Kirtika Chetia

Assistant Professor




  • PhD (Marketing)
  • PGDM (Business Entrepreneurship)
  • BBA

Areas of Specialization

Marketing and Communication

Kirtika Chetia

Assistant Professor

Teaching/Training :

  • Marketing Management,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Communication Skills,
  • Strategic Management

Dr. Chhetia has 8 years of experience of working with startups and various incubators across the country. Her experience of working in the Gujarat ecosystem is also diverse.  Marketing strategies, social media strategies and product positioning, branding and identity are her key specialization areas. She has previously held important positions at the incubators of premier institutes, including NDBI – NID’s Business Incubator, CEPT Research and Development Foundation and LEAF-GLS University. Visiting faculty at CEPT University, Gujarat University and NIPER, Dr. Chhetia  has also been associated with MICA for research related initiatives. Dr. Chhetia has published research papers and presented at various conferences.

  • Chhetia Kirtika, and Rajesh Asrani (2021) "Social Media Usage by Entrepreneurs: A Review Paper" Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, Vol 27, Issue 3.
  • Chhetia Kirtika (2021) “Easy Advertising on Instagram for Women Entrepreneurs” Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry. (SCI)
  • 2023 Presented at ICMC – MICA on “Instagram Commerce in the time of Influenced purchase decision!” and working to get the paper published.

  • 2022 Presented at an International Conference - Empowering Women Entrepreneurs from grassroots to Global sponsored by MSME(IC) Government of India at EDII on “Determinants of Social Media Usage by Women Entrepreneurs.”

  • 2021 Presented at “Fourteenth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship” at EDII on “Easy Advertising on Instagram for Women Entrepreneurs”.