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MSMEs, critical to an economy, have been rightly called the' Engines of Growth' or the 'Catalysts of Socio-Economic Growth of a Country'. They have emerged as veritable answers for generating employment, deploying indigenous resources, harnessing entrepreneurial potential and promoting innovations and efficiency. However, these small businesses operate on relatively smaller budgets and amidst volatile times they might easily descend. With India depending largely on MSMEs, housing more than 6000 clusters of MSMEs, it becomes urgent to extend professional support that enable the sector to become competitive and productive. EDII has emerged as providers of quality Business Development Services to address the issues facing the MSMEs across sectors. Going beyond generic services, the Institute has also started providing value added quality business development services in different domains including; production, marketing, technology, productivity, diversification, value chain upgradation, brand building etc. As a National Resource Institute, EDII also bears the onus of institutionalising entrepreneurship nationally by undertaking projects/ programmes across the country and by ensuring setting up of EDII-like institutions in other states.
Department of BDS and National Outreach focuses on:

  • Initiating activities at the state, regional, and local levels, to sensitize the eco-system and undertake activities for promoting entrepreneurship and accelerating start-ups, thus ensuring business sustainability and growth.
  • Dialoguing with state governments, support organisations and undertaking development projects.
  • Developing a cadre of Business Development Service (BDS) Providers and extending strategic BDS to MSMEs, organisations for productivity improvement.
  • Ensuring technology upgradation and enhancing/expanding productivity, quality, market and exports and operational efficiency of enterprises.
  • Supporting clusters of MSMEs & individual businesses for holistic development and improved competitiveness.
  • Influencing state governments to set up Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED)/ Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) in respective states in a concept to completion approach
  • Undertaking capacity building of existing state IEDs/CEDs

The year 2018 -19:

  • Considering the significance of and the rising demand for strategic business development services, MSMEs operating in clusters, industrial areas, value chain sectors, producer groups and SHG federations and vendor groups will be provided business development services at nominal fees.
  • EDII's national expanse will be utilized for extending support to MSMEs and other organizations  for operational and management efficiency.
  • EDII like centres to be established in newly formed states in concept-to-completion mode.
  • BDS support system will be remodelled to serve start-ups, incubatees and high-impact enterprises.


The following Strategies will be adopted by the Centre;

  • The Centre will continue working on the issues of collective efficiency and improved competitiveness;
  • Set benchmarks and replicate ‘best practices’;
  • Focus on policy advocacy in the capacity of PMC;
  • Pay attention to training & capacity building of organisations and individuals;
  • Identify new areas of intervention depending on the changing business environment and need of the MSME clusters;
  • Promote R&D, innovation, technology up-gradation and patents;
  • Promote inclusive development approach and socially responsible clusters;
  • Pay special attention to research and documentation

Core Activities

Project Management Consultant

In the Capacity of PMC the Institute is working as a Think Tank in couple of states in the country. The Institute is engaged in developing strategy for developing MSME clusters, preparing roadmap for cluster development. In the process it is spearheading cluster development initiatives in couple of states in the country.

National Resource Agency

In the capacity of National Resource Agency, the Institute has worked with the Ministry of MSME, Ministry of Textile, Government of India and contributed in developing MSME cluster development schemes of the Ministry. The Institute is also engaged in providing technical, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) support to other cluster development organisations.

CDP Implementation

EDII is also actively engaged in implementing Cluster Development Programme in more than 20 states in the country. Some of the clusters which were targeted for CDP implementation are engineering,  auto components, leather, dyes and chemical, bearing, readymade garments, food processing, jewelry, handicrafts, handloom, coir etc.

Training and Capacity Building

The Institute is engaged in conducting cluster development executive (CDE) programme for the last 15 years. More than 700 people have been trained under the CDE programme. Since last 5 years, the Institute started offering CDE programme for overseas participants and till now 150 persons from 70 countries were trained at EDII.

BMO Capacity Building

The Institute has started conducting BMO Capacity Building programme with the objective of improving their functional and management efficiency. Alike their counterpart in the West, majority of BMOs operating in developing countries lack management and functional efficiency. Their activity portfolio is limited and members do not perceive great benefits by virtue of their BMO membership. Thus EDII got engaged in conducting training and capacity building programme, followed by handholding support to the BMOs representing MSME sector.  

BDS Project

Lack of availability, accessibility, quality of Business Development Services (BDS) is constraining growth of MSME clusters. Many existing problems of the MSMEs are not getting solved due to non-availability of ‘quality’ BDS. Thus the Institute took up BDS Market Development Project in four select MSME clusters in three States. The basic objectives of this project was do develop the BDS market through demand and supply side intervention so that MSMEs can obtain quality services from private and public service providers. Utilisation of BDS not only solved existing problems of the MSMEs but also enabled them to take their businesses to the growth trajectory.  

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing has the potential to contribute significantly in improving productivity of enterprises. Improved material handling system, work flow management, productivity improvement etc, can yield dividend in the short, medium and long run. Keeping this in mind, Institute started taking up Lean Manufacturing projects in selected MSME clusters in the country.

Promoting Energy Efficiency & OHS Measures

Energy efficiency is a new dimension in the domain of cluster development activities. Energy efficiency measures are taken up in MSME clusters in 5 States. Commencing with energy audit it delves on training of workers, supervisors and managers on reducing energy consumption, implementation of energy saving practices, changing design of furnace, controlling air flow etc. and subsequent documentation. As a result of these interventions, significant progress has been made in MSME clusters in terms of saving energy and reducing carbon emission.


Common Facility Centre has remained center stage of cluster development activities. Considering the fact that affordability to procure costly machines at times impede prospect of technology upgradation of MSMEs operating in clusters, common facility centres (CFC) are established in selected clusters. This enabled the cluster enterprises in accessing right technology/machinery/ dye house which in turn improved productivity of the MSMEs.

Mega Project

The Institute took up Mega Cluster development projects wherein an integrated approach has been adopted to address soft and hard intervention issues. A comprehensive cluster development plan is prepared and implemented for addressing all the pressure points of the cluster and necessary CFC is established so as to address critical infrastructure bottlenecks.

Programmes and Activities 2018-19

Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target Group Objectives & Outcome
(A) National Outreach
4.1 Consultancy Support to State Startup Mission Odisha 1 year Incubatees associated with State Startup Mission To provide mentoring and hand-holding support to the incubatees associated with State Startup Mission for enterprise creation.
4.2 IT Enabled Services (ITES) and solutions in collaboration with Aptech Ltd. Madhya Pradesh/ Chhattisgarh/ Rajasthan 1 year SMEs, PSUs, Corporates, Academic institutions To provide IT enabled services including assessment of examinations for various academic institutions.
4.3 Workshop on Valuation of Startups under Kerala Startup Mission Kerala 2 days Startups associated with Kerala Technological University  To provide inputs on how to decide net worth of startups.
4.4 FDP & Soft Skills Development Programme under the aegis of Infosys Campus Connect Programme Kerala 1 year MBA Faculty/B. Tech Students To develop skills of teachers on how to teach entrepreneurship; developing soft skills among students. Target: 2 FDPs, 5 Soft Skills Prog.
4.5 Family Business Management Programme Kerala 5 days Family Business Successors To provide skills sets on successfully managing family businesses. Target: 1 programme
4.6 Self Financed Digital Marketing Programme Kerala 1 day Entrepreneurs/Business Owners To impart digital marketing skills to the entrepreneurs. Target: 4 programmes
4.7 Vocational cum Entrepreneurship Development Programme under Skill Development Initiative (SDI) Gorakhpur, Kushinagar, Azamgarh, Varanasi, Lucknow & other places 6 months each Unemployed Youth  To impart vocational and entrepreneurial skills to unemployed youth and facilitate their micro enterprise establishment. 
4.8 Vocational cum Entrepreneurship Development Programme under Skill Development Initiative (SDI) with a focus on Agricultural implements Nainital, Almorah & Udhamshing Nagar 6 weeks Unemployed Youth  To impart vocational and entrepreneurial skills to unemployed youth and facilitate their micro enterprise establishment in agricultural implements sector.
4.9 Soft Skills Training to Handicraft Artisans under Handicrafts Mega Cluster Mission (HMCM) Uttar Pradesh 1 year Artisans involved in making handicrafts To provide soft skill inputs to the artisans making handicrafts in the areas of entrepreneurship, business plan, micro business management, marketing, negotiation and communication etc. 
4.10 Entrepreneurship Training to the Beneficairies of Skill Development Initiatives managed by DICs  Kerala 10 days Youth To provide inputs on entrepreneurship and support for enterprise establishment to the beneficiaries of Skill Development Initiative managed by DICs.
4.11 Support to Incubators under Livelihood Business Incubator Programme of Local Self Governments Kerala 3 years Potential entrepreneurs To identify potential entrepreneurs and help them in business startup with support of Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Govt. of Kerala.
4.12 Advanced Entrepreneurship cum Exposure Programme  Assam 1 month Potential and existing entrepreneurs To impart training to the potential and existing entrepreneurs for enterprise establishment and growth.
4.13 Establishing Women Entrepreneurship Development Cell under Gwalior Smart City Development Programme  Gwalior 3 years Potential Women Entrepreneurs To provide training, mentoring and handholding support for enterprise establishment to the women representing underprivileged sections of the society of Gwalior. 
4.14 Training Programme for Officers of Central Bank of India and Potential & Existing Entrepreneurs Madhya Pradesh 1 year Officers of Central Bank of India & educated youth To conduct training need analysis and a) impart training to the officers of Central Bank of India on provisioning of BDS to the SMEs b) Conduct training on enterprise set up and enterprise management (including succession planning) targetting educated youth. 
4.15 Mentoring & hand-holding to the incubatees associated with Agri-Business Incubator set up by Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT)  Kerala 2 years Agri Business Incubatees under CIFT  To promote entrepreneurs specialising in agriculture and fishery sector.
4.16 Vocational Training to Unemployed Youth  Kushinagar 5 years Unemployed Youth  To provide vocational training to unemployed youth through special training centre in Kushinagar. 
4.17 Mentoring & hand-holding to the incubatees associated with Incubation Centre promoted by CEED Kerala 1 year Incubatees To provide mentoring and hand-holding support to the incubatees for promoting tech startups. 
4.18 Capacity Building Programme for Producer Organisations/ Producer Companies Kerala 10 days Producer Organisations/ Producer Companies To inculcate a culture of professionalism and quality management practices to the producer organisations/producer companies.
4.19 Business Clinics for Incubatees Kerala 1 year Incubatees of DICs To provide support in terms of identifying, training, mentoring and handholding to the incubatees associated with DICs.
4.20 Technical Agency under Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI)  Gorakhpur & Varanasi 3 years Rural Artisans To provide broad spectrum support to the artisans for their sustainability and growth under the Cluster Development Approach (5 clusters)
4.21 Implementing Cluster Development Programme under SFURTI Gorakhpur & Varanasi 3 years Rural Artisans To create awareness about the SFURTI scheme and enhance productivity of the artisans through joint initiatives. 
4.22 Cluster Development Programme in Pottery Cluster Barhalganj, Gorakhpur 5 years Artisans making pottery To facilitate holistic development of pottery cluster.
4.23 Cluster Development Programme with special focus on hard intervention Gulariya, Gorakhpur 3 years Artisans To facilitate holistic development of pottery cluster and establishment of Common Facility Centre (CFC).
4.24 Cluster Development Programme in Wooden Toys sector Varanasi 5 years Artisans To facilitate holistic development of wooden toys cluster.
4.25 Promoting Energy Efficiency & Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Measures in Clusters under Climate Change Initiative Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh 1 year Cluster MSMEs & their employees To make MSMEs operating in clusters energy efficient and OHS compliant.
4.26 Lean Manufacturing Programme Kolkata 18 months Shoe manufacturing units of Janbazar Footwear Cluster To improve production planning and quality control of the units manufacturing footwear at Janbazar. 
4.27 MSME Cluster Intervention Programme (M-CIP Project) Agartala & Rajkot 32 months MSMEs operating in clusters To ensure holistic development and improve competitiveness of the  cluster.
4.28 Revival of Traditional Art - Patola Surendranagar (Gujarat) 2 years Artisans of the cluster To improve quality and productivity of the cluster and facilitate local economic development. 
4.29 Cluster Development under SFURTI Kerala 3 years Rural Producers/ Artisans To support primary stakeholders of the cluster by imparting hard and soft skills, extend overall management support for establishing Common Facility Centre (CFC). 
4.30 Developing Coir Cluster Kerala 3 years Coir Artisans To support primary stakeholders of the cluster by imparting hard and soft skills; extend overall management support for establishing Common Facility Centre (CFC). Target: 3 new clusters & 4 existing clusters
4.31 Management and Handholding Support to Upcoming Clusters Kerala 1 year Cluster Artisans To provide technical support on developing nano clusters to the Industries Department, Govt. of Kerala.
4.32 Scoping Study on Pottery/Terracotta Cluster  18 Districts of Uttar Pradesh 6 months Stakeholders associated with Pottery / Terracotta cluster To understand the prevalent problems of the cluster, decide ways of mitigating those problems and explore possibilities of holistic development.
4.33 Providing Consultancy Services for Developing Existing Organisations - Producer Groups/ Producer Companies/Farmer Producers Organisations (FPOs) Odisha 1 year  Producer Groups/Producer Companies/Farmer Producer Organisations To develop the vision of various organisations, build their capacity, strengthen institutional structure and governance framework, facilitate MIS development, and enhance stakeholders'' efficiency. 
4.34 Project Management Consultancy Support to spearhead MSME Cluster Development in West Bengal West Bengal 1 year MSMEs in WB To facilitate holistic development and productivity improvement of the MSMEs operating in clusters in West Bengal.
4.35 Project Management  Consultancy Support to spearhead MSME Cluster Development in Tripura and Uttarakhand Tripura/  Uttarakhand 1 year MSMEs in Tripura / Uttarakhand To facilitate holistic development and productivity improvement of the MSMEs operating in clusters in Tripura & Uttarakhand.
4.36 Consultancy Support in Tourism Cluster Development West Bengal 1 year Stakeholders associated with tourism industry in West Bengal To facilitate capacity building of the stakeholders and promotion of tourism cluster.
4.37 Providing Consultancy Support in Cluster Development - Odisha Tourism Odisha 1 year Stakeholders associated with tourism industry in Odisha To spearhead cluster development in the state while working as a Technical Agency, to strengthen stakeholders'' efficiency and add value to their services.
4.38 Integrated Marketing Support Project (IMSP) Agartala (Tripura) 3 months Cluster artisans/Micro Entrepreneurs To provide marketing support to cluster artisans.
4.39 Ethno Tourism Cluster Development & Training Programme for Stakeholders in Tourism Industry Tamilnadu/Gujarat 2 years Local artisians, micro/small business owners & stakeholders associated with tourism industry. To facilitate holistic development of Ethno Tourism cluster and capacity building of stakeholders associated with Tourism Industry.
4.40 Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Programme for Youth Odisha 1 year Youth  To develop entrepreneurial and employability skills among youth, provide them support to launch and sustain their ventures. Target: 1200 participants
(B) Business Development Services
4.41 Training programme on Creativity & Innovation for Startups & Corporate Managers EDII Campus 2-3 days Startups & Corporate Managers To train the participants on latest techniques to promote creativity & innovation in their organizations. 
4.42 Startup Clinic/Bootcamp National 1 day Aspiring entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Students To orient youth towards entrepreneurship as a career option. 
4.43 Technical Agency under SFURTI Madhya Pradesh 3 year Artisans To provide technical support to selected agencies of KVIC, develop artisans through cluster development approach.
4.44 Developing Agri Tools Cluster as a Technical Agency Gujarat 3 years Stakeholders of Agri Tools cluster, Bardoli To create awareness about the scheme (SFURTI), identify implementing agencies, prepare DPR for CFC etc. 
4.45 EDII - PWC & FICCI collaboration programme on developing National Occupational Standards (NoS) in select sectors PAN India 3 years  Artisans/Small Producers/ITI students  To support in development of NOS for selected sector skills councils. 
4.56 Capacity Building of National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) Functionaries  Ahmedabad 12 days NULM functionaries, officers and field people To build capacity of NULM functionaries through ''Training of Trainers'' programme so as to enable them implement self employment programmes of NULM. 
4.57 Workshops on Micro Enterprise and Sustainable Livelihood  EDII Campus 1 day Officials from CSR foundations, functionaries of NGOs To deliberate upon the strategic direction for incorporating entrepreneurship development programmes in the approach to be followed for CSR related work. 
4.58 Management Development Programmes for Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) EDII Campus 5 days each Key functionaries of FPOs To improve management practices of Farmer Producer Organisations. To link with National Centre for Rural Enterprises.
4.59 Training Programme on Business Development Services  EDII Campus 5 days each Business Development Service Providers  To develop an understanding on the impact of BDS in promotion of Social Responsible Businesses. 
4.60 Training Programme for Senior Managers of SMEs EDII Campus 1 week Senior executives / Leaders of SMEs To facilitate SME business leaders to grow, expand and sustain their businesses.
4.61 Management Development Programme (MDP) on Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs and Managers EDII Campus 3 days MSME entrepreneurs and corporate executives To train entrepreneurs/executives on application of design thinking in mitigating problems and ensuring entrepreneurial creativity. 
4.62 E-commerce Training Programme Pan-India 1 year Manufacturers, Traders, Retailers & Consultants To develop skills of marketing products/services through E-commerce platform. 
4.63 Awareness on Zero Effect & Zero Defect Pan-India 1 year MSME Units To ensure that MSMEs adopt zero defect and environment friendly manufacturing practices.
4.64 Training Programme on Business Opportunity Identification & Business Plan Preparation for Potential Women Entrepreneurs EDII Campus 3 days Potential women entrepreneurs To facilitate potential women entrepreneurs to prepare business plans.
4.65 Support to Training & Employment Programme (STEP) Pan India 2 years Women To provide competencies and skills to enable women to become self-employed/entrepreneurs.
4.66 Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Setting up Carpet Park  Madhya Pradesh 5 years Artisans To provide technical support in setting up of carpet park and facilitate cluster development.
4.67 Mentorship support to Women Entrepreneurs . EDII Campus 7 days Existing Micro/ Small Women Entrepreneurs To provide mentorship support to existing women entrepreneurs. 
4.68 Developing Integrated Cluster Action Plan & DPR in the capacity of State Technical Support Agency under Shyama Prasad Mukherjee National Rurban Mission (SPMNRuM) Madhya Pradesh 3 years Stakeholders in the identified Rurban clusters To prepare Integrated Cluster Action Plan (ICAPs) and Detailed Project Reports (DPRs).
4.69 Sector Specific Entrepreneurship Development Programme EDII Campus 6 days Housewives, college-going students To provide entrepreneurial training and capacity building to the target group for self-employment. Target: 60 trainees

Research and Publications:

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  • Training Manual for Cluster Development Executives
  • Training Manual for ‘Capacity Building of Business Membership Organisations (BMOs)’
  • ‘Capacity Building and Training Need Assessment on SME cluster and BDS market development’
  • Published Case Study titled “Adding value to the Global BDS Network Linkages of the Kolkata Leather Cluster: A Case Study”
  • Module on Marketing Management as part of the Manual on Micro Enterprise Development for the Junior Entrepreneurs of Bahrain supported by the Ministry of Social Development, the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Policy Advocacy and Advisory Services

  • Resource persons of the Institute was consulted by the Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME), Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India while developing Micro and Small Enterprises- Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP) scheme.
  • The Institute played an important role in developing Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) of KVIC & Coir Board and Integrated Handloom Development Scheme of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.
  • The Institute was consulted for developing Cluster Development Policy (GR) of the Government of Gujarat.
  • The Institute is working as a Project Management Consultant (PMC) and Empanelled Agency with the Directorate of Industries, Government of West Bengal and Government of Orrisa respectively. In this capacity the institute is working as a think tank and promoting MSME Cluster Development in the states.


  • Pioneered the implementation on Business Development Services (BDS) market in India, thus giving recognition to the BDS market development approach in the country.
  • Created a cadre of 799 Cluster Development Executives (CDEs) to nurture cluster initiatives.
  • Implemented, monitored and extended technical support to clusters and MSMEs across  country, thus revitalizing more than 200 industrial and artisanal clusters on the fronts of technology, markets, productivity, quality, export and value chain upgradation.
  • Worked towards improving operational and management practices of organisations in the domain of public and private sector.
  • Registered two Patents & has applied for eight more.
  • Worked as a National Resource Organisation with the Central Ministries and as Project Management Consultant with State Government to spearhead MSME cluster development in the target region/ state.
  • Functioning as Technical Agency for Khadi and Village Industries Commission [KVIC], Ministry of MSME, Government of India by providing support for developing 18 handicraft\Village industries clusters (12 clusters of Uttar Pradesh, 5  in MP and 1 in Gujarat).
  • Functioned as National Resource Agency for 20 handloom clusters across India; out of these 3 were directly implemented by EDII (Varanasi, Chanderi & Sonepur)
  • Revitalized Handloom Cluster at Sivasagar & Handicraft Cluster at Srinagar.

Future plans

  • MSME Cluster Development
  • Development of Business Development Services Market in MSME clusters
  • Capacity Building of Business Membership Organisations
  • Promoting Energy Efficiency and Occupational Health and Safety Measures in MSME Clusters
  • Export Consortia and Export Development
  • Cluster Twining
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Tourism Cluster Development

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