Facilitating for undertaking projects for economic and entrepreneurial transformations


  • Partnering and collaborating with government and corporates to implement innovation-led projects for inclusive growth.
  • Institutionalizing entrepreneurship in academic and specialized institutions.
  • Developing and enhancing skills of potential/existing entrepreneurs in emerging sectors such as agriculture, food processing, handlooms, tourism, etc.
  • Designing and implementing programmes to ensure a higher incidence of entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups, such as women, SCs/STs and the rural poor.


  • Institution Building and Capacity Enhancement Programmes at national/international levels.
  • Identifying & Profiling Business Opportunities.
  • Training-cum-Counselling for Existing Entrepreneurs.
  • Human Resource Development in SME sector.
  • Facilitating Science & Technology based Innovations.

Projects - Government

Facilitating for undertaking government projects for economic and entrepreneurial transformations.

Projects - Corporate

Ensuring Sustainability and inclusive growth for communities with corporate change makers through Entrepreneurship and social impact.