Alumni in News 

PG Alumni receives grant from AICTE, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India

Shubham Soni’s (batch 2020-22) startup Ardent Sport received a grant support of Rs. 5 Lakh from AICTE, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India


Ardent Sport is a Sports-Tech startup which promotes physical sports by combining it with mobile gaming. The startup has come up with the unique Rapid Competition concept, which provides frequent short format tournament opportunities. It is developing a sports platform where players create their profiles to book their spot in such rapid competitions. This concept aims to encourage players to participate in outdoor sports – it increases the chance of winning and saves time. The idea was shortlisted in the top 75 innovative ideas with startup potential by the Ministry of Education and AICTE for which they were given a grant support of ₹500000 along with the incubation linkages.


Manohar Lal’s (batch 2020 -22) startup WebNomics Tech has received a grant support: Rs. 8.9 Lakh from AICTE, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.


The startup aims at creating shared value among stakeholders of round fruit handling and management. The uniqueness and the distinctive features of the products and services innovated include; 1) Collection Arm to reduce the efforts for pluckers in climbing and descending every time the bag gets filled with fruits. They can drop the fruits through the collection arm to reach the ground with reduced speed and safety. 2) Portable Gravity Sorting (will be attached to the collection arm) to sort the round fruits collected from the collection system. The system can be carried to any field and terrain easily as backpack. 3) Packaging to ensure that afters sorting the fruits are automatically dropped into different pack with padded safety.4) Linkages to ensure that the filled pack is loaded on transportation vehicle to reach market/ common place/ or processing centre.