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International Centers

Centres in CLMV Nations and the Future Plans

EDII vision also advocates the strategy of institution-building for forging entrepreneurship as an International Movement. In order to, therefore, replicate its success story of promoting first generation entrepreneurs through training and counselling interventions, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India had assigned to it the prestigious task of setting up EDII-like Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDCs) in Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar (CLMV nations). The Centres have successfully been yielding appreciable results. Following this success, the Ministry has now assigned EDII the task of setting up such Centres in Uzbekistan and five African countries. Beginning with the need assessment study and identification of viable business opportunities, leading to planned interventions, such as, evolving an appropriate policy framework for promotion of SMEs, undertaking advocacy for implementation of entrepreneur-friendly policies, conducting appropriate training programmes for potential and existing entrepreneurs, setting up incubators and developing SME Clusters under an umbrella ED organisation in the target countries. The objective is to create a sound economic structure and promote healthy bilateral relations. These countries have the potential to evolve from traditional, less productive economies to industrially prosperous economies. The transition, of course, is being supported by several economic and policy adjustments, which have made the need for entrepreneurial initiatives blatant than ever before. Indigenous, competent entrepreneurs can only get them assimilated with mainstream markets. Hence, globally competitive entrepreneurs who can exploit and manage resources for the benefit of the economy, besides creating jobs for others and of course, benefiting themselves are a pressing need.

Therefore, the Centres would gradually develop into Centres of Excellence and work to create viable and competitive new enterprises and strengthen the existing ones.

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