The Institute

Director General's Desk

“ Strategizing to scale new heights”

EDII was set up in 1983, and after the initial years of evolvement, the institute had been able to successfully identify its key domains of operation, in accordance with the institute’s as well as the national mandates and goals. EDII identified six primary areas to achieve its strategic goals and continued to evaluate them from time to time to employ and incorporate best policies & programmes. These domains were appropriately structured around the mandates of EDII, the emerging national & international markets and leveraged on EDII’s leadership in the field. Over 35 years, the institute pioneered distinguished interventions that have steered policy formulations and replicable development models. However, with uncertainties and risks weighing heavily on the National as well as global markets, EDII thought it prudent to revisit its work domain.


Thus, with an eye on customizing institute’s approaches and strategies to India & other emerging markets, maintaining the relevance of its initiatives in the changing context and crafting plans and policies which address the voids in the markets, EDII revisited its thrusts and domains. Strategizing assumed strength in the light of government’s initiatives to promote start-ups, identifying and stimulating unexploited entrepreneurial fervour, instilling entrepreneurial orientation in executives, students, women, disadvantaged groups & other sections, addressing the vulnerability of rural and urban micro-enterprises, emphasizing on innovations, incubation and research.


Enhancing the spirit of entrepreneurship & levels of skills and opening up sustainable entrepreneurial paths based on proactive policies guided our role in re instituting an accelerating system for entrepreneurship. This has led us to five new departments, which include those of Public Advocacy, Knowledge and Research; Entrepreneurship Education; Projects; National Outreach & Business Development Services and Developing Economy Engagements.


Let me assure you that innovative projects, programmes and practices will remain the hallmark of this institute, and competitive entrepreneurship through education, novel projects, capacity-building, training, innovations and research for inclusive development will make a more conspicuous presence.