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Women Entrepreneurs- Access Connect Transform (WeAct) is a one-stop platform for rural women entrepreneurs that provides them with handholding assistance to render their business competitive and sustainable. Conceptualized in collaboration with EDII, Accenture’s WeAct (Women Entrepreneurs Access Connect Transform) provides hand-holding support to women entrepreneurs – nano and micro. Women entrepreneurs are supported under the broad avenues of Market Access, Knowledge & Networking, Mentoring, Product & Business Development and Technology. Presently 9 states and 1 Union Territory, viz; Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Assam, Uttarakhand, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry have been brought within the fold of the project. The sectors being addressed include; Food & Agro, Handicrafts and Household Supplies.

The activities undertaken in last three months are:

WeAct Exhibitions state wise WeAct Exhibition were held across Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Kerala, Pondicherry, Hyderabad to promote WeAct Members and to give a platform to various small scale enterprises to exhibit their products. The exhibition featured a wide range of products like Jewellery, Handicrafts, Household products, Food, Arts and Crafts, paintings, etc.

Nearly 171 WeAct members participated in the event and earned a revenue of Rs. 10,85,000/-

Raman Gujral

“WeAct is a platform that has seen businesses grow. The exhibitions, in particular, I must say, have been immensely useful in bringing small entrepreneurs to the forefront and giving them the much-deserved platform to grow. It has also connected women entrepreneurs with investors,mentors and other stakeholders.”

– Dr. Raman Gujral, Prof. & Director, Dept. of Projects (Corporates)

“Many members of WeAct are involved in Food and Agro industry, the workshop was organized to provide new approaches towards food safety, packaging of food and planning sustainable businesses.”

– Ms. B. R. Poornima, WeAct – Head

WeAct encouraged and supported Sharadamba Stree Shakti, Self Help Group to make nutritional chikki and supply to Anganavadi Kendra of Karnataka State. Ms. Veena was assisted in getting an order of chikki and she had successfully completed the supply of 2.8 lakh chikki pieces to the local administration. She is also being assisted in availing services from Canara bank to manage her working capital.









Workshop on Financial Assistance

Two energizer workshops were organized on Financial Assistance for the entrepreneurs for Tridala Group of Karnataka, Anugraha Group of Kerala and Amruth Honey Group of Kerala. 53 members attended the workshop that provided the knowledge on financial planning and support to run a business successfully.

In partnership with CFTRI Mysore, WeAct organised a Food and Agro workshop for its members on March 11, 2022 at Vikasana Training Centre in Mandya. Prof. Raghavendra, Master trainer of WeAct, conducted the workshop for around 30 participants. The workshop educated the participants on aspects related to food packaging, food safety and shelf life of food.