Unleashing Imagination Extraordinaire

There are people who are sorted about their aims right from the word go. Pushkar Parekh is one such blessed person. This gifted EDII Alumnus zoomed past his school and college years with single-minded focus on becoming his own boss one day.
Pushkar comes from a family of business persons; hence harbouring the ambition of making it big as an entrepreneur came naturally to him. But what set him apart from the five generations of entrepreneurs in his family, was the fact that he wanted to create something of his own; something different that gave him a unique identity. His family is into fabric business since 1851 and obviously wanted him to take over the reins someday.
After his twelfth class, he was at a juncture where he needed guidance on selecting a course that gave him the skills and confidence to march ahead on the path of entrepreneurship. After several brainstorming sessions with the elders in the family whom he has always considered his mentors, Pushkar fixed his choice on Textile Engineering. As he puts it, “My family has always been highly encouraging of my decisions but somewhere they did want me to join the family business, especially since I am the eldest kid in the family. My decision to pursue textile engineering perhaps sent a message to them that whatever I do, in some way I will remain connected to the family business.”
Being the go-getter that he is, he expanded the purpose for himself at college; for him it was more than just clearing exams, he looked forwarded to networking, finding viable avenues and exploring how his skills could be used to establish a venture in the field. He competed and excelled in national level textile related events during his college days. He learnt and explored the latent potential of the domain of textiles. Judicious use of his time during college days strengthened his insights and confidence, and he decided to set up his venture in the domain of textiles.
Reflecting over the forces that drove him closer to his dream, Pushkar says, “My grandfather’s lessons, time management, the Passion to be different, Patience during times of failure and the Perseverance to keeping going despite odds, are my driving forces.” While a decision to get into business had been taken by him, a casual discussion with his friend about the post graduate course in entrepreneurship, offered by EDII, interested him. Having witnessed in his family business, the role of knowledge in the setting up and growth of business, Pushkar met the faculty members at EDII to know about the curriculum and the outcomes of the course. Convinced, he joined the Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Business Entrepreneurship, at EDII.
Alongside his studies at EDII, he built upon his earlier research and decision by seeking help from EDII faculty mentors and drawing learning from the course which he terms as ‘outcome- based and application-oriented’. Pushkar wanted to be different, he did not want to end up simply making garments out of fabric He wanted to be innovative and creative. After much exploration into the market, consumer orientation & preference, price etc, he finally decided to move ahead with the innovative idea of concept-based textile.
Pushkar floated his firm, ‘'Muffynn’ while he was in his second year at EDII. Today his firm designs technical textile, comprising mainly apparels. It's an extraordinary concept in the Indian market and loved by many who desire to have some changes in their everyday wear to stand out. The main apparels of this innovative firm include:
SUN ACTIVATED PRODUCTS – The print changes colour in the presence of sunlight and the colour disappears in shade.
SWEAT ACTIVATED TSHIRT – Here the print is invisible and as soon as the t-shirt gets wet, the print is seen magically. The print disappears when t-shirt dries up..
SELF COLOURING HOLI TEE – This concept was introduced especially during the festival of Holi. The colours bleed magically from the black print on the tshirt just when normal water is splashed on the print.
REFLECTIVE CONCEPT – The garments glow as reflectors in the presence of any kind of flash light. This works very well when photos are clicked or videos are shot with flash lights on.
Pushkar has an innovative bent of mind and his creative thinking emanates from there. He says, “I went ahead because I knew being different sells. I thought different, had faith in my concept, had know-how and support of mentors.” Pushkar did have his low times. He also had failures. Sharing an incident, he says, “Despite knowing quite a lot about entrepreneurship, I did make mistakes. I started bestowing a lot of faith on my associates, so much so that I even prematurely shared some trade secrets. I was cheated upon. I lost customers and a good amount of money. While this was a blow to my confidence, worse still was that people around me who were trusting me all this while, started eyeing me with apprehension. It took a lot to rebuild my credibility. Gradually I have become a much- matured businessman. I know that I cannot be perfect in everything and, therefore, I try to strengthen myself every day. My brothers have joined me as partners and we leverage on each other’s skills.”
Pushkar expresses his gratitude to EDII for nurturing his dream and for giving him all that it takes to become a successful businessperson. As he puts it, “Acquiring learning is easy but endorsing that a true entrepreneur needs to be resilient, persistent and different is important. EDII has given me these qualities, and one testimony to this is that even during the COVID 19 pandemic, I have grown to reach 50 lakh turnover, which is more than the previous year.”
An avid dancer, Pushkar dances off his stress, delves into music and forges ahead with a ‘do it like never before’ attitude.

EDII wishes you great success with those extraordinary ideas.