He Possesses the Ability to Disable Difficulties…..

Deepak’s story is inspirational; a man who personifies grit and courage; stands
tall against odds.
Today Deepak is a known entrepreneur and is revered by many for the way he
gives back to society. Deepak credits his confidence and determination to
realise his dreams, behind what he is today. Deepak wears many hats –he’s an
entrepreneur, an activist and an avid reader – he is proud to add that every bit
of his role today is backed by hard work.

When Deepak was six, his father sent him to Bangalore for studies believing that being out of comfort zone would imbibe a sense of responsibility in him and make him tough to face the oddities of life. The purpose was served and so emerged Deepak- a resolute determination becoming his key personality trait. When complemented about this personality characteristic, Deepak modestly adds that he cannot take any credit for it and that he has inherited it from his father and grandfather, whom he idolises. A bright student, Deepak studied Commerce and had a slight bent of mind towards doing business. After completing his graduation, he looked for a professional course which could teach him the nitty-gritty of business. It is then that he came to know about EDII’s Post Graduate course and joined it. Deepak shares, “Classroom lectures, field trips, assignments, presentations, interacting with eminent faculty members and entrepreneurs, groomed me not just as an entrepreneur but as a matured person who felt ready to step onto the turf of business. The professors guided us through our difficult paths and helped us overcome odds. During my two years at EDII, I discovered the world of business, explored my strengths, weaknesses, needs, interests and preferences. EDII is a sacred place, the ambience is ripe with motivation and imbibing entrepreneurial traits comes naturally in this environment.”
Deepak explored several business ideas in the arenas of health, essential commodities and education. After extensive research and discussions, he settled on setting up a petrol pump, the investment for which was arranged through loans from his family and banks & financial institutions.
Armed with a professional approach, management skills and in-depth research to match his initiative, he floated a petrol pump in Prahaldnagar area of Ahmedabad in the year 2012. His outlet, Deepak Kishore Petro Services has the credit of not only imparting training to differently-abled but also employing them so that they can learn, earn and make great careers. Deepak’s petrol pump runs in two shifts and the entire one shift of the petrol pump is being run and managed by women staff. To keep his team motivated, Deepak also celebrates his employees’ birthday with lunch in his office and presents them with a birthday card signed by everyone in the office. “I owe a lot to society and wish to do my bit in my own small way,” says this compassionate entrepreneur.
He explains, “While hiring the differently-abled people, we don’t look at any specific qualification. What we look for is Attitude. For me it is one of the most critical qualifications. My aim is to integrate persons with disability into mainstream social network so that they are able to lead a normal life.” After hiring them, Deepak imparts soft-skills training, and equips them with knowledge on functioning of hardware and software devices. Some of his employees have even set up their own enterprises and such stories, says Deepak, give him immense happiness. For his noble work Deepak has received award from the Govt. of Gujarat ( State Award) and from Blind People’s Association for employing majority of disabled people. As Deepak Patel shares, “The world is divided into two types of people, the one who believe – You can’t, It’s difficult to achieve and the other that says – yes you can, you will do it, just go and chase it, difficulties can never be completely erased. So, we have to decide which ‘type’ we wish to fall in, and thus act accordingly.” Deepak signs off giving credit of his success to his parents and family, EDII faculty, mentors and to all those whom he met in his entrepreneurial journey as each one had a learning to give him.
India needs many compassionate entrepreneurs like Deepak who possess the foresight to drive inclusive economic growth. Best wishes to you for the great work that you are doing!!!