsellors and extension officers during the 1st Phase (Jan-Mar 1995). 2nd Phase : Preparation of PIP Manual; preparation of training material for thematic programme covering finance & accounts; practicum on Integrated Firm analysis for business counsellors and preparing plans for organizing the first Performance Improvement Programme (PIP).
1994-95TanzaniaNational Fund for Development of AgricultureFor developing ‘Savings & Credit Scheme’ for the Southern Highlands Extension and Rural Financial Services (SHERFS), MbeyaAug 10-Sept 25, 1994As part of the assignment, a manual for credit formation, credit saving, credit lending and support manual for credit scheme and its administration were prepared.
1995-96 & 1997-98GhanaCommonwealth Secretariat, LondonEntrepreneur Trainer-Motivators’ Training ProgrammeOct 20-Nov 17, 1995 & Apr 1-21, 1997In the first programme, there were 20 participants from 11 African countries and in the second, 24 participants from 13 countries. These participants were trained as committed and competent ETMs. Action Plans for institutionalizing entrepreneurship development in their respective countries were prepared under the guidance of EDI resource persons.
1995-96MalawiUNDP-ILOTwo training programmes for credit officers on Entrepreneurial Assessment TechniqueApr 24-28, 1995 & May 1-5, 1995A total of 40 Small Enterprise Development professionals from Malawian Traders’ Trust and other institutions including international nodal organizations were trained on entrepreneur assessment process.
1996-97NepalILOFaculty Exchange between EDI and Industrial Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)Sept 1996A 2-day workshop for senior officials of Nepal was completed in Kathmandu to create an awareness about the need and process of developing entrepreneurship followed by a 5-day programme for bankers to develop their skills in assessing entrepreneurial potential among SSI loan applicants. To develop the manpower of IEDC, an 8-day training programme on growth counselling was completed (March 1997) to facilitate better performance of local enterprises.
1996-97South Africa Global Symposium on ‘Training for Success’ Attended by 90 delegates covering 26 countries, the symposium provided a platform to leading training institutions to present their models in entrepreneurship and new enterprise creation. EDI’s growth as well as NEC programmes combining hard and soft skills were commended.
1996-97IranMinistry of Industry, Govt. of IranTo explore the possibilities of initiating NEC and Growth Programmes in Iran1 weekThis seminar for senior officials from the ministry as well as regions led to an action plan for the setting up of a national Institute for entrepreneurship, manpower development for entrepreneurship training, business opportunity identificaion and setting up necessary credit and other support systems in Iran.
1997-98NepalILOExchange programme between EDI and Industrial Enterprise Development Institute (IEDI), Nepal1 weekGrowth programme was organized in Kathmandu during December 14-16, 1997 for 20 existing entrepreneurs. Apart from strengthening the skills of entrepreneurs towards enterprise growth, it provided on-the-job training to IEDI faculty members in organizing such growth programmes in future. In the tripartite meeting held subsequently in New Delhi, involving representatives of ILO-EDI-IEDI, future plans were chalked out in organizing intrapreneurship programmes and micro EDPs, etc.
1997-98SwedenUNIDOA consultancy assignment from the HRD Branch of UNIDO The theme paper on ‘HRD Integrated Programme Package for Enterprise Development’ followed by its presentation in an international symposium held in Sweden during June 14-18, 1998.
1998-99TanzaniaUNIDOTraining programme for Trainers in Industrial ManagementSept 21-Oct 3, 198815 participants from Ethiopia, Eriteria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda derived benefit from the inputs for sharpening their skills in designing and implementing training programmes in the areas of industrial management, entrepreneurship development and project development cycle.
1998-99KazakhstanIRC (UNIDO & Govt. of India)Training programme on ‘Industrial Project Preparation & Appraisal’Mar 23-Apr 1, 199914 participants representing the government, consultancy organizations, Almaty School of Management and private sector participated in the programme which aimed at enhancing their skills in preparing and appraising industrial investment projects.
1998-99 to 2001-02India, U.K., Austria & GermanyEuropean UnionEntrepreneurship Training & Information Exchange for Small Businesses in India & Europe (ENTRIXIE) project3 yearsThe project brought about interactions between Indian and European SMEs. A delegation of 11 European entrepreneurs and project managers from three partner countries visited Ahmedabad which coincided with the Resurgent Gujarat Partnership Meet of Govt. of Gujarat during Feb 8-10, 2002. This provided them an opportunity to interact with 35 Indian entrepreneurs as one of the objectives of ENTRIXIE project was to facilitate at least 12 tie-ups between India and European countries.
1998-99CIS countriesIRC (UNIDO & Govt. of India)A mission to CIS countries given its potential for establishing business tie-ups between CIS countries and Indian SMEs1 weekEDI team visited Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and in the process, realised that CIS countries offer good opportunity for many of our activities and funding support was available to countries like Kyrgyzstan through multi-national donor agencies.
1999-2001 & 2005-2008Nodal Points:
– Bahrain
– Mozambique
– Lao PDR
– Mozambique
– Sudan
– Yemen
1st & 2nd Phases of IRC ProjectInstitutionalizing entrepreneurship and investment promotion in nodal countriesTotal 4 yearsFacilitated the process of setting up Arab Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship and Investment Training (ARCEIT) in Manama, Bahrain.
– Instrumental in setting up Advisory Centre for Industrial Development (CADI) in Mozambique.
– Built capacity of over 200 professionals in Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, in the area of Project Development Cycle.
– Initiated ED activities in Jordan and Kuwait.
– Supported potential entrepreneurs in setting up their own enterprises and also strengthened existing entrepreneurs in diversifying their ventures through Enterprise Upgradation (EU) process.
1999-2000MalaysiaPerbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB)Organizational audit of PUNB, a national entrepreneurship corporation set up by the Government of MalaysiaNov-Dec 1999The audit aimed at strengthening the bank’s operation that would lead to developing indigenous entrepreneurs. A 3-member EDI team visited Kuala Lumpur and through critical analysis of data collected, made a presentation of its report outlining steps required for re-structuring the organization and its Entrepreneurial Identification and Development Division (EIDD).
2000-2001Saudi ArabiaSaudi German Hospital with technical support from UNIDOTo carry out a feasibility study for the setting up of a Saudi Entrepreneurship Development Institute (SEDI) in Jeddah.1 monthAn elaborate SWOT analysis of the country brought to the fore the imminent changes that are bound to occur in Saudi economy making a paradigm shift from public-sector enterprises to privatization. The positive impact of this exercise was the actual setting up of SEDI in March 2003 through a host of activities taken up by EDI in sensitizing policy-makers, developmental institutions and other relevant key players in the country.
2000-2001ChinaUNDP-ILOTo present a paper on ‘Policies and Programmes for Development of SME Sector in India’ in the International Forum for SME DevelopmentNov 2-3, 2001The forum facilitated a good opportunity to network with professionals and international institutions from over 10 countries.
2002-2003UgandaMinistry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of IndiaIndian delegation visited Uganda to explore the possibility of increasing trade between India and Uganda.July 2-10, 2002In the stakeholders meeting held in Uganda, EDI expert made a presentation on the concept of setting up an exclusive ED institution in Uganda.
2003-04 to 2006-07Cambodia Lao PDR Myanmar VietnamMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaAs a part of India’s support to Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI), Indian delegation visited CLMV countriesFeb 18-Mar 1, 2004The delegation recommended the setting up of Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in each of these countries to cater to the needs of both potential and existing entrepreneurs. Through various training interventions and appreciation workshops, CIEDC, LIEDC, MIEDC and VIEDC are now in place to institutionalize ED activities in these countries.
2005-06USAU.S.Dept. of State Educational & Cultural Affairs BureauSouth Asia Professional Exchange and Training Programme (SAPETP)Dec 7-14, 2005The 1st Phase of the training programme was conducted at the Beyster Institute of Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego, with an objective to create entrepreneurial growth companies by enhancing the ability of faculty members from leading business schools.
2005-06AfghanistanUNDPEDI Director to lead a 5-member mission on privatization development in AfghanistanNov 9-22, 2005The objective of the mission was to explore ways & means to promote private-sector in Afghanistan. Subsequent to several rounds of discussions with key stakeholders of the country, the delegation, given the present industrial scenerio and infrastructural facilities in the country, decided to suggest promotion of micro and small enterprises through training and capacity development interventions, after taking into consideration the local security conditions.
2005-06ThailandSDCEDI Director was invited to attend the ‘South-South Cooperation: Exploring Greater Mekong-Ganga Relationship’ in Bangkok and deliver a lecture on ‘Enterprise Development and Economic Cooperation Between India and GMS countries’Oct 26-27, 2005The lecture was based on EDI’s experience in setting up EDCs in CLMV countries. The meet was attended by about 35 persons from the GMS Region.
2005-06Sri LankaASARIM (Aquinas South Asian Regional Institute of Management)EDI entered into an MoU with Sri Lankan based ASARIMMay 12, 2005This collaboration was aimed at promoting and strengthening entrepreneurial movement in Sri Lanka and Maldives.
2005-06Sri LankaFCCISLTo help Tsunami afflicted people of Sri LankaAug 13-19, 2005A 3-member delegation visited Sri Lanka and based on its expertise in particular on rehabilitation of regeneration process of earthquake affected victims, acquired a good understanding of the work required to be carried out in the ‘Back-to-Business’ project.
2006-07 to 2009-10GMS Region : Cambodia Lao PDR Myanmar Vietnam Thailand Yunnon (China)Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)To organize 5 Regional Workshops on ‘Unleashing Entrepreneurship for Development & Trade’3 yearsThese workshops followed by a research study on ‘Entry Barriers to Understand the Perception of Youth towards Entrepreneurship’ and a dissemination workhop held in Bangkok on November 23, 2009 to highlight the findings of the study would lead to developing the entrepreneurial base of GMS region.
2006-07UzbekistanEurasia Division of Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaTo explore the possibility of setting up an EDC in Tashkent1 weekA 3-member Indian delegation visited Uzbek Republic and recommended that setting up such a centre would help institutionalize ED activities in the country.
2006-07MauritiusDSTTo conduct a 1-week training programme in Port Louis in association with the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of MauritiusMar 25-31, 2007The programme helped in creating a conducive environment in the country for promoting small scale enterprises in the food & agro processing sector by taining policy-makers, heads of financial institutions, officials of NGOs engaged in small enterprise development and para-statal organizations running support services to industrial development, on the ways and means of developing entrepreneurship in the said sector in Mauritius.
2007-08MyanmarUNDPEDI Director’s visit to evaluate UNDP’s project on ‘Human Development Initiative in Myanmar’Apr 22-May 13, 200715 project locations spread across the Delta Region and North China state of the country were visited. The project encompassed integrated community development, community development in remote township and micro finance. The project got completed, contributing a great deal to poverty alleviation with 2.4 million beneficiaries essentially urban women.
2007-08IranFoundation of MSME Clusters, New DelhiTo organize a Cluster Development Agents’ (CDAs) programmeAug 17-22, 2007This training programme sensitized 35 faculty members of Iran vocational and technical training institutions in nurturing industrial and artisanal clusters.
2007-08USAIndo-US S & T Forum, New DelhiParticipation in Global Faculty Colloquium in BerkelyNov 5-16, 2007The colloquium aimed at developing a broader perspective on entrepreneurship, its importance in economic development and the role of participants in making entrepreneurship successful in their countries. In all, 53 professionals representing 15 countries participated in the colloquium. As a result, EDI faculty could develop strong networking with other institutions involved in ED across the world. EDI was identified as a resource organization for providing professional support in the setting up of an EDC in Turkey.
2007-08Lao PDRGovt. of IndiaTo organize a training programme for existing entrepreneurs on ‘Family Business Management’Dec 6-20, 2007The programme equipped the wards of family businesses with entrepreneurial and managerial skills to ensure a smooth transition.
2008-09 & 2009-10IranGovt. of IranCapacity building of the Instructors Training Centre of The Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), Karaj, Iran Through four capacity building programmes, a group of 120 trained instructors are in place to spread entrepreneurship development in various provinces of Iran. (Programme dates : Oct 18-Nov 16, 2008, Feb 14-Mar 5, 2009, June 4-14, 2009 & Aug 6-16, 2009).
2009-10Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)Global Issues and Sustainable Development (GISD) Division of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)Entrepreneurship Development for Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)November 3-5, 200930 delegates representing government, industry, policy makers, academia, trade associations, chambers of commerce and the media from all 6 countries of the GMS (i.e. Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar GMS Provinces of People’s Republic of China, Thailand and Vietnam) attended a workshop organised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The workshop was organised by the Institute with support from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The overall objective of the workshop was to create awareness about the need for developing entrepreneurial potential of the region, thus enhancing the regional and global trade of the GMS under the prevailing WTO regime.
November 23, 2009The Institute undertook a research study in the GMS region on ‘Entry Barriers to Entrepreneurship’ to understand the perception of youth towards entrepreneurship as a career. The findings of the study carried out in all the six GMS countries were disseminated in a seminar held on November 23, 2009 at Asia Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Around 25 participants attended the seminar.
November 24-December 4, 2009With a view to create a cadre of competent trainers in the GMS to facilitate institutionalizing of entrepreneurship, a Trainers’ Training Programme was organized in Bangkok, Thailand, in collaboration with IIFT-New Delhi, ITD-Bangkok and Mekong Institute-Thailand. In all, 36 participants (including faculty members and resource persons) from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, China and Thailand derived benefit out of this training programme.
2009-10IranGovt. of IranAdvanced Trainers’ Training Programmes (TTPs) for the resource persons of Instructors’ Training Centre (ITC), The Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), TehranDecember 19-31, 2009Impressed by the result of capacity building programmes conducted previously, the TVTO approached EDI to organize an Advanced Trainers’ Training Programme for these trained resource persons focusing on behavioural aspects, business plan preparation and entrepreneurship training & management. To facilitate the participants in acquiring specialized training skills, the performance of the first batch of trainers trained was reviewed on one-to-one basis and after taking into consideration their comfort level, interest and understanding about the process of entrepreneurship development; specialized inputs were imparted by the EDI faculty team.
2012-13MauritiusMinistry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions, Government of MauritiusMemorandum of Understanding entered into between Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions, Government of Mauritius An NGO Policy Guideline for the Republic of Mauritius was finalized through a consultative and validation process along with civil society organizations. NGO Trust Fund, the body entrusted with providing support to the NGO sector in Mauritius along with the Mauritian Council of Social Service (MACOSS) anchored it. The Policy aimed at creation of a vibrant NGO sector with accrued roles in the Republic of Mauritius that had been facing both national and international challenges. It is based on the principle of good governance, partnerships, networking and adopting the concept of social entrepreneurship.
2012-13AfghanistanITEC, Ministry of External AffairsCustomized Training Programme for Senior Officials of SME Directorate, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, AfghanistanJanuary 15-February 22, 2013Embassy of India, Afghanistan, approached EDI to conduct a tailor-made training programme for the officers of Small and Medium Enterprise Directorate, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Afghanistan. Accordingly, a 6-week programme was organized on EDI campus for 19 officials from different departments of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of Afghanistan, Kabul, to facilitate SME development in Afghanistan
2012-13Rwanda and SenegalMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaEntrepreneurship Development Centres (EDCs) in 5 selected African countriesMarch 5-14, 2013As a prelude to setting up Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDCs) in 5 selected African countries (Senegal, Rwanda, Zambia, Namibia & Gabon), a 2-member faculty team visited Rwanda and Senegal during March 5-14, 2013 to sensitize the stakeholders and government institutions in these countries to create a conducive environment for nurturing ED activities.
2013-14Texas, United States of AmericaTexas Christian University (TCU)Annual Conference of United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE)January 8-12, 2014EDI Chief Faculty, Prof. Sunil Shukla, participated in the Annual Conference of United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), co-hosted by Texas Christian University (TCU) and organized at Fort Worth. As an outcome of the presentation made therein, EDI bagged the coveted USASBE Outstanding Entrepreneurship Programme Award. Attended by over 500 delegates, participation in a 3-country panel discussion involving India, Mexico and Russia, evoked tremendous interest among entrepreneurship educators.
2013-14Chile, South America Annual Conference of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)January 20-23, 2014Prof. Sunil Shukla participated in the Annual Conference of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) held in Santiago, Chile, wherein he released GEM Survey 2013, the largest annual study of entrepreneurial dynamics in the world. The 2013 Report marked the 15th anniversary of GEM. Dr. Sunil Shukla represented GEM India Team at the Annual Conference of GEM.
2014-15Tehran, IranTechnical & Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), Tehran, Iran2nd International Seminar on ‘Vocational Skills Training’May 7, 2014As per suggestion from Technical & Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), Tehran, Iran, EDI Director and Chief Faculty participated in the 2nd International Seminar on ‘Vocational Skills Training’ held at Tehran. During this visit, EDI Chief Faculty, Prof. Sunil Shukla, also organized a 3-day training programme on ‘Corporate Entrepreneurship’ for the faculty members and trainers of TVTO. Around 40 resource persons benefitted.
2014-15Bangkok, ThailandUnited Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)MSMEs Task Force & Experts MeetingMay 17-18, 2014Director-EDI participated as a Resource Person in the MSMEs Task Force & Experts Meeting on ‘How to institutionalize the Young Business Leaders Programme for Promoting Socially Responsible Business’ held at Bangkok, Thailand. The event was jointly organized by EDI and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).
2014-15Scotland, United KingdomUniversity of West of Scotland (UWS), U.K.UWS SymposiumJune 16-19, 2014At the behest of University of West of Scotland (UWS), U.K., a 2-member EDI team comprising Chief Faculty Prof. Sunil Shukla and a senior faculty member visited their Paisley campus to participate in the UWS Symposium organised for partner institutions. The event was attended by about 15 of their international delegates from China, India and Malaysia along with UK delegates and in-house representatives.
2014-15UzbekistanMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaSetting up Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in UzbekistanSeptember 16-27, 2014A series of Entrepreneurship Appreciation Workshops were organized in Tashkent, Fergana, Smarkand and Syrdarya during September 16-27, 2014 to sensitize policy-makers on issues pertaining to entrepreneurship development in the country, leading to setting up of UIEDC. This was aimed at creating a conducive environment for nurturing overall business development. Each workshop had an average 25 bureaucrats.
2014-15Tehran, IranTechnical & Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), Tehran, Iran1-week training programme As per suggestion from Technical & Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), Tehran, Iran, a 3-member EDI team conducted a specially designed and customized 1-week training programme for 37 Iranian youths and 38 Iranian children. The curriculum was based on the tried and tested summer camp model of EDI. In all, 75 learners participated in two camps.
2015-16UzbekistanMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaBusiness Opportunity Identification (BOI) exercise as part of setting up of Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in UzbekistanMay 18-25, 2015BOI is conducted to identify viable business opportunities in micro, small and medium enterprise sectors that could be offered to trainees as an integral part of entrepreneurship development training inputs. During this visit, a number of meetings were held with support system organizations/entrepreneurs/individuals to get an exposure to the prevailing economic scenario of the country and also an insight into industrial/service sectors where viable business opportunities exist. This, in conjunction with secondary data sources, led to identifying more than 70 business ideas. After careful screening, 50 business opportunities, identified prima-facie, as possessing potential, were arrived at.
2015-16BRAC University, BangladeshWorld Bank and UGC, BangladeshIncubation Training Programme at BRAC University, BangladeshMay 17-21, 2015A 3-member team led by Head, National S&T Entrepreneurship Development Board, Govt. of India, organized a training programme on ‘Promoting Innovations and Entrepreneurship through Incubation’ at Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), BRAC University, Bangladesh. The programme was organized as a part of ‘Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)’ with funding support from the World Bank and UGC, Bangladesh. The training programme aimed at creating a Human Resource Pool to develop, manage and sustain the upcoming Incubation Centre at CED-BRAC. 25 participants from CED-BRAC Business School attended the programme, gaining insights into building and operating an incubation center.
2015-16 US State Departments, USAProfessional Fellows Programme with University of OklahomaMay-June 4, 2015

Funded by the US State Departments, USA, University of Oklahoma and EDI implemented a Professional Fellows Programme (PFP) to provide professional experience and training to entrepreneurs from India, Bangladesh and Myanmar thus enabling them to perform more responsible leadership positions in their businesses, communities and societies. While EDI was in-charge of the Indian Chapter of the project, Bangladesh & Myanmar fall under BRAC University-Bangladesh. In the first league of the Professional Fellows Programme, three persons from India visited USA for a 5-week programme.

In the 2nd league of the Professional Fellows Programme, 4 persons each from India and Bangladesh and 2 from Myanmar visited USA for a 5-week programme which concluded on November 13, 2015.

The third batch with 3 participants from India, 2 from Bangladesh and 4 from Burma respectively attended the fellowship programme during April 29th to June 5th 2016.

2015-16Cotonou-Benin (West Africa), Abuja (Nigeria), Lilongw (Malawi), Kampala (Uganda), Chad (West Africa), Burkina FasoIL&FS Education and Technical Services (IETS)In-Country Orientation Programmes on Entrepreneurship Development

March 1 to 5, 2016

March 28-April 1, 2016

IL&FS Education and Technical Services (IETS), a wholly owned subsidiary of IL&FS, acts as Programme Management Agency (PMA) to Department of Commerce, Govt. of India, for implementation of Cotton Technical Assistance Programme (Cotton TAP) for Africa. The programme is aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of cotton sector in six African countries viz., Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Nigeria, Uganda and Malawi.

Under the project, IETS approached EDII to organize In-Country Orientation Programmes on Entrepreneurship Development with a view to improving entrepreneurial skill and promoting entrepreneurship among private sector, support system and government Institutions of these countries. Accordingly, Entrepreneurship Orientation Programmes were conducted in Cotonou-Benin (West Africa) and Abuja (Nigeria) from March 1 to 5, 2016 and in Lilongw (Malawi) and Kampala (Uganda) during March 28-April 1, 2016.

During April-July 2016, the Programmes were conducted at three countries namely; Kampala-Uganda, Chad (West Africa) and Burkina Faso.

2015-16Boston GEM Annual ConferenceFeb-16In February 2016, Director, EDII, the National Team leader of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) India, attended GEM Annual Conference in Boston. During the Conference, the GEM Global Report 2015-16 was launched.
2016-17MalaysiaPembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), Human Resource Development Funder under the Ministry of Human Resources, MalaysiaFostering Innovation and Re-fuelling Entrepreneurship (FIRE)’ programme’ – MoU with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), an arm of Human Resource Development Funder under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia EDII signed an MoU with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), an arm of Human Resource Development Funder under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia, to work together in the areas of skill development, reskilling, entrepreneurship development, capacity building, training and methodology, content development, consulting and research. The MoU was signed in the presence of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and Hon’ble Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato Sri Mohammad Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak.
2018-19RwandaMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaActivities towards setting up Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in RwandaApr-18

Two Regional Appreciation Workshops were conducted at Kigali and Musanze. 60 Operational Level Officials of the SME Support System were familiarized with a macro level understanding of the entrepreneurial environment.

A delegation of 12 key policy makers from Rwanda was trained as part of an ‘Appreciation Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development’, conducted at EDII campus. The four-day workshop imparted insights into the prerequisites for enabling an entrepreneurial environment and familiarised participants with India’s policy framework for promotion of SMEs in general and entrepreneurship in particular.

2018-19MARA, Jawi Campus, MalaysiaMalaysian government agency – Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)Training of Trainers’ Programme for senior management of MARA, Malaysia 31 senior management staff of Malaysian government agency – Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), participated in ‘Training of Trainers’ programme, organized at MARA, Jawi Campus (Malaysia).
2018-19RwandaMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaActivities towards setting up Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in Rwanda 

Hon’ble Director EDII visited Rwanda and met senior policy makers, planners and CEOs of few organizations, and discussed the rationale and strategy for establishing EDC in Rwanda.

As per the agreement signed between Government of Rwanda and Government of India, EDII will provide technical support in establishing Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) to promote a culture of entrepreneurship in Rwanda.

2018-19MalaysiaPembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), Human Resource Development Funder under the Ministry of Human Resources, MalaysiaFostering Innovation and Re-fuelling Entrepreneurship (FIRE)’ programme’ – MoU with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), an arm of Human Resource Development Funder under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia EDII collaborated with Human Resources Development Fund-HRDF (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad-PSMB) Government of Malaysia, on a 4-year project, whereby 400 SME entrepreneurs from Malaysia would undergo specialized training programme on EDII campus.
As part of ‘Training of Trainers’ programme held in April, 20 participants from Malaysia were trained to impart entrepreneurial knowledge and skill set.
2018-19UzbekistanMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaInauguration of India-Uzbekistan Entrepreneurship Development Centre at Tashkent, Uzbekistan24th December, 2018

On 24th December, 2018, the India-Uzbekistan Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEUDC) was inaugurated by Mr. Adkham Ikramov, Chairman, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr. Vinod Kumar, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to the Republic of Uzbekistan, and Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director-EDII.

The basic objective of IEUDC is to promote new entrepreneurs and develop existing entrepreneurs through various training, capacity building, and handholding process.

2019-20DjiboutiMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaDirector’s Visit to Djibouti for Institutionalizing Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Initiatives in Djibouti22-25 June, 2019A two member Delegation led by Director-EDII visited Djibouti to assess the entrepreneurship and leadership ecosystem prevalent in Djibouti and understand the resources and activities of Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MGCLE), established under support from Govt. of India.
2019-20RwandaMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaActivities towards setting up Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in RwandaNovember 4 to December 27, 201915 participants from Rwanda attended the Training of Trainers Programme. Inputs imparted focused on facets of entrepreneurship development, EDII model of EDP, awareness on activities and stakeholders of MSME segment, and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
2020-21UzbekistanEngineering Export Promotion Council of India (EEPC)Indo-Uzbekistan Business Summit28th January, 2021A one-day online Summit was organized to explore the potential of trade of engineering products between India and Uzbekistan. Organised in collaboration with Engineering Export Promotion Council of India (EEPC), the Summit was attended by Mr. Farizshoh Usmanov, Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIU) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Dr. Adham Ilhamovich Ikramov, Chairman-CCIU, His Excellency Mr. Manish Prabhat, Ambassador of India to Uzbekistan, and Mr. Mahesh Desai, Chairman–EEPC India.
2020-21UzbekistanMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaActivities towards setting up Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in Uzbekistan 

The Advisor to India-Uzbekistan Entrepreneurship Development Centre has been placed and has started working for entrepreneurship promotion.

Detailed activity plan for 2021 for the Center (IUEDC) has been prepared in consultation with Chairman, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan and Ambassador, Embassy of India in Uzbekistan.

2020-21BhutanMinistry of External Affairs, Govt. of IndiaFeasibility study for establishing EDC in Bhutan Spanning over 8 months, the study will focus on assessing the need of Entrepreneurship Development Centre to support the cause of entrepreneurship and SME development in Bhutan.