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The pattern of entrepreneurship development depends on the projects that are undertaken in an economy. EDII manifests its experiences, skills and expertise in executing projects under the categories of government and corporate – sponsored projects. The Institute ensures innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial activity in each of its projects. EDII is engaged in implementation of various projects sponsored by the Central / State Govts and development organizations. The projects pertain largely to development of MSME sector, skill development and Corporate Social Responsibility. EDII's domain competencies, human resource and geographical outreach have helped churn out worthwhile outcomes in both urban and rural locales.

EDII – implemented projects have generated tangible outcomes in terms of creation of worthy livelihood options.  The projects have led to development of 'models' credited for their replication and adaptation. EDII's foray into projects is characterized by its expertise in designing, implementation, monitoring, reviewing and evaluation. The efforts have led to impact on policy- making, ground-level experiences, as well as conceptual / academic insights, together leading to creation of a knowledge infrastructure.

Major Highlights:

  • Conceptualized the Entrepreneurship Development Programme Model, popularly known as EDII-EDP model, which is implemented by ED organizations and institutes, even today.
  • Pioneered Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programmes; Trainers’ Training Programmes, leading to setting up of rural enterprises, imparting sustainability, thus creating income and ownership opportunities.
  • Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India has appointed EDII as the National Resource Organization in the project titled, 'Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP).
  • Conducted Entrepreneurship Development Programmes across 22 states for Ministry of Food Processing, Govt. of India, leading to New Enterprise Creation.
  • Skill Development Interventions (with support of IDBI Bank Ltd.)  in the village of Karnali in the Vadodara district of Gujarat, adopted by Hon'ble Union Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Shri Arun Jaitley, under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.
  • Micro Enterprise Development Programmes (MEDPs) in different sectors (such as handicrafts, food processing etc.) in 13 southern Indian states under the 'Skills to Succeed' Project of ACCENTURE.
  • Project with Facebook under 'Boost your Business' across 15 states.
  • National Projects with Hewlett Packard (HP), YES Bank, ITC and Tata Communications Ltd.
  • Intrapreneurship Development Programmes for corporates like; Zee Essel, Zydus Cadila, Marg Infrastructure, Adani Wilmar, BASF etc.
  • Projects with various departments/ ministries of the Govt. of India such as;  Rural Development, External Affairs, Food Processing, Textiles, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, National SC/ST Hub, Science and Technology and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship.
  • Projects supported by DST, Govt. of India to promote     Science & Technology Entrepreneurship across the country

The Year 2019 -20 :

  • The project work output will be extensively documented to create a rich pool of knowledge.
  • Focus will be strengthened on skill building, training and capacity building projects for development organizations, corporates and government.
  • Projects under the aegis of various corporate houses and Government Ministries will be explored and promoted.
  • Collaborations will be struck with various National and State Government to partake in various state and national level projects.




To achieve the above-stated vision and mission, and to contribute to the institute’s efforts towards inclusive development, the Centre is continuously organising a large number of development and training activities for the benefit of:

  • Disadvantaged groups like SC/ST
  • Specialised projects/programmes for NER
  • Technology promotion programmes
  • Sector-specific planned interventions
  • Networking and collaborations with institutions working in the areas of mutual interest
  • Existing/potential entrepreneurs
  • Officials of support system
  • Capacity-building of professionals/resource persons (national/international)
  • Linkages with various Ministries to implement projects of national importance
  • Act as R&D centre in the field of entrepreneurship and disseminate the new models developed with state institutions

Core Activities

  • Promotion of Science & Technology (S&T) entrepreneurship under the aegis of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India
  • Promotion of innovative technology-based enterprises in NER under the aegis of the DST, Govt. of India
  • Promotion of food-processing industries through planned interventions under the aegis of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI), Govt. of India
  • Empowering SC/ST target groups by way of helping them set up MSMEs
  • Undertaking research projects to strengthen S&T entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Development & Management Training Programmes for Scientists and Researchers
  • Training Programme on Project Appraisal and Entrepreneur Assessment
  • Business opportunity mapping and profiling (national/international)
  • Capacity-building of professionals in entrepreneurship from developing countries under the aegis of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India
  • Training programmes on patent drafting, patent search, patent infringement, domestic patent filing, international patent filing, key elements of IPR policy and regulations at national and international level
  • Research studies floated by different Ministries, PSUs and multilateral organisations on the theme of evaluation, industry status and in areas of environment and energy
  • Intrapreneurship Programme
  • Family Business Management Programme
  • Thematic Programme for Existing Entrepreneurs
  • Growth programme
  • Performance Improvement Programme
  • SIMAP/COMAP Programme
  • Enterprise Upgradation Programme

Programmes and Activities 2019-20

Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target Group Objectives & Outcome
(A) Projects with Governments
3.1 Projects with Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India 
3.1.1 DST-NIMAT Project Management National 1  year  Educational Institutions,  ED Organisations, Specialised Institutions for Entrepreneurship Development A long-term project to promote S&T Entrepreneurs among potential target groups and to streamline ED activities in organisations. 
  Programmes under DST-NIMAT Project 
3.1.1 (a) Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (S&T EDPs) National 4 weeks each Potential Entrepreneurs To promote enterprises based on Science & Technology inputs in the country. 
3.1.1 (b) Technology-based S &T Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (TEDPs) National 6 weeks each Potential Entrepreneurs To encourage and motivate potential entrepreneurs to set up technology-based new units through Entrepreneurship Development Programme strategy. 
3.1.1 (c) Science & Technology Women Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (WEDPs) National 4 weeks Potential Women Entrepreneurs To equip women participants with requisite skills and knowledge on various aspects of business decision-making process, setting up, and sustaining an enterprise. 
3.1.1 (d) Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EACs)  National 3 days College students To sensitize students towards the 'Charms of Being an Entrepreneur' and orient them towards entrepreneurship and self-employment. 
3.1.2 DST Supported– NewGen IEDC  National 1 year Institutions offering S&T streams and having capability to promote entrepreneurship To promote S&T entrepreneurship among students with S&T background. 
3.1.3 Student Start-up NIDHI Project National 1 year Students of Institutions hosting IEDC/NewGen IEDC To facilitate and encourage potential startups to convert their business ideas into commercial activity. 
3.2 Projects with Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India 
3.2.1 National Resource Organization (NRO) for Start Up Village Entrepreneurship Program [SVEP] - Secretariat  EDII Campus 4 years State Rural Livelihood Mission, Community Based Resource Persons and State Missions To facilitate effective implementation of SVEP in states. To provide support to the State Rural Livelihood Missions in identification and strengthening of Project Implementing Agencies. 
3.2.2 SVEP - Programme Implementation Agency as NRO
3.2.2 (a) Programme Implementation Agency as NRO  - Promoting micro enterprises in blocks sanctioned till 2017 (23 blocks)  Spread across 11 states - Gujarat, MP, Odisha, Jharkhand, J&K, West Bengal, Haryana, U.P., Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Punjab 4 years Rural women To provide specialized support to State Rural Livelihood Mission and also act as Project Management Unit. 
3.2.2 (b) Programme Implementation Agency as NRO - Promoting micro enterprises in blocks sanctioned in 2017-18 (19 blocks)  Spread across 11 states  4 years Rural women To provide specialized support to State Rural Livelihood Mission and also act as Project Management Unit. 
3.2.2 (c) Programme Implementation Agency as NRO - Promoting micro enterprises under SVEP (15 new blocks to be taken up in 2018-19) Spread across 13 states (Newly added states - Uttarakhand & Assam) 4 years Rural women To provide specialized support to State Rural Livelihood Mission and also act as Project Management Unit. 
3.2.2 (d) Programme Implementation Agency as NRO - Promoting micro enterprises under SVEP (4 new blocks to be taken up in 2019-20) Spread across 13 states  4 years Rural women To provide specialized support to State Rural Livelihood Mission and also act as Project Management Unit. 
3.2.3 SVEP related Training Programmes for SRLM officials/Block Programme Managers/NGOs EDII Campus 5 day  SRLM Officials/Block Programme Managers Towards orientation & capacity building of SRLM officials. 
3.2.4 SVEP Software and Support System for Software EDII Campus Throughout the year SVEP Project Implementation Agencies Enhancement and Maintenance of SVEP Software
3.2.5 SVEP Software Training Pan India 2 months SVEP Project Implementation Agencies Building skills on using software for DPR Preparation and Enterprise Tracking
3.2.6 SVEP Software Training Video and Web Platform Creation EDII Campus 3 months SVEP Project Implementation Agencies Creating video films of SVEP Software 
3.3 Projects with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India
3.3.1 EDPs for SC/ST Youth Gujarat 1 year Unemployed Youth  To train SC/ST potential entrepreneurs for setting up small enterprises and bring them to the mainstream.
3.4 Projects with Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Govt. of India
3.4.1 Employability & Entrepreneurship Development Programme  Sikkim  2 years  Unemployed Youth  Promote entrepreneurship and improve employability skills of youth, to ensure their economic empowerment.
3.5 Projects with State Governments/Departments / Agencies
3.5.1 Bihar Skill Development Programme Bihar 1 year Students To develop students with employability skills viz. IT skills, Soft Skills for employment, and communication skills. 
3.5.2 ED Center in Women's Industrial Training Institute, Patna Patna Throughout the year ITI Students Initiate an ED Centre to provide a launch pad to students for new enterprise creation, and for growth of established businesses.
3.5.3 EDPs for SC Youth Gujarat 2 years  Unemployed Youth  To train potential entrepreneurs belonging to Scheduled Castes, for setting up small enterprises, and thereby bring them to the mainstream.
3.5.4 Skill and Entreprenurship Development Programme for Tourism Sector Gujarat 15 days Youth Enhance participants' skills such that they are motivated towards entrepreneurship and become self-employed, thereby leading to employment creation.
3.5.5 Empowering physically challenged youth for self-employment and New Enterprise Creation through entrepreneurship training  National 7 days Disabled/physically challenged persons To help people with disabilities by empowering them through entrepreneurship training and enhancing their economic growth. 
3.5.6 Skill-based Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (SEDPS)  Madhya Pradesh 15 weeks Unemployed tribal youth  Conduct SEDPs to encourage and motivate potential entrepreneurs to set up skill-based new units. 
B Projects with Corporates
3.6 New Enterprise Creation Programme for SC/ST Youth (Follow up phase) Pune  4 years 6 months SC/ST, Weaker sections and SHG members To promote entrepreneurship among individuals and SHGs from affirmative action communities in Pune.
3.7 New Enterprise Creation Programme for SC/ST Women Pune & Raigad 2 years  Women from SC/ST, Weaker sections and SHG  To promote entrepreneurship among individual women and SHGs from affirmative action communities in Pune & Raigad.
3.8 Skill Development Programme of Women Agriculturists through Custom Hiring Centres Pune 1 month New women groups and Joint Liability Groups (JLG)  Micro Enterprise Training programmes for women groups and SHGs to start CHCs in various locations.
3.9 GRoW Chamber of Commerce South India 1 year Micro women entrepreneurs Establish a body which can address the needs of rural women micro entrepreneurs so that they can be in the mainstream of development and receive benefits similar to people in urban areas.
3.10 Micro Skillpreneurs Development Programme  Bangalore    (Pan India) 1 month Rural youth and women Beneficiaries will be equipped with the knowledge to identify feasible/workable Business Opportunities and the process and steps to implement them to start their own Enterprise. Support will be provided in terms of intensive follow-up and handholding for Credit, Technology transfer, Market Development, etc. 
3.11 Digital Education through WoW Bus Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat 4 years Students, Self-employed youth, housewives To equip students and other beneficiaries with IT skills, digital literacy, e-Pathshala, and computer related skills. 
3.12 Boost your Business' Programme  Pan India 3 hours  Micro/ small entrepreneurs To sensitise MSMEs across India to use Facebook as an effective tool for business promotion.
3.13 Promoting Energy Efficiency & Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Measures in Clusters under Climate Change Initiative  Gujarat, MP, Karnataka, WB, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Telangana, UP & others 1 year Cluster MSMEs, their workers & society at large To make MSMEs operating in clusters energy efficient and OHS compliant.

DST supported Policy Research Centre in S&T Entrepreneurship:

Innovative entrepreneurs are the key drivers of economic growth, innovation, development and job creation. The process of globalization has infused a new dimension of competitiveness, and an entrepreneur can compete in such a scenario only if he/she is technologically ahead. So, Business and Technology are intertwined and one must beckon the other for success to make a mark. Technology today is leapfrogging far beyond the expected and has ushered in radical changes on not just the industrial scenario but also in the area of research and development, thus bringing newer and newer technologies. These rapid developments in the field of science and technology are also gradually leading to a realm where “knowledge driven entrepreneurs” and “knowledge/technology driven enterprises” will rigor. Developed or knowledge economies, standing on the premise of innovative technologies and advancements have also registered mega levels of growth, increased employment opportunities and overall enhanced standards of living for its people.

Science & Technology Entrepreneurship is a global and a multifaceted phenomenon. It is inseparable from entrepreneurship and economic growth which in turn contributes towards wealth creation and social development of a nation. There is, therefore, a need to promote technology based research initiatives, thus establishing the relevance of innovative technologies in business, ensuring that technical enterprises widely pervade the business landscape.


To fulfil this national agenda, EDII has taken an initiative by approaching the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India for setting up Centre for Policy Research in Science & Technology Entrepreneurship at its campus.

Charter of the Centre:

  • The Centre will have two key strategic areas viz.

(i) Understand the existing eco system to strengthen S&T Entrepreneurship and

(ii) Policy Research and Advocacy in the Country.

  • To implement these targets the Centre proposes to undertake the following key activities:

  • Strengthen the Policy Research Mechanism for providing evidence based planning approaches

  • Understand the existing and ever changing eco system to promote and strengthen S&T entrepreneurship;

  • Scan International Strategies to promote S&T based entrepreneurship and make an attempt to adapt them to Indian Conditions;

  • Promoting STI driven entrepreneurship with viable and scalable business models.

  • Finding newer mechanisms for fostering innovation and technology driven enterprises with a focus on domains leading to inclusive growth

  • Accelerating commercialization of R&D

  • Organizing and conducting Policy Research and Advocacy (workshops, seminars, publications, etc.) related to S&T Based Entrepreneurship

  • Create and manage a robust data-base on STI Entrepreneurship Programmes and Entrepreneurs.

  • The overall mandate of the Centre will remain Policy Analysis by assessing the efficacy and effectiveness of various S&T Policies in vogue and exploring the alternatives and choices to strengthen them.


Policy Advocacy

  • Institute has drafted National Policy on Entrepreneurship and Submitted to Govt. of India

  • Developed EDII-EDP model which is in practice in most of the developing Countries

  • Developed model for conducting EDPs for Food Processing Industries on behalf of MoFPI, Govt. of India

  • National nodal agency of NSTEDB, DST, Govt. of India for:

  • Promoting S&T Entrepreneurship

  • Managing NewGen IEDCs

  • NIDHI Start-Up


  • Functioning as a National Startup and Monitoring Cell for NewGen  IEDCs      (New Generation Innovations Entrepreneurship Development Centres) – an initiative of DST, Govt. of India
  • As DST's National Implementing and Monitoring Agency for Training, conducted 590 workshops and programmes, thus sensitizing  24,750 beneficiaries, training 1075 youths &1250 women on entrepreneurship. While the Technical EDPs trained 1725 youths and the Faculty Development Programmes groomed 1960 academicians.
  • As a Nodal Agency for Innovation-Science and Technology based Entrepreneurship Development (i-STED) Project, North East Region (NER), supported by DST, trained 5230 potential and existing entrepreneurs through technical trainings and technology demonstrations.
  • Sharpened entrepreneurial skills of 1000 youths from the tourism sector, under the project supported by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd
  • Piloted a replicable rehabilitation model for natural disaster struck regions.
  • Evolved Entrepreneurship Development Programme Model which is being practised by several development organizations to ensure enterprise creation and employment generation.
  • Working with MSMEs in collaboration with departments/ ministries of the State & Central Govts and national & international organizations.
  • Has worked with 295 NGOs, training 3208 trainers  who in turn have trained 41,960 persons, leading to 24,819 rural enterprises.
  • As the National Resource Organization in the project titled, 'Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP), by the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, EDII is working in 11 States & 42 blocks to promote 34000 micro & small enterprises over four years.
  • Conducted 443 EDPs in Food Processing Sector, trained 11100 entrepreneurs across 22 states out of which 5463 have established their enterprises, generating 19221 direct employment opportunities and mobilizing investment of Rs. 15060.99 lakh. The project was supported by the Ministry of Food Processing, GoI.
  • Skilled 20200 entrepreneurs from small and medium businesses across 15 states to facilitate growth of their businesses online under the Project - Boost Your  Business Programme  - with Facebook.
Skill Development Programme at Karnali (adopted by Hon'ble Union Finance Minsiter, Shri  Arun Jaitley,  under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana)
  • 393 beneficiaries received capacity building training in various trades as part of skill and entrepreneurship development interventions
  • 24 beneficiaries were provided financial handholding support amounting to Rs. 9,40,640 for setting up micro ventures.

In the years to come, EDII plans to achieve the following under this Centre:

  • Influencing policy decision makers at the macro level to implement National Policy on Entrepreneurship.

  • Promote innovative businesses through its Technology Business Incubator (CrAdLE)

  • Networking and capacity building of ED Institutions, specifically in the emerging areas of knowledge-based economy.

  • Facilitating potential/existing entrepreneurs of NER for MSME growth in the region.

  • Promoting entrepreneurship and skill development programmes in technical institutions spread across the country.

  • Creating EDII like institutions in selected developing countries [Africa].


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