The Dynamism of MSMEs
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Inauguration of MSME Administrative Block & MSME Library at the hands of (3rd from R) Shri Narayan Tatu Rane, Hon’ble Union Minister of MSME. Also present on the occasion were Dr. Milind Kamble, Founder Chairman, DICCI & Esteemed EDII Board Member; Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director General – EDII; Shri Ranjeethkumar J, IAS, Commissioner MSME, Gujarat & senior officials & delegates
Infrastructure support was received under Ministry of MSME’s Assistance to Training Institutions. EDII expresses gratitude to the Ministry.

Regulating economic activities, generating employment opportunities, creating sustainable livelihood avenues, reducing poverty are just some of the advantages that MSMEs bestow on an economy. Developing economies like India benefit the most. Against this backdrop, the Government has been instituting outcome-based policies and measures to promote MSMEs. EDII has been majorly contributing to the growth of the MSME sector through various cluster development, training, research and policy advocacy.

Considering the contribution of EDII towards the growth and development of the MSME sector, the Institute received infrastructure support under Ministry of MSME’s ‘Assistance to Training Institutions.’ On 4th December 2021, Union MSME Minister Shri Narayan Rane visited EDII to inaugurate the facilities including, MSME Administrative Block, Library and Hall.

The Minister also delivered his address on ‘Role of MSMEs in Enhancing Growth and Competitiveness’. The Minister emphasized on the significance of nurturing a strong industrial environment for revivification of the economy. He said, “A flourishing industrial environment brings stability in society by providing innovative solutions. It also inspires the younger generation to think creatively and dares them to take the plunge. Hence the emphasis on MSME growth and sustenance is a must. Today several progressive Govt. schemes envision an inventive new generation of entrepreneurs who can set up their small enterprises and start-ups, nurture innovations and bolster the economy of the country.”


Talking about the support to start ups and entrepreneurship in the present times, Shri Rane added, “Both existing and new MSME entrepreneurs stand at an advantageous position. Existence of several incubation centres, easier patent filing, ease of setting up business, and a myriad of progressive schemes relating to legal formalities, credit, marketing, markets, technology, intellectual property, human resource etc. have made it a lot easier. MSMEs need to consider how ideas and execution need to go hand in hand. A bright idea has to be followed by good execution.” Honourable minister also highlighted stories of great entrepreneurs like Shri Dhirubhai Ambani to motivate students to reach great entrepreneurial heights.



Dr. Milind Kamble, Founder Chairperson, Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and esteemed EDII Board Member, who had also graced the event as Guest of Honour said, “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is the most vibrant and dynamic sector promising high growth potential for the Indian economy. The sector holds immense promise in fostering creativity and innovation in products and processes. Many MSME clusters proactive about adopting new technologies. The MSME units, more often than not, need help in upgrading themselves technologically, and it is very important to ensure that they get help in this area.”



Speaking on the occasion, EDII Director General, Dr Sunil Shukla said, “Entrepreneurship being a rewarding development strategy, more and more enthusiasts are getting allured to the charms of being an entrepreneur; they are equipping themselves with knowledge and skills, and subsequently stepping forth with innovative enterprise ideas. Even established MSME entrepreneurs are seeing opportunities to scale up. The Post COVID world has been particularly tough and it all the more necessitates the significance of knowledge and skills to manoeuvre forth. The Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, especially focuses on MSMEs, thus assigning certain strategic advantages to them. In consonance with it, EDII has been working diligently to make India into one of the most fascinating MSME destinations.”

Release of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2020-21

The eventful day also saw the release of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2020-21 at the hands of Shri Narayan Rane. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Survey is the largest annual study of entrepreneurial dynamics in the world. The GEM India study is conducted using a well-established GEM research methodology that is consistent across all participating countries and generates a variety of relevant primary information on different aspects of entrepreneurship.

Release of GEM India Report 2020-2021 at the hands of (3rd from R) Shri Narayan Tatu Rane, Hon’ble Union Minister of MSME. Also seen are (4th from L) Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director General-EDII; (2nd from R) Dr. Milind Kamble, Founder Chairman, DICCI & Esteemed EDII Board Member; (R) Shri Ranjeeth Kumar J., Commissioner, MSME, GoG with Senior Faculty members of EDII (L-R) Dr. Amit Kumar Dwivedi, Dr. Pankaj Bharti & Dr. Raman Gujral

Till now, EDII has brought out 8 GEM Report. The GEM India Report is an outcome of collective efforts of GEM India consortium that strives to capture and understand the current state of affairs in Indian entrepreneurship. EDII is the lead Institute of the present GEM India Team. The GEM Report 2020-2021, throws light on entrepreneurial trends and practices amidst changing business and impact of COVID-19 on entrepreneurial activities in the country.

Major Findings of GEM India 2020-21 Report

  • The results show that 82% of the population perceives that there is a good opportunity to start a business in their area. Of the 47 economies, India ranked 3rd for perceived opportunities.
  • About 82% of the youth believe that they possess the skills and knowledge to start a business.
  • Entrepreneurial intentions had been 33.3% in 2019–20, which fell to 20.31% in 2020–21. This negative change of perception may be due to the lockdown and impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic.
  • The rate of Total Early-stage Entrepreneurship Activity (TEA) in India has also been severely affected by the pandemic and it came down to 5.34% from last year’s 15%. The change has been observed at 64 percent, decreased from 15 percent in 2019-20.
  • The findings reveal that pandemic has negatively impacted Total Entrepreneurial Activities in the country. However, it is more severe in case of the female youth. Female entrepreneurial activities are decreased by 79 percent, while the male entrepreneurial activities are decreased by 53 percent.
  • The observation for established business ownership is important and it is found that 5.88% of youth have reported that they are engaged in an established business. The numbers decreased by 51 percent from last year’s 11.92%.
  • The results presented in the report, indicate that pandemic has a very negative impact on household income. In India, about 44 percent of youth have perceived that pandemic has harmed their household income.
  • Across a couple of the government-related framework conditions, India did better in 2020, then it did in 2019. This improvement in institutional support for entrepreneurship is reflected in the experts’ assessment of the government’s response to the pandemic, where, India ranked 5th among all GEM participating economies.
  • The National Entrepreneurship Context Index (GEM NECI), provides policymakers with insights, on how to foster such an environment. In its latest ranking, Indonesia, Netherlands, Taiwan and India are the top four.

A Glimpse into Media Coverage on GEM India Report findings

EDII recognizes Gujarat based Startups for their Ingenious Contribution to Entrepreneurship

EDII announced the most coveted Gujarat Startup Awards 2021on 4th December 2021 in the presence of Hon’ble Union MSME Minister Shri Narayan Rane, Founder Chairperson & EDII Board Member, Dr. Milind Kamble and EDII Director General, Dr. Sunil Shukla. The winners were awarded Trophies and prize money in the categories of ‘Emerging’, ‘Growing’, and ‘Special Jury Award’.

The institute received 120 nominations from across Gujarat for the awards and a jury comprising six members scrutinized the nominations. The jury included Dr Sunil Shukla, Director General, EDII; HK Mittal, Chairman, Startup India Seed Fund; Dukhbandhu Rath, MD, Gujarat Venture Finance Limited (GVFL); Himanshu Saparia, Council Member, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII); Pathik Patwari, Sr. V.P., Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI); and Rajiv Bose, Head of Business, iCreate. On the occasion, Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director General, EDII, Ahmedabad, said, “EDII has always remained at the forefront when it comes to promoting entrepreneurship in the country. In the last four-decades of our existence, we have strived to accelerate the culture of start ups and entrepreneurship in the country, by providing potential entrepreneurs with the right skill sets that help them moves forward on the path of new enterprise creation and management.” As far as the awardees are concerned, OmniBRx Biotechnologies Private Limited, a bioprocess engineering company, and All That Dips Private Limited, an agro and food processing company, were chosen as winners in the ‘Best Emerging Startup’ category. Similarly, Mouldies Infotech LLP and Pivoting Softwares Private Limited were chosen as winners in the ‘Best Growing Startup’ category. Rayush Natural Fibres Private Limited was given the ‘Special Jury Award’.

“I congratulate the winning startups and urge many more to step forth to begin their journey as an entrepreneur. While there are many opportunities awaiting you, there is also an able support system waiting to mentor you. Just scan the environment, develop an eye for opportunities, co-opt resources and take the plunge. It is much easier today for entrepreneurs. Have the confidence to succeed.”

– Shri Narayan Rane

Union MSME Minster

The winning startups:

  • OmniBRx is India’s first Bioprocess Engineering Company engaged in manufacturing Single-use Bioreactors for Biotechnology, vaccine production, cell therapies & other biologics the product, CellBRx Single-use Bioreactors are the world’s largest bioreactors for adherent cell culture-based vaccine manufacturing including Covid-19 vaccines. (Ravindra Patel, Founder – OmniBRx)
  • All That Dips makes delicious and healthy urban pantry essentials that allow customers to enjoy delicious meals in a matter of minutes while not worrying about calories or chemicals. (Dr. Deep Lodhari, Founder – All That Dips)

  • Mouldies Infotech LLP, is a one stop online solution for all kinds of mould requirements by creating a platform for product manufacturers and mould makers. (Akshish Sheth, Founder – Mouldies Infotech LLP)

  • Clientjoy helps over 4000 Agencies and 9000 Freelancers in 90+ Countries manage their clients and grow their Business. The Agency Operating System is the first and one of a kind Product that brings everything that any services company does in one single place for better decision making and enabling Growth. (Yash Shah, Founder – Clientjoy)

  • Rayush Fibers emphasizes on improving the quality of life by providing sustainable, eco-friendly cool curtains / fibers with antidepressant fragrance and mosquito / Insect repellent properties for longer shelf life to make life better even without electricity. (Namrata Diwakar, Founder – Rayush Fibers)