Persistence and Evolution
...A Camp that Motivates to Persist and Evolve

Catch them young….the phrase carries immense significance when it comes to promoting entrepreneurial traits among millennials.


For last 39 years, EDII has been ensuring that children and youths from across the country get oriented towards the charms of being an entrepreneur and imbibe entrepreneurial skills and competencies. EDII conducts National Camps on Entrepreneurial Adventures for youth to help youths realize their hidden potential and develop capabilities to meet challenges ahead by acquiring entrepreneurial traits of risk-taking, creative thinking, conflict management, effective communication and teamwork. The Institute also offers National Camps on Entrepreneurial Stimulation for Children with the objective to inculcate the ‘spirit of enterprise and achievement’ in children so that they learn to target higher-order achievements. So far, EDII has completed 39 Camps on Entrepreneurial Adventures, thus training 1657 youth, and 37 Camps on Entrepreneurial Stimulation, training 2511 children. These were mainly offered during the summer vacations. For the first time ever, EDII has started orienting children and youth towards entrepreneurial knowledge even during the winter break.


The institute offered virtual Winter Camp on Entrepreneurial Adventures for youth and received response from 18 students across 4 states of India. The camp pedagogy targeted its objectives with interventions such as; entrepreneurial motivation, psychometric tests, and exercises to foster traits such as creativity, concern for excellence, leadership, problem-solving, independence, goal-setting, interaction with achievers and career counselling.


Camp leader, Dr. Pankaj Bharti, felt that the camps were objective driven and hence the pedagogy was an amalgamation of lessons and activities that could be associated with tangible outcomes. He underlined how simulation exercises and case studies aimed at imparting real world experience to the students with an eye on ensuring that they shed their inhibitions and develop confidence to take bigger stride as entrepreneurs.


They said…..

“I am happy that I enrolled for this camp. Ever since COVID had set in, I was actually feeling that I need a push to envision bigger targets and plans, beyond the usual. I am glad that I got that orientation through this camp. The idea of becoming an entrepreneur thrills me.”

Shlok Totla, Gurugram, Haryana


“Dealing with challenging situations is extremely important in career or in real life. More so, an entrepreneur’s life is replete with challenges. It is here that he/she has to exhibit traits that bail him / her out of the situation. EDII’s winter camp, touched upon all such important aspects. I feel enriched.” 

Gargi Gupta, Vikaspuri, New Delhi