Entrepreneurship Takes a Front Seat for Nation Across the World

Nations, across the world are investing in their human resource and equipping them with the right set of tools so that they can succeed in global business markets and generate meaningful opportunities for their country. Under the aegis of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, EDII undertakes capacity building programmes in diverse areas for professionals from different countries. Four such ITEC programmes were conducted virtually over the last three months.

The programmes together trained 106 officials from 27 countries.


A glimpse into these programmes:


Certificate Course in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has picked up post pandemic with people realising the scope of enterprise creation in this area and the benefits that it can bring to companies. A two – week programme was conducted with the mandate to provide participants with insights about the advantages and importance of digital marketing. The programme also introduced the participants to various digital marketing channels, social media planning and creating WordPress Websites. The programme benefited 29 participants from 13 countries. EDII Faculty member, Mr. Shibin Mohamed anchored the programme. The course duration was March 14 – March 25, 2022.


Industrial, Infrastructure & Sustainable Project Preparation & Appraisal

EDII conducted Training programme on ‘Industrial and Infrastructure Project preparation & Appraisal’ from March 21 to April 8, 2022 to train a group of 24 participants from 9 countries. The three-week programme was designed with the objective to improve and update knowledge in the areas of project preparation & appraisal techniques, decision-making process in the sectors of industrial, infrastructure & sustainable opportunities that would lead to improved viability, returns, and effective investment decisions.

The programme was attended by bankers, financial institutions’ executives, government officials, business mentors & counsellors, professionals of business accelerators / incubators and business development services providers, angel investors, venture capitalists and bankers. Dr. Amit Dwivedi, Associate Professor, EDII was the Programme Director.



Entrepreneurship and Small Business Promotion

EDII conducted the four- week programme, from 21st March – 15th April 2022, with the objective to develop a cadre of hardcore professionals to work for the promotion of economic activities in developing countries. They were equipped with tools and techniques to lead potential entrepreneurs to new enterprise creation as also facilitate growth of existing small enterprises, thereby intensifying and strengthening the efforts of policy makers and planners towards economic development of their respective countries. The programme was anchored by Mr. Prakash Solanki, Faculty-EDII. The programme benefited 25 participants from 12 Countries.

Technopreneurship: Creating Technology Enabled Startups and Ecosystem This one-week programme, anchored by Dr. Satya Acharya, was offered with the objective of providing an introduction to technology venture creation and management through a mix of experiential learning, skill building and most importantly, mind-set shift. This fast-paced programme followed a structure that covered the major elements of start-up activity, focusing on key challenges faced in starting a technology venture. The course commenced from 28th March, 2022 and continued till 1st April, 2022. It was attended by 28 participants, including professionals from Government Institutions, Research & Development institutions, Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Business Development Organizations. 13 countries were represented.