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Policy Advocacy

  • Evolved the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) Model; widely being implemented as EDI-EDP Model at national & international levels.
  • Diversified the EDI-EDP Model after a 3 year, 3 state experiment to promote micro enterprises.
  • Research on 'Review of Entrepreneurship Curricula in Higher Learning Institutions' helped University Grants Commission, Govt. of India in developing entrepreneurship curriculum for college level education.
  • Research on 'Entry Barriers to Entrepreneurship: As perceived by Youth', facilitated the Ministry of SSI & ARI, Govt. of India in framing policy to establish Entrepreneurship and Business Development Centres in Universities.
  • Introduced the industrial cluster development model (including cluster development executives' concept) leading to formulation of cluster development scheme.
  • Founded the mechanism for inclusion of informal sector within the fold of cluster development archetypal.
  • Pioneered the study on Business Development Services (BDS) market in India, thus giving recognition to the BDS market development approach in the country.
  • Piloted the replicable model of creating cadre of Micro Business Counsellors to ensure survival and growth of existing enterprises.
  • Designed an integrated nationally replicable programme for start-ups (Village Entrepreneurship).
  • Played a key role in floating the concept of Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs) to yield tangible results across the country. RSETIs have a significant national presence.
  • Ensured replication of sectoral/subsectoral entrepreneurship development (ED) efforts to broad base this development model for sunrise sectors.
  • Instituted the first ever project to sensitize/train Business Management Organizations. State governments are today replicating the project with resounding success.
  • Introduced the concept of urban poverty alleviation based on enterprise and entrepreneurship.
  • Formulated policy level interventions for entrepreneurship development in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
  • The only Institute to offer Doctoral level Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) with focus on Entrepreneurship
  • Developed the first Post Graduate Diploma Programme Model in Business Entrepreneurship with 65% start-up rate
  • Filled in the need of trained development professionals by designing the first ever Post Graduate Diploma Programme in the field; 100% placement is its USP.
  • Reached every corner of the country with 'entrepreneurship education' through Distance Learning.
  • Created a continuous reinforcement of entrepreneurship among youth by creating a cadre of teacher-mentors
  • With 'Catch Them Young' as the mandate, reached out to youths and children with entrepreneurial skills and Achievement Motivation Training
  • Designed Curriculum on Entrepreneurship for UGC
  • Developed text books on entrepreneurship for vocational stream for Gujarat Text Book Board
  • Publishing the Journal of Entrepreneurship, since 1992, a much revered publication in the field
  • Leads the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) India - World's largest study on Entrepreneurship
  • Institute's books, research papers/cases etc. on entrepreneurship are internationally acclaimed
  • Extends fellowship support to encourage scholars to take up Research in Entrepreneurship
  • Organizes International Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship Research to provide a platform to researchers and experts to probe the dimensions of entrepreneurship
  • Developed innovative technologies and acquired patents
  • Developed a result oriented training model for promoting enterprises (rural and urban); today popular as EDI-Entrepreneurship Development Programme Model (EDP)
  • Created a cadre of trainer motivators and business counsellors to ensure sustainability of enterprise creation efforts
  • Rendered a widespread mainstream status to Micro Credit Delivery System, Micro Enterprise and Sustainable Livelihood options
  • Probed the need and dimensions of development and undertook capacity building of Development Organizations/NGO Functionaries
  • Pioneered the launch of Family Business Management Programme to groom the second generation of entrepreneurs
  • Institutionalized managerial capacity building programmes ensuring remarkable growth for corporates
  • Revitalized 15 Industrial and 55 Artisanal Clusters through training, technical and marketing support and mentored 158 handloom clusters across the country
  • Oriented existing entrepreneurs with competencies to analyze and address the growth potential of their ventures
  • Skill Development Interventions for youth empowerment
  • Developed a replicable rehabilitation model under the EDI-European Union project for earthquake affected regions of Kuchchh & Saurashtra
  • Evolved the concept for banks & financial institutions to assess the entrepreneur behind the project and appraise a project report
  • Evolved 'concept-to-completion approach' for setting up Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDCs) at national and international levels
  • Extended all-encompassing professional and teaching/ training assistance to ED Centres for grounding entrepreneurship development activities
  • Piloted alternative institutional model for cottage and village industries
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