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Policy structure is central to the way the entrepreneurial process unfolds in a country. A friendly policy ecosystem instantly impacts entrepreneurial intent. While all potential and existing entrepreneurs get impacted by the regulatory mechanism, the MSME sector, in particular, immediately perceives the peculiarities of the policy structure and accordingly responds to it. The attitudes, beliefs and experiences of entrepreneurs are shaped by the legislatives and the inclination of the regulatory bodies towards the promotion of the discipline. Considering that in today's competitive scenario, the prosperity of the MSME sector can be easily subverted by convoluted policy structures, EDII as a national resource institute in the field has pitched in to promote a policy-friendly environ.

EDII impacts MSME entrepreneurship development process positively by acting as a pivot for policy advocacy. Based on its contemporary research infrastructure, it impresses upon the ecosystem, policy makers and other stakeholders to promote an entrepreneurship scenario. EDII engages with Central/State Governments, bilateral and multilateral organizations, trade/industry bodies, undertaking a diverse array of issues, carrying out research and disseminating the findings with the aim of structuring an innovation driven, entrepreneurial economy.

Public policy reforms to regulatory decisions that impact New Enterprise Creation, startups and business development have been an important development agenda for EDII. Resultantly, while entrepreneurship has gained prominence, MSMEs have expanded their scope and skills to enhance prospects.

Major Highlights :

  • Liasion with Government and various other stakeholders.
  • Generates innovative programmes on behalf of the Government and various ministries.
  • Promotes policy advocacy to enlarge the scope of policies, schemes and programmes of MSMEs.
  • Undertakes MSME applied research and impact assessment studies, and disseminates the findings through conferences and research publications.
  • Brings out India Report under Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) through partnerships and consortiums.
  • Becomes a repository of knowledge management, research, data and documentation.
  • Hosts Centre For Policy Research on Science and Technology Entrepreneurship within the Institute.
  • Hosts MSME Research Block to initiate research in MSME entrepreneurship.
  • Guides scholars under its Fellow programme to undertake research.

The year 2020 -21:

  • Initiate programmes and projects, and support innovative policies for the benefit of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, and enterprises.
  • Publish the Journal of Entrepreneurship, conduct Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) India study and other action research.
  • Organize 'Biennial Conference', and offer research fellowships.
  • Act as a platform to disseminate research output and promote relevant exchange of research ideas.
  • Undertake research studies pertaining to sustenance and growth of MSMEs and empowering the differently-abled.
  • Focus on market-driven advocacy research, events, and linkages with governmental, developmental, international and other stakeholder organizations.



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Core Activities

Content under Development

Programmes and Activities 2020-21

Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target group Objectives & Outcome
1.1 Policy Research and Advocacy
1.1.1 Policy Research Studies on:
i. Role of Intellectual Capital in Growth of MSMEs ii. Science and Technology based Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Groups iii. Social Inclusion initiatives for marginalised communities iv. Assessment of Government Schemes to measure their Impact v. Research on Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme vi. Analysis of Cluster Interventions in the country
EDII Campus 1 year Policy makers, Researchers Contribute to policy advocacy by conducting research studies pertaining to MSMEs, Science and Technology, Social Inclusion, Impact Studies, Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Prog., Cluster etc.
1.1.2 Sponsored Research Chairs by Government and Financial Institutions EDII Campus 1 year Academicians, Researchers Conduct research activities under the sponsored 'Research Chair'; undertake survey on different research themes and prepare report with policy recommendations. 
1.1.3 MSME Cluster Policy  EDII Campus 1 year Governments, Policy makers, Industry The MSME Cluster Policy for Entrepreneurship Development will present a set of policies to strengthen entrepreneurship in and around manufacturing clusters.
1.2 Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CREED)
1.2.1 Journal of Entrepreneurship EDII Campus Bi-annual Academic Fraternity To share research findings with the academic fraternity and enhance the boundaries of knowledge in entrepreneurship.
1.2.2 14th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship EDII Campus 2 days Educators, Policymakers, Researchers, Students A forum wherein entrepreneurship  researchers, educators, and practitioners from across India and abroad, will share their research findings and learnings. 
1.2.3 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) India Survey and Report EDII Campus 1 year Policy makers, Researchers Continue with the internationally acclaimed survey and come up with findings relevant for India; use it as a valuable reference on the entrepreneurial index in the country. Target: 1 National Report 
1.2.4 Participation in Conference/ Seminar/Workshop National/ International 1 year Faculty and Researchers Present research papers in conferences, within and outside the country. 
Working papers, monographs, case studies, manuals etc.
National 1 year Faculty and Researchers Develop research interest among faculty and staff of EDII, and subsequently generate research outcomes of national and international repute. 
1.2.6 Short-term Fellowships in Entrepreneurship Research EDII Campus 15 - 60 days each Researchers Offer fellowship to ED trainers, teachers, and researchers, to encourage them to work on themes related to entrepreneurship.
1.2.7 Publication of Policy Briefs/ Policy Commentary  EDII Campus I, II & III Quarter Govts., Policy Makers Publish Policy Briefs and Policy Commentary on policies pertaining to entrepreneurship, SMEs, and livelihood. 
1.2.8 Fellowship to FPM Scholars National 1 year FPM Research Scholars Provide fellowship support to FPM students. Grant will also be provided to scholars who wish to present their papers at Conferences and Workshops.
1.3 Impact Assessment Research
1.3.1 Study on Technology Business Incubators EDII Campus 1 year Incubators Conduct a study on 'Indicators of Technology Business Incubators in India', supported by both, Government and Private entities.
1.3.2 Thematic Research Studies using GEM Data Pan-India 1 year  Policy makers, Researchers Research studies to be undertaken: 1. Family Business Entrepreneurship Framework Conditions in India
2. A Comparative Analysis of Policies for Promoting Women Entrepreneurship in BRIC Countries
1.3.3 Impact Assessment Studies on:

i. Interventions of Tourism Dept.
ii. Rural Women entrepreneurs in the unorganized sector in Assam
iii. 'Ease of Doing Business Indicators'  
iv. Critical Review of Policies and Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs 
v)  MUDRA Yojana/Stand-UP India/Govt. Initiative for Inclusive Growth
EDII Campus & NERO 1 year Govts., Policy Makers & Women entrepreneurs The studies will focus on assessing the impact of Interventions in Tourism in Gujarat, and of Women-run enterprises on the society, in North-Eastern Region.  These will also provide insights on non-improving indicators of 'Ease of Doing Business', review policies and schemes for Women Entrepreneurs, conduct analysis of Government of India's initiatives like MUDRA, Stand-up India, Digital India etc. 
1.3.4 Study on SVEP Enterprises EDII Campus 1 year MoRD, Govts. Policy Makers Measure the reach and impact of the SVEP programme. 
1.3.5 State Specific Research Studies on:

i. Application of Lean Management Principles on Coir Clusters of Kerala    ii. Continuance & Sustenance of Student Startups based in Kerala           iii) Study on MSME growth and its potential in Odisha
EDII- Kerala, Odisha 1 year Startups, Govts., Policy Makers, MSMEs  Conduct research on state level issues, analyse current policies, and provide insights to the entrepreneurship policy makers of Kerala. Also gauge the potential of the MSME sector in Odisha and suggest interventions for its growth. 
1.4 Research Studies on Differently Abled People (under the aegis of Centre for Empowerment of Differently Abled, Govt. of Gujarat)
1.4.1 Impact Assessment Study & Policy Briefs   EDII Campus 1 year Government and Beneficiaries Conduct impact assessment of policies for empowerment of Differently Abled Persons, implemented by Dept. of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of Gujarat.
1.4.2 Study on 'Need for Skill Training to Enhance Employability'  EDII Campus 1 year Government and Beneficiaries Understand the need for Skill Training to enhance employability of Differently Abled People, and thereby design and deliver relevant programmes. 
1.4.3 Study on 'Business Opportunity Landscape for Differently Abled People'   EDII Campus 1 year Government and Beneficiaries Understand the business opportunities available for the Differently Abled, and design appropriate training programmes. 
1.4.4 Dissemination Events   EDII Campus 1 year Government and Beneficiaries Dissemination events (workshops, seminars, conference, round table, panel discussion etc.) will be planned on themes related to empowerment of Differently Abled People.
1.5 Knowledge Product Development
1.5.1 Handbook for Entrepreneurship Teachers EDII Campus 1 year Professionals, Students and Teachers   The handbook on 'how to teach entrepreneurship courses to students/entrepreneurs', will help teachers/trainers to conduct result oriented academic/capacity building programmes. 
1.5.2 Coffee Table Book (50 Cases - I Volume) EDII Campus 1 year Professionals, Students and Teachers   Develop a coffee table book featuring 50 cases on EDII Alumni; to be used for dissemination and documentation purposes.
1.5.3 Database Centre  EDII Campus 1 year Researchers To create a repository of databases related to research, including existing data sets (viz. GEM Data, SVEP Data, DST Data, Yes Bank Data).
1.5.4 Books on i) Manifestations of Entrepreneurship ii) Family Business Entrepreneurship EDII Campus 1 year Academicians/ Researchers Publish books for various stakeholders of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, including family businesses, academicians and researchers.
1.5.5 Case Study Development for Teaching/Coffee table book  EDII Campus 1 year Professionals, Teachers and Students  Develop case studies on successful entrepreneurs and family businesses for classroom discussion, and publish case lets of successful rural entrepreneurs supported by SVEP. 
1.6 Seminars, Conferences, Research Events, Extension Activities
1.6.1 Annual International Conference on ‘Student Innovation, Start-ups and Ecosystem' EDII Campus 2 days Educators, Policymakers, Researchers, Students A forum wherein researchers and practitioners working on student innovation and entrepreneurship in academia, from across India and abroad, will share their learnings.
1.6.2 Policy-based Interventions under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA)  EDII Campus 3 years People in villages Promote rural development through a Village Development Plan, incorporating interventions for growth of the village. Interventions will focus on parameters of health, livelihood, education, water and sanitation, and energy. 
1.6.3 Programme on 'Entrepreneurship and  Startups' for telecast on Doordarshan  EDII Kerala 15 days Students, Startups Disseminate information on Start Ups/ Entrepreneurship through a series on Doordarshan. 
1.6.4 National/International  Entrepreneurship Policy Yatra Pan-India 2 weeks Youth & Executives An immersive travel programme that will provide first-hand exposure to entrepreneurship policies in India and in other countries.


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Policy Advocacy

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  • Commissioned by the Central / State Governments to prepare
    • National Policy for Entrepreneurship
    • AICTE Start-up Policy Document 2016
    • Start-up Vision Document 2020
  • Led to the formation of a scheme on Cluster Development after introducing the cluster development model
  • Leads the world's largest study in Entrepreneurship, 'Global Entrepreneurship Monitor' for its India Chapter .
  • The International Biennial Conferences on Entrepreneurship Research, organized by EDII provide a powerful platform to researchers to explore the various facets of entrepreneurship. 12 Conferences witnessed participation from 1000 delegates including 73 from 33 foreign countries.
  • The Journal of Entrepreneurship, brought out by EDII since 1992, is a sought after publication in the field and is internationally acclaimed.
  • Floated policy level interventions for entrepreneurship development in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Future Plans

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