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The growing interface between entrepreneurship and education is bridging the chasms which make entrepreneurship a distant career option. Lately entrepreneurship education has emerged as a significant instrument for harnessing entrepreneurial potential and ensuring enterprise success. And encouragingly enough, today society has also started manifesting trust in this discipline. Entrepreneurship education was pioneered by EDII in India, in 1995. EDII also launched the first ever Fellow Programme in Entrepreneurship to strengthen the entrepreneurship education & research ecosystem. Following suit and endorsing entrepreneurship, today there are several institutions which offer courses of different duration in this discipline. This only confirms that today's youth is keen on putting their energies & ideas to productive use by adopting entrepreneurship as a career. 

Department of Entrepreneurship Education focuses on:

  • Industry relevant long term, duly approved courses with curriculum that encourages experiential learning, problem solving, project-based learning, creativity and team work.
  • Short term entrepreneurship courses to sensitize society at large and imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship at a young age.
  • Doctoral programme in entrepreneurship to create a cadre of educators, resource persons and researchers in entrepreneurship.
  • Programmes to build an ecosystem in entrepreneurship education by sensitizing the academia. 
  • Curriculum development on entrepreneurship showcasing innovations in context, pedagogy and other aspects of entrepreneurship education.
The Year 2018 -19:
  • New programmes will be evolved in view of government's focus on start-ups, policies and initiatives promoting start-ups. 
  • Training material will be developed on entrepreneurship education for school level teaching. 
  • Collaborations will be struck with global entrepreneurship institutions to offer joint programmes.
  • Innovative technology-based ideas will be nurtured to ensure that these crystallize into sustainable entities. E-commerce would be particularly underlined to enhance prospects for Startups, especially that of EDII alumni, in the fast emerging digital world of business. 
  • The process of setting up a university in entrepreneurship will be initiated to decisively impact the entrepreneurship landscape.


  • Policy advocacy to develop impact-making entrepreneurship education
  • Creation of triple-helix model for entrepreneurship education by involving government departments, industry, management associations, educators and researchers
  • Development of faculty involved in training students for tech-based start-ups, transgenerational entrepreneurship and start-up incubation & acceleration
  • Accreditation and quality certification for entrepreneurship teachers and institutions
  • Development of short-term and capsule programmes to sensitise entrepreneurship at undergraduate and school levels
  • Enhancing survival rate in family businesses, the SME sector in particular, through educational programme and training
  • Joint educational programmes with technology, management and agricultural science institutions to create new-generation entrepreneurs
  • Revisiting of entrepreneurship course curriculum and architecture that yields results
  • Encourage policy-level research, collaborative and project-based research and its publications

Core Activities

  • On-campus long-duration programmes
  • Off-campus joint programmes
  • Summer camps: Youth, children, awareness
  • School-specific entrepreneurship programmes
  • Open-learning programmes
  • Capacity-building programmes in entrepreneurship education
  • Research and publication

Programmes and Activities 2018-19

Sr. No. Activity Location Duration Target Group Objectives & Outcome
Long-term Programmes/Projects
1.1 Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) 2018-22  EDII Campus 4 Years Academicians/ Professionals To orient doctoral students to investigate synergy between theory and practice of entrepreneurship to strengthen the entrepreneurship education and research ecosystem in the country. 
1.2 Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM-BE)- 2018-20  EDII Campus 2 Years Family Business Successors and Startups  To train students to set up their own business, become entrepreneurial managers or join their family business. 
1.3 Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Development Studies (PGDM-DS) - 2018-20  EDII Campus 2 Years Graduates, Employees, NGO Nominees  Prepare students as effective social entrepreneurs and change-agents. After completetion of the course, they should either take-up entrepreneurial career in social entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur or as developmental executives. 
1.4 Open Learning Programme in Entrepreneurship (OLPE) National 1 Year Graduates, Diploma holders, Professionals, Employees To develop entrepreneurial skills through open learning, project counselling and mentoring support so that time and distance do not become hindering factors for those willing to become entrepreneurs. 
1.5 Advanced Business Hindi Certificate Course (ABHC) (International)  EDII Campus 9 Months Students Programme is designed specially for Chinese students to train them in Business Hindi course. 
1.6 Advanced Business Hindi Certificate Course (ABHC) (International)  EDII Campus 15 Months Students To promote and extend the national language along with entrepreneurship education internationally. 
1.7 Certificate Programme on Accreditation for Entrepreneurship Educators and Mentors [Jointly with AIMA] EDII Campus 3 Months Educators and Mentors To train and equip educators and mentors with requisite skills and competencies to conduct entrepreneurship courses, entrepreneurship awareness programmes and entrepreneurship development programmes. 
1.8 Certificate Course on Entrepreneurship & Business Management (Jointly with IIM Kozhikode) Kerala 1 Year Startup Students and Potential Entrepreneurs  To harness the knowledge and skill of start up students and potential entrepreneurs to become owners of ventures. 
1.9 PG Diploma for B.Tech Graduates (Part-time evening - jointly with Cochin University of Science & Technology)  Kerala 3 Years Engineering Graduates of Cochin University of Science & Technology To develop the mindset and knowledge of engineering graduates to become owners of business. 
1.10 E-Learning Programmes Kerala 1 Year Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs To strengthen the entrepreneurial community through e-Learning. This will strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
1.11 Entrepreneurship Module in Bachelor of Vocational Programme (Tourism Management) [To be conducted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)] Kerala 3 Years Senior Secondary pass out Students Developing vocational skills-preneurship pertaining to tourism to promote entrepreneurs in Tourism sector.
1.12 Online Entrepreneurship Course (Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)/ Open Courseware) EDII Campus 6 Months Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs An online version of distance learning programme in entrepreneurship. The course would have online classrooms and examination.
1.13 6-month Entrepreneurship Course (for students of Finplan HB International Education Pvt. Ltd.) EDII campus & Finplan Mumbai 6 Months Students Three level Entrepreneurship Edcucation Programmes for students to orient them towards entrepreneurship and strengthen their entrepreneurial behaviour and decision making.
1.14 Technopreneurship Course (for Networking students of D-LINK & JET-KING) Academic Campuses 1 Year Technology Students To develop students as entrepreneurial individuals by equipping them with entrepreneurial capabilities to create a new venture.
1.15 Kaziranga University-EDII Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (KUECEEI) Assam 1 Year Entrepreneurs, Students, Faculty To groom students as entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial managers and family business successors. Classroom teaching to be complemented with international tie-ups, students' research projects, seminars and publications.
1.16 Entrepreneurship Module for Students of Higher Secondary Schools and for Teachers (Non-residential Teacher's Training Program) under Centre for School Entrepreneurship EDII Campus and other locations 1 Year School Students To orient and develop school students to take up entrepreneurship as a career, and to inculcate entrepreneurial values among children at a tender age.
1.17 PGDM- (BE) Accreditation by AMBA and AIU FPM EDII Campus 1 Year EDII By getting accreditation from AIU and AMBA, the PGDM-BE programme will enable students in more impactful ways. AIU approval for the FPM will enable it to get equivalance to the PhD degree. 
1.18 Bio-Technopreneur Programme EDII Campus 10 Months Students/Professionals interested in Bio-technology Entrepreneurship To facilitate potential bio-technology based entrepreneurs.
Sensitisation and Capacity Building Programmes
1.19 Faculty Development Programme & Interventions for Quality Improvement in Higher Education  Bhopal (MP) 2 Weeks         (3 Phase) Faculty Members of PG Colleges To develop skills among faculty of higher education to introduce overall quality improvement in the field. The learning would focus on training on global teaching standards, launching of need-based courses, industry interaction and orienting them to conduct research and consultancies.
1.20 Faculty Development Programmes on Startup Kerala 12 Days IEDC Coordinators of Engineering Colleges To orient coordinators of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Cells (IEDCs) on entrepreneurship and start ups to promote entrepreneurial activities.
1.21 Virtual Training Programmes on Entrepreneurship Education 313 Blocks of Madhya Pradesh 1 Year Students, Unemployed Youth, Working Youth Short-term virtual training on Entrepreneurship to promote entrepreneurship awareness among youth.
1.22 Technopreneurship Module (Minor) [Jointly with Kerala Technological University] Kerala 3 Months B. Tech Students To inculcate entrepreneurship education among B. Tech students. 
1.23 Entrepreneurship Module (Value-added programme to be conducted at Surana College) Bangalore 3 Hour Sessions UG/PG Students To groom students of Surana College as entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial managers and family business successors.
1.24 Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP) EDII Campus 1 Year Potential Startups To build Startups and develop 'innovation culture' across universities. The programme is part of the Startup India Action Plan.
1.25 National Summer Camps on Entrepreneurial Stimulation for School Children 29th April - 4th May                      20th May - 25th May 2 Weeks School Students To inculcate entrepreneurial values among children at a tender age. A forum to interact with parents as well. 
1.26 National Summer Camps on Entrepreneurial Adventures for College-going youth 7th May - 16th May         28th May - 6th June 1 Week HSC and College Students To help youth identify innovative and challenging career options and plan it entrepreneurially. A good opportunity for youth to tap their latent potential for achievement. 
1.27 Children Summer Camp on Entrepreneurship Bhopal (MP) 3 Days School Students Personality development, career counselling and achievement motivation of school students. 
1.28 Youth Summer Camp on Entrepreneurship Bhopal (MP) 5 Days School Students Personality development, career counselling and achievement motivation of youth with special orientation towards yoga & martial arts. 
1.29 Entrepreneurship Modules in Schools Kerala 15 Days School Students To initiate efforts towards incorporating entrepreneurship modules in schools, and thereby imparting skills in entrepreneurship to school students.
1.30 Vocational Education and Guidance for Career Counseling Odisha 1 Year Youth from villages in the mining areas  Provide vocational guidance to youth of peripheral villages in mining areas, so as to enable them to venture into skill-based enterprises. 
1.31 Student-Investor Interface (Event) EDII Campus 2 Days PG Students & Entrepreneurs A forum wherein equity and term-lending investors will be invited to interact with students in terms of funding their innovative business ideas. 
1.32 Entrepreneurship Development and Management Training Programme for Scientists and Technologists working with Govt. Sector (EDMT) EDII Campus 2 Weeks Scientists and Technologists working with Govt. Sector To arouse interest among scientists & technologists about entrepreneurship, sensitize them towards this discipline, and establish the importance of owning knowledge-based innovative business ventures.
1.33 National Training Programme on Entrepreneurship Development & Management for Women Scientists & Technologists with Government Sector  EDII Campus 1 Week Women Scientists & Technologists To senstize women scientists & technologists towards entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behaviour.
1.34 Certified Course of IICA Certified Professionals (ICPs) EDII Campus  1 Year Working Professionals, Students, Government Employees  To train and certify participants as CSR professionals to implement CSR activities at various levels.
1.35 Orientation visit of Students to the Institute EDII Campus 1 Day School and College Students To orient students towards the 'Charms of Becoming an Entrepreneur' and motivate them to think of entrepreneurship as a career choice. 


Content under Development

Policy Advocacy

Content under Development


  • 1486 students have graduated from EDII's long term programmes till date, with 78 percent success rate; out of the students who have set up their own enterprises or have contributed to diversification of family business, the estimated percentage of students with turnover upto Rs. 25 cr. is 69 %; 18 % are in the range of Rs. 25 to Rs. 50 cr.; 2% are between Rs. 50 to 100 cr. and around 1 % above Rs.100 cr.
  • Introduced the pioneering 'Fellow Programme in Management' to encourage research in entrepreneurship. 15 researchers have enrolled in  four batches.
  • Developed more than 3000 teachers of higher education across the country through 98 Faculty Development Progammes.
  • Sensitized/trained over 8 lakh students, together with about 500 higher learning institutions in the country (on behalf of DST, GoI, since 2008 – 09).
  • Commissioned by CBSE, revising curriculum on entrepreneurship for 11th & 12th standards for CBSE schools and is also developing the text books (19000 schools).
  • Got designated by the Govt. of Gujarat as the Nodal Institute for Promoting Start-ups and has been appointed as the Anchor Institute to strengthen entrepreneurship in the state.
  • Reached across the country through 87 batches of 'Open  Learning Programme in Entrepreneurship', thus training 13350 learners.
  • Institutionalized informal training models (national summer camps for children and youth) for instilling entrepreneurial spirit in 3602 children and youth.

Future Plans

Distance and Online Academic Courses

  • MOOCs on Start-up Entrepreneurship
  • Distance Learning Social Entrepreneurship

Collaborative Programmes

  • Joint certification programmes
  • Collaborative projects and research

Grooming of Existing and New Entrepreneurs

  • Full-time educational programmes
  • Short-term programmes for corporate executives and professionals
  • Sensitisation Programmes: Summer Camps, School Entrepreneurship Programmes

Creation of Educators’ Pool

  • Creation of thought leaders through research courses
  • Capacity building of existing faculty and trainers

Policy Advocacy

  • Development of policies for government to strengthen entrepreneurship education
  • Policy contribution for SME sector development and growth

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