Hetika Shah : Sanctuary Innovative Safety Equipment

"Hetika Shah developed 4S SHIELD mask covers all the four sensory organs - eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, and aims to help frontline workers treating COVID-19 patients."

Right from her childhood Hetika stood out in the crowd because she always thought different and acted different. Her choices were not run-of-the-mill and initially did raise contempt and doubts but Hetika was raised to be a strong person who had the courage to show responsibility towards her decisions. Coming from the small town of Halol in Panchmahals, Gujarat, Hetika was raised in a family that is into industrial machinery business. She imbibed the finer elements of business as she grew up amidst business talks. Her love for hard core machinery and technology led her to make the first big unconventional choice…. She decided to pursue bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and was the only girl in her batch. With that exposure, and the experience gained during multiple vacation Internships and especially after working with Inox Cva Ltd., She was motivated to start something of her own. She was interested in Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

But Hetika being a perfectionist that she is, did feel the need to gain more knowledge and started hunting for an appropriate college with the intention of doing MBA. During this search she discovered EDII’s Post Graduate Programme in Management – Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM-BE) and found it suiting her goals of becoming an entrepreneur. After joining EDII, Hetika’s resolve only became stronger and she focused single-mindedly on her goal. She had an idea in her mind and was working to perfect it. She wanted to venture in the field of Industrial Chiller system venture known as Thermcool Industries Ltd. The idea behind this chiller is to utilize waste heat and provide a cooling effect; something that is very useful in MSMEs. She was also working on industrial safety equipment, under the firm name, Sanctuary Innovative Safety Equipment Ltd. What is significant here is that despite being in first year of her studies at EDII, she had promising ideas and fairly well trained plans.


Well, as destiny would have it, the country faced the crisis of COVID – 19. She observed the country harnessing all its resources in dealing with the pandemic and thought of pitching in with help in her own way. Hetika started applying her idea of industrial safety equipment to pharmaceutical personal hygienic product which covers all four sensory organs known as ‘4S SHIELD’; it was made up of Nano-Fibers with PFE of 99.35% and BFE of 99.9%. She consulted EDII mentors who guided her better and put her across to experts in the area. Hetika knew about the technology and development aspects of safety equipment. She knew that she had to act fast if she thought of pitching in with safety shields. She worked on war footing and gave herself just 8 days to commence production. This was a herculean task as the country was in lockdown mode. The entire start – up was made operational between April 1st to 8th, 2020. She also subsequently applied for Design Registration of 4S SHIELD. And, as they say- All is well that eds well. Hetika was soon supplying her product to Frontline workers treating COVID-19 Patients.

“I received help and support from EDII at every juncture. I had ideas but needed more knowledge, awareness and encouragement to move ahead which I got from EDII. As I was starting at a time which wasn’t so favourable, planning and networking were important. My Institute facilitated me and made some critical areas extremely easy for me.”

- Hetika Shah
She calls her enterprise Sanctuary Innovative Safety Equipment. Intense research and surveys were undertaken to come out with masks, gloves, PPE kits and other shields, which met all standards and prescribed norms. In the market, the available masks covered nose and mouth but Hetika went deeper and discovered that the Corona virus can enter human body through four entry points. So Hetika focused on a product which could protect all the entry points of virus, VIZ. eyes, nose, ears and mouth. She came up with the 4S SHIELD product within 8 days. She explains, “We are currently manufacturing and selling NANOFIBER based virus protective sustainable 4S SHIELD. It is the first-of-its-kind company in India, providing so far, the highest protection to all sensory organs, i.e. upto 96%. Furthermore the company will venture out to make products with innovative designs of safety equipment utilized in Pharma as well as Manufacturing industries. These products would include; different types of Shields, PPE Kits, Hand Gloves etc..” Hetika also achieved the feat of making her products desirable to consumers. She achieved a breakthrough  by integrating the technology used in daily wear masks, goggles and ear buds, adorned it to look aesthetically appealing and launched her products. This technology was known to pharma as well as manufacturing industry frontline users and hence it was easy for them to adapt and adopt. Hetika also has a sensitive side to her entrepreneurial personality. She realizes that this is not the time to earn, hence she has very competitively priced her products.  

Hetika is happy today. She intends to complete her studies at EDII with all focus and attention. “How can I leave the course mid-way. It has given me the enterprise that I own today. Half way through the course, and I could achieve so much, so I am sure there is much in store for me in the year ahead. I want to learn more,” says an excited Hetika. She is confident about handling studies and her enterprise parallelly. Her father has offered help during the coming one year. Hetika says that she is looking forward to implementing her classroom learning at her enterprise which she is sure would escalate even more in the days to come.  

We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her create a successful world for society and herself !!!