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Rise Hydroponics tasting success as India's fastest-growing agritech startup

Developed 2,00,000+ square feet area of soil less farms within 6 months in more than 7 Indian states

Waking up to a hearty breakfast that’s fresh and tasty, is the best start, Indians look for every morning. But there’s a lot that goes into these foods that make it to Indian kitchens and are served daily on the plates – Pesticides and growth enhancers that literally steal the nutritional value from the vegetables and fruits consumed by people. 

This is the exact pain point that 3 enthusiastic entrepreneurs saw while they started RISE Hydroponics in early 2020. 

April’ 2020 – Rise of RISE Hydroponics

In April’2020, right after the whole nation went into lockdown, due to COVID-19, they understood the importance of nutritious, pesticide free, healthy food & to support the economic situation of farmers in the country, all 3 partners viz., Meet Patel, Tusshar Aggarwal, and Vivek Shukla joined hands to form an organisation – RISE Hydroponics to provide complete turn-key solutions in a cost-effective manner.

With a Vision to make agriculture a sustainable business by helping small farmers, creating urban farmers, making India future-ready for 2030 while giving a healthy and nutritious food options, they are on a mission to support 5,00,000 farmers by 2030 & make India “Aatmanirbhar” by giving one-stop turn key solutions.

To expand the reach of soilless agriculture, RISE hydroponics, commenced its operations in two ways:

1. Setting Up of Commercially Protable Soilless Farms, and

2. Retailing of pesticide free & residue free vegetables.

With an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs, agronomists, engineers, nance experts, and trained professionals, RISE Hydroponics has successfully developed 2,00,000+ square feet of Soilless Cultivation Area with a total plant capacity of 5,00,000+ & yearly yield expectation of 1000 Ton, across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and more. They have successfully built Outdoor Farms (3000 to 86,000 sq. ft.), Terrace Farms (5000 to 12,000 sq. ft.) & Indoor Farms (500 to 2000 sq. ft.) in various cities & are the only company in the country to be able to do it in large scale.

Presence in 7+ Indian states

Surprisingly, RISE Hydroponics has set an all-new record. They have operationalized more than 19 projects in 7 States or 13 different cities of India & are also helping more than 30 commercial growers/farms in India with several of their products & services. Several more projects are in pipeline and are reported to be commissioned by June 2021 itself. 

Retailing of pesticide free & residue free vegetables – RISE Freshz

Going a step further, RISE Hydroponics has set up a separate branch for its retail division, called as RISE Freshz, a venture that’s focused on doing hyperlocal delivery of pesticide-free vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Initially, they have launched this service in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara & Mumbai, and are working on expanding their footprints in at least 7-8 major cities by the end of 2021.

Extraordinary Response for Training & Home Kit Setups

RISE is also witnessing extraordinary customer response for their frequent Free Online Trainings and Hydroponics Workshop at their Commercial farms in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, etc. They have trained over 20,000+ individuals from every corner of India in the last 12 months. 

Plus, they have also made growing your own food easier with their Home Kit Small Setups. Going by the gures, they report that they have transported more than 150 Units of Hydroponics Home Kit Small Setups to customers in more than 50 cities of India.

The team at RISE Hydroponics feels proud of being part of a big mission. A mission to make Indian economy self-reliant for its food security, by promoting locally grown food sources that support farmers and consumers, alike.

“We focus on quality, commitment & collaboration, as we want the nation to RISE together towards a more sustainable future. We want to bring international standards to the Indian Hydroponics Industry. Using precise and cutting-edge technology to create efcient and cost-effective solutions for the modern farmer. We want India to be 2030 ready with lack of arable land, depleting water resources & stopping the excessive use of pesticides,” says Tusshar Aggarwal, Founder at RISE Hydroponics.

“Year round production of locally grown-good quality crops boosts the factors of accessibility and affordability in the long run. RISE feels itself to be a responsible citizen that is committed to the environment, health, and safety excellence. Adopting sustainable food production practices for delivering nutritious foods on the plates of our citizens will forever be our topmost priority. Our Mantra is to apply these smart farming methods for the good of people,” adds Meet Patel, Co-founder at RISE Hydroponics, when asked about their inspiration behind starting “RISE Hydroponics – Future of Farming!”.