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EDII has always sought to play a significant role in the development and implementation of public policy to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for MSME entrepreneurship development. This initiative of the Institute serves as a conduit between policy makers and potential/existing entrepreneurs. Acting as a pivot for policy advocacy, fount of knowledge and repository of empirical research, EDII positively impacts MSME entrepreneurship development process. The Institute ensures that the applied policies of various Governments keep pace with the changing MSME entrepreneurship scenario, so that an effective development agenda is worked out. Adept at handling policy research work, EDII has a strong research and knowledge infrastructure.

Major Highlights :

  • Liasion with Government and various other stakeholders
  • Generates innovative programmes on behalf of the Government and various ministries.
  • Promotes policy advocacy to enlarge the scope of policies, schemes and programmes of MSMEs
  • Undertakes MSME applied research and impact assessment studies, and disseminates the findings through conferences and research publications.
  • Brings out India Report under Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) through partnerships and consortiums
  • Becomes a repository of knowledge management, research, data and documentation.
  • Hosts Centre For Policy Research on Science and Technology Entrepreneurship within the Institute
  • Hosts MSME Research Block to initiate research in MSME entrepreneurship.
  • Guides scholars under its Fellow programme to undertake research.

The year 2019 -20:

  • A strong knowledge base will be created based on project studies undertaken by the department. This think-tank will guide decisions at macro level.
  • nowledge dissemination and sharing of best practices will be undertaken at National level.
  • The Department will assist and engage Central Government, State government, and other industrial bodies over strategic decisions on their development programmes.
  • The Department will conduct evaluation of internal and external policies of sectors and fields that the institute works in. Impact assessment studies will be focused upon.
  • Deliberations among key stakeholders, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs will be promoted to strengthen institute's research agenda.



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Core Activities

Content under Development

Programmes and Activities 2019-20

Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target Group Objectives & Outcome
1.1 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) India Survey and Report EDII Campus 1 year Policy makers, Researchers To continue with the internationally acclaimed survey and come up with findings relevant for India. The report to be used as a valuable reference on status of entrepreneurial index in the country. Useful for academic fraternity and policy makers.                    
1.2 Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CREED)
1.2.1 Journal of Entrepreneurship EDII Campus Bi-annual Academic Fraternity To share research findings with the academic fraternity and enhance the boundaries of knowledge in entrepreneurship.
1.2.2 Short-term Fellowships in Entrepreneurship Research EDII Campus 15 - 60 days each Researchers The Institute offers fellowships to ED trainers, teachers, and researchers, to encourage them to work on specific themes related to entrepreneurship.
1.3 Research and Publication
1.3.1 Applied Research Studies under MSME Research Block  EDII Campus Throughout the year Policy makers, Researchers Conduct research studies  pertaining to sustenance and growth of MSMEs, and contribute in policy advocacy to make MSMEs more competitive. Studies to be taken up: 1. Impact of emergence of MSME sector on the wider industry population 2. Studying the relationship between micro enterprise sector and institutional and market barriers 3. Study on geographical and sectoral choices as stimulants to MSME sector. 
1.3.2 SVEP Research  EDII Campus Throughout the year Policy makers, Researchers To understand Rural Entrepreneurship Models in order to develop new courses and programmes. The research will also provide success stories  which can further be disseminated among various Govt. departments and offices.
1.3.3 Research Papers using GEM Data on 'Family Business Entrepreneurship' and Case Studies on SMEs  EDII Campus and other Locations Throughout the year Policy makers, Researchers For knowledge generation and dissemination, develop case studies on successful interventions of EDII. Research studies to be undertaken: 1. Family Business Entrepreneurship Framework Conditions in India
2. A Comparative Analysis of Policies for Promoting Women Entrepreneurship in BRIC Countries
1.3.4 Research on 'Women Entrepreneurs using GEM Data' EDII Campus 3 months Policy makers, Researchers Conduct research on women entrepreneurs based on data available from GEM reports.
1.3.5 Policy Research Centre in S&T Entrepreneurship  EDII Campus 1 year S&T Entrepreneurs & Institutions The Centre will help create an ecosystem for promotion of S&T entrepreneurship. Research projects will focus on role of innovation in making MSMEs globally competitive, assessing the need for setting up National Technology Transfer Centres, and key challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in India. 
1.3.6 National Study on 'Potential of Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialisation of Projects funded under SSTP programmes' National 1 year DST supported R&D Institutions The study will focus on evaluating funded projects, developing compendium of technologies developed, and exploring the potential for commercialisation
1.3.7 Study on 'Designing Rating Mechanism for Technology Business Incubators' National 1 year Incubators To design a scale for rating Technology Business Incubators. 
1.3.8 Policy-based Interventions under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA)  EDII Campus 3 years People in villages Promote rural development through a Village Development Plan, and incorporating interventions for growth of the village. Interventions will focus on the parameters of health, livelihood, education, water and sanitation, and energy. 
1.3.9 Annual International Conference on ‘Student Innovation, Start-ups and Ecosystem' EDII Campus 2 days Educators, Policymakers, Researchers, Students A forum wherein researchers and practitioners from across India and abroad, and working on student innovation and entrepreneurship in academia, will share their learnings.
1.3.10 Compendium featuring Alumni of 'Advanced Business Hindi' courses EDII Campus 3 months Alumni of Advanced Business Hindi course, Chinese Universities  Document success stories of the International Certificate Course in 'Advanced Business Hindi'. The booklet will highlight how the course has impacted the personal and professional growth of students, and will feature feedback from their employers. 
1.3.11 Compendium of Success stories of 'Summer Camps' EDII Campus Throughout the year Alumni of Summer Camps. To document success stories from the Alumni of Summer Camps, and to revisit the content, pedagogy and material of the camps. 
1.3.12 Participation in Conference/ Seminar/ Workshop Nationa/ International Throughout the year Faculty and Researchers To present research papers in conferences within and outside the country. 
1.3.13 Publication of Policy Briefs/Policy Commentary  Nationa/ International Throughout the year Faculty and Researchers To produce Policy Briefs and Commentaries on policies that are related to entrepreneurship or business.
Working papers, monographs, case studies, manuals etc.
National 1 year Faculty and Researchers To develop research interest among faculty and staff at EDII. This activity will strengthen research outcomes and bring out papers/publications of national and international repute. 


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Policy Advocacy

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  • Commissioned by the Central / State Governments to prepare
    • National Policy for Entrepreneurship
    • AICTE Start-up Policy Document 2016
    • Start-up Vision Document 2020
  • Led to the formation of a scheme on Cluster Development after introducing the cluster development model
  • Leads the world's largest study in Entrepreneurship, 'Global Entrepreneurship Monitor' for its India Chapter .
  • The International Biennial Conferences on Entrepreneurship Research, organized by EDII provide a powerful platform to researchers to explore the various facets of entrepreneurship. 12 Conferences witnessed participation from 1000 delegates including 73 from 33 foreign countries.
  • The Journal of Entrepreneurship, brought out by EDII since 1992, is a sought after publication in the field and is internationally acclaimed.
  • Floated policy level interventions for entrepreneurship development in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Future Plans

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