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Department of Policy Advocacy, Knowledge & Research


EDII strategically engages in developing a set of parameters for policy advocacy, which involves understanding the variables at play and comprehending their interrelation to develop a conceptual structure.  The emphasis on Policy Advocacy is essential as EDII seeks to broadbase entrepreneurship nationally by creating an ecosystem which nurtures legal and regulatory aspects related to entrepreneurship. 

The Institute has implemented policy advocacy as a fountainhead of innovative programmes/ideas in working with the government, public and private sector. Over the years the EDII has evolved innovative policy theories, intervened in the existing models and opened scope for research initiatives. Through systematic research, analysis, dissemination of findings and appropriate interventions, the Institute has greatly contributed to enhancing its stock of knowledge. EDII has instituted a robust knowledge management system to drive innovations and spearhead entrepreneurship far and wide. Department of Policy Advocacy, Knowledge and Research works to influence crucial policy decisions taken by the Central and State governments particularly in areas such as MSMEs, Food Processing, Microfinance, Skill training etc. The Department will make in-roads into policy advocacy by means of creating required channels of communication with governments and by strengthening its knowledge management and research.

Department of Policy Advocacy, Knowledge and Research focuses on:

  • Providing conceptual underpinnings to national and international entrepreneurship policies by engaging self-help groups and informal grassroots networks in participatory processes
  • Assisting policy makers and other stakeholders in their efforts to promote equitable entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Calling upon government bodies and private organizations to recognize and integrate entrepreneurship in their development policies, such that it emerges as an explicit focus of policy design and implementation

The year 2018 -19:

  • A strong knowledge base will be created based on project studies undertaken by the department. This think-tank will guide decisions at macro level.
  • Knowledge dissemination and sharing of best practices will be undertaken at National level.
  • The Department will assist and engage Central government, State government, and other industrial bodies over strategic decisions on their development programmes.
  • The Department will conduct evaluation of internal and external policies of those sectors and fields that the institute works in. Impact assessment studies will be focused upon.
  • Deliberations among key stakeholders, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs will be promoted to strengthen institute's research agenda.



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Core Activities

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Programmes and Activities 2018-19

Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target Group Objectives & Outcome
2.1 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report (GEM - India)  EDII Campus 1 year Policy makers, Researchers To continue with the internationally acclaimed survey and come up with findings relevant for India. The report to be used as a valuable reference on the status of entrepreneurial index in the country. Specific responsibility will be decided by the GEM India consortium. Target: 1 National Report
2.2 Cottage and Rural Industries Policy    New States under SVEP Programme 3 years Policy makers, Rural entrepreneurs To formulate ''Cottage and Rural Industries Policy'' for selected states. To facilitate and hasten the process of action framework for cottage and rural Industries. To link with SVEP and National Centre for Rural Enterprises.
2.3 Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CREED)
2.3.1 Journal of Entrepreneurship EDII Campus Bi-annual Academic Fraternity To share research findings with the academic fraternity and enhance the boundaries of knowledge in entrepreneurship.
2.3.2 13th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship EDII Campus 3 days Researchers To motivate researchers who undertake research in the field of entrepreneurship. The Biennial Conference accepts and publishes selected papers in Conference proceedings. Target: 300 papers 
2.3.3 Short-term Fellowships in Entrepreneurship Research EDII Campus 15 - 60 days each Researchers The Institute offers fellowships to ED trainers, teachers, and researchers, to encourage them to work on specific themes related to entrepreneurship.
2.4 Research and Publication 
Working papers, monographs, case studies, manuals etc.
National 1 year Faculty Members of EDII To develop research interest among faculty and staff at EDII. This activity would strengthen research outcomes of national and international repute. Target: 12 publications
2.4.2 Cluster, BDS & Value Chain EDII Campus 1 year Policy makers For knowledge generation and dissemination. 
2.5 Case Study Development National 1 year Researchers A set of case studies will be developed to understand successful entrepreneurship interventions made by EDII in the past. Target: 15 cases
2.6 Publication of Alumni Success Stories  EDII Campus 1 year EDII Alumni To document and highlight the achievements of EDII alumni which would motivate the younger generation towards the charms of entrepreneurship. Target: 20 stories
2.7 Developing 50 Case Studies from EDII Inteventions in 3 decades EDII Campus 1 year Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs To compile and create a pool of successful cases from among EDII programmes/projects. This would serve as an effective teaching material.
2.8 Study on Indicators of Technology Entrepreneurship  EDII Campus 1 year Startups To explore and identify indicators that have emerged from technology entrepreneurship.
2.9 Policy Research Centre in S&T Entrepreneurship - Research Projects to be undertaken under DST                                                       EDII Campus 1 year S&T Entrepreneurs & Institutions To promote and strengthen S&T Entrepreneurship in the country. The Centre will help create an ecosystem for promotion of S&T entrepreneurship. Target: 3 Research Reports; 3-4 Publications of previous studies 
2.9.1 Role of Innovation in Making Indian MSMEs Globally Competitive EDII Campus 1 year MSMEs To identify innovative MSMEs in India. 
2.9.2 Role of Existing Mechanism in Technology Transfer & Assessing the Need for Setting Up National Technology Transfer Centres in India  EDII Campus 1 year Technology Transfer Intermediaries, Government Agencies, Private Insurance Companies To develop a concrete and efficient mechanism for establishing technology transfer centers across the country
2.9.3 Women Entrepreneurship in India: Key Challenges & Critical Success Factors EDII Campus 1 year Women Entrepreneurs, Financial Regulators & Stakeholders in the Ecosystem To identify the enablers and  barriers of women entrepreneurship in India.
2.10 National Study on ''Potential of Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialisation of Projects funded under SSTP programmes'' National 1 year DST supported R&D Institutions To evaluate the funded projects, develop compendium of technologies developed, and explore the potential for commercialisation


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Policy Advocacy

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  • Commissioned by the Central / State Governments to prepare
    • National Policy for Entrepreneurship
    • AICTE Start-up Policy Document 2016
    • Start-up Vision Document 2020
  • Led to the formation of a scheme on Cluster Development after introducing the cluster development model
  • Leads the world's largest study in Entrepreneurship, 'Global Entrepreneurship Monitor' for its India Chapter .
  • The International Biennial Conferences on Entrepreneurship Research, organized by EDII provide a powerful platform to researchers to explore the various facets of entrepreneurship. 12 Conferences witnessed participation from 1000 delegates including 73 from 33 foreign countries.
  • The Journal of Entrepreneurship, brought out by EDII since 1992, is a sought after publication in the field and is internationally acclaimed.
  • Floated policy level interventions for entrepreneurship development in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Future Plans

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Dr. Manoj Mishra

Area Of Apecification : Agri-Business, Micro Enterprise & Micro Finance

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