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...NABARD Project Parisar

Project Parisar is a one-year project supported by NABARD for setting up Hub & Spoke model at Mysore of ‘coconut leaf straw making’ by 100 rural women from the region. The Hub was inaugurated by Shri Niraj Kumar Verma, Chief General Manager, Regional Office, NABARD, Bangalore. The project is being implemented jointly by Accenture and EDII. The inauguration was also marked by the presence of Accenture team members represented by Ms. Sowmya Prakash, Probono and Communication Lead for Corporate Citizenship, Accenture India & Ms. Keerthana Sheshadri, Corporate Citizenship Grants team & Programme Sr. Analyst, Accenture and senior EDII officials including Dr. Raman Gujral, Director, Dept. of Projects-Corporate & Ms. B. R. Poornima, Head WeAct.

The first training commenced in the Hub – Jaibheemnagar, Karnataka on 29th September, 2021 for 40 women participants.

“The project aims to create an Off Farmers Producer Organization (OFPO) of women which will be handled by the women at the Hub and four Spokes. During the first year, EDII will hand hold the women in entrepreneurial training, technical training and trial production,” explained Dr. Raman Gujral

Senior NABARD Officials from Mumbai, Bangalore and Mysore visited the Hub recently and witnessed the progress. “They were explained the straw making process and given an overview of the progress of the participants in terms of their enhanced skill base and knowledge on entrepreneurship,” informed Ms B.R. Poornima.

Discussions for making available E-Vehicles have also been initiated with manufacturers including Cotton Greaves Limited and Design Core.

Technical Training for beneficiaries in Hub