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EDII & Rajasthan Patrika collaborate to promote inclusive growth

EDII and Rajasthan Patrika have entered into a collaboration to jointly organize Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for emerging women entrepreneurs. Against the backdrop that entrepreneurship is the need-of-the-hour, especially among the women community, the two organizations have joined hands to institute meaningful, outcome-based programmes and bring the results and interventions before the society at large to earn a winning response for the development tool of entrepreneurship.

EDII Report 117

Green, Clean and Empowered Societies …HCL SATTVA Project

HCL Uday is HCL Technologies’ community development programme that aims at creating ‘green, clean and empowered societies.’ EDII and HCL Uday have joined hands to float the project HCL SATTVA with the aim of providing employment and livelihood opportunities to women,

EDII Report 117

Enhancing Skills for Better Lives…Accenture Project

Revitalizing and rehabilitating economies through entrepreneurship development has proved to be a tactical development strategy. Micro Entrepreneurship and Skill Development programmes have brought about pervasive changes on the landscape of rural India. EDII has been contributing significantly to enhancing the entrepreneurial and skill levels of rural populace.

Project Parisar

17. The NABARD Karnataka regional office conducted an annual marketing event, ‘Grameena Habba,’ which provides rural artisans a platform to sell agricultural, handicraft, and handloom products in Bengaluru. The artisans under EDII and NABARD’s Parisar project set up their stall on environmental friendly straw

Entrepreneur Trainer-Motivators and Educators Play a Pivotal Role

Entrepreneurial performance can be enhanced through proper training and mentoring. Hence the importance of trainers in the discipline of ‘entrepreneurship’ holds immense significance. EDII, having evolved the module to create entrepreneurs, brainstormed on making the process sustainable, and thus developed the Trainers’ Training programmes to institute a cadre of trainers who could subsequently create entrepreneurs.

EDII Report 117

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs from the Grassroots to Global

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs from the Grassroots to Global. At a time when women entrepreneurs are proving their mettle as entrepreneurs. International Conference on ‘Empowering Women Entrepreneurs from the Grassroots to Global was just apt to impart all the necessary push to their entrepreneurial spirit.

Ensuring a Higher Incidence of Micro Enterprises

EDII Gorakhpur team conducted a Micro Entrepreneurship Development programme on Terrocotta for 30 participants from 06 SHGs of Hafiznagar village of Bhatahat Block of Gorakhpur district. The programme organized during 11 – 23 February 2022 was sponsored by NABARD under Micro Enterprise Development Program (MEDP) scheme. The objective of the training program was to ensure livelihood and income generation opportunities for the trainees (mostly SHG members) by way of placement or by helping them set up their own units.

EDII Report 117

More Power to Women… EDII and Bayer Foundation raise the baton

Slow pace of development in rural India has been a matter of concern for years now. The reasons for the abysmal conditions of agricultural wage earners, small farmers and non-agricultural laborers are many; primary ones being their small land holdings, poor education, almost negligible access to resources, lack of awareness, less achievement motivation among several more.

EDII Report 117

Developing Industrial and Social Infrastructure for the Growth of MSMEs

Sustainability and growth of MSMEs can well be ascertained by addressing them in clusters on issues concerning technology, skills, market linkages, networking, access to capital, etc. One of the favourable ways to impart scalability to enterprises in a cluster is to ensure developed industrial and social infrastructure.