Research on topical entrepreneurship related subjects with special focus on applied research are taken up to act as a crucial link between theory and practice in the field of Entrepreneurship. The aim is to offer a thorough practical knowledge in the field of Entrepreneurship apart from the theory.

Entrepreneurship is an emerging, active and multidisciplinary research specialization. EDII fosters entrepreneurship research by bringing people, ideas and resources together to explore the entrepreneurial processes and performance in regional, international, sectoral, organizational, family firm and social enterprise contexts.

Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship Education and Development(CREED)

The ongoing transformations in the national and international economy have an impact on various aspects of Entrepreneurship and in order to gain an insight into the possibilities and implications of these developments, research has been accepted as the most powerful tool.

Reaffirming that the findings of research advocate a positive approach to work methodology and place the ultimate goal within reach, the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India set up a Research Centre at the institute, in the year 1997. It was conceded that this Research Centre would lead to the expansion of boundaries of knowledge and give an identifiable thrust to the Entrepreneurship Development Movement.

CREED was, therefore, set up to act as a crucial link between theory and practice in the field of entrepreneurship with special focus on applied research backed by sound theoretical underpinnings.

The Mission

Creed aims at serving as a bridge between theory and practice in the field of Entrepreneurship. The Centre catalyses networking of researchers and institutions by encouraging enquiries into the emergence and growth of entrepreneurship as a discipline.

The Centre

  • supports in-house research in entrepreneurship,
  • catalyses the process of networking researchers and institutions in the sphere of entrepreneurship,
  • encourages young researchers to make use of intellectual and other resources at the Centre so as to make valuable contribution to the knowledge on entrepreneurship,
  • promotes collaborative research endeavours with institutions and individuals outside the Centre,
  • disseminates and shares various research findings among planners, policy-makers and academicians and
  • organises seminars, workshops and colloquies.

GEM research project is first-of-its-kind, revolutionary effort at assessing the levels of entrepreneurial activity prevalent in different nations of the world and linking them to the entrepreneurial framework conditions of the country on the one hand and projected economic growth on the other. The project was initiated in 1999 by the London Business School, UK, and Babson College, USA, and is being carried out year after year since then. Its expanse is registering an increase with every passing year; the last report recorded commendable participation by 73 countries.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) has emerged as the world's leading entrepreneurship study and the richest platform of entrepreneurship research. The prestigious GEM Research Project was initiated in India by the N.S. Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at IIM-Bangalore in 2001. Following the successful accomplishment of GEM India research project 2001, it was again undertaken in 2002. Back then, the GEM Research model was in its nascent stage and the ‘Assessment of Entrepreneurial Activity’ in the country was a new concept. Prof. Mathew J. Manimala (NSRCEL-IIM-B) conducted GEM India survey during 2001 and 2002 under GEM Research Project; and delivered research work in the form of two annual reports. Subsequently during 2006-08a team of Prof. I.M. Pandey, Prof. Ashutosh Bhupatkar and Prof. Janki Raman from the Pearl School of Business-Gurgaon conducted GEM India study. The surveys were conducted over three years and the data featured in GEM Global Report 2006, 2007 and 2008.However, the GEM India team could not publish the National Report during the same period. In the succeeding years (2008-2011)GEM India study was not undertaken.

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The Focus Areas of CREED

CREED focuses enquiries into:

  • Entrepreneurship in Education
  • Innovation in Training Technology
  • Voluntary Sector: Issues and Interventions
  • Gender and Enterprise Development
  • Micro Finance and Micro Enterprise Development
  • Emerging Profile of Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
Activities of the Centre

The major activities under CREED are:

  • In-house Research Projects: In its pursuit to extend the frontiers of knowledge on entrepreneurship, CREED encourages and undertakes in-house research activities by making use of intellectual and other resources of the Centre.
  • Fellowships*: Through these short-term research fellowship programmes, the Centre envisages to promote collaborative research endeavours with institutions and individuals outside the Centre. It encourages young researchers to contribute to the field of entrepreneurship. Need based funding and academic assistance is also provided to the researchers. The Centre takes care of local hospitality of researchers.
  • Visiting Fellowships*: These fellowships are for senior researchers whom the Centre invites to write papers or conduct research in the area of entrepreneurship and delve into a range of issues surrounding small and medium enterprise sector.
  • Besides access to the institute’s modern library and up-to-date computer centre, the researchers are provided facilities of interaction with well-known experts in Entrepreneurship.
  • Biennial Conferences: These conferences are organised to provide a platform to researchers, academicians, planners and policy-makers to come together to share their research findings and experiences that are of contemporary relevance and interest.
  • Annual Lecture Series: Eminent entrepreneurship theorists and practitioners are invited to deliver lectures on specific themes.
  • Journal of Entrepreneurship: The Journal of Entrepreneurship is a reputed academic publication of the Centre and has established its credibility among scholars in India and abroad as a unique forum to disseminate their research findings, both theoretical and empirical.

The Journal incorporates insights gained through research and innovative experiments, with particular focus on countries like India, which has mounted a wide range of programmes to develop the latest entrepreneurial capabilities of its people. It focuses on the changing contours of entrepreneurial research and training, thus acquainting the readers with the latest trends and developments in entrepreneurship. The Journal publishes original papers of high standard, to expand the frontiers of knowledge. Besides, sections on book reviews, abstracts of selected papers and articles, published in other journals are also an integral part of the Journal.


Important Research Projects Completed

  • Impact of New Economic Policy on SMEs
  • Impact of GATT on SMEs
  • Impact of Fiscal Incentives on Industrialisation in Gujarat
  • Dynamics of Industrial Clusters in India
  • Growth of Firms and Entrepreneurial Competencies
  • Doing Business in India: Issues and Implications
  • Constraints to Growth of Small Scale Firms
  • National Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
  • Evaluation of EDPs in North Eastern States
  • A Critical Analysis of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
  • Micro-Enterprise Development in Himalayan Region: The Indian Experience
  • Role of Small Business Associations in the Changing Economic Environment
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship Through Training: An Assessment of Training Initiatives of MCED, Aurangabad
  • Business Development Service Provides in India: A Study of Calcutta Metropolitan
  • A Study on Entry Barriers to Entrepreneurship: As Perceived by Youth
  • Entrepreneurship Curriculum for Vocational Education in Colleges

EDII Publications

Sr.No. Name of Publications Price
INR (Rs.) USD ($)
1 Entrepreneurship Development Programme in India and its Relevance to Developing Countries
- V.G.Patel
150 /- 10
2 Developing New Entrepreneurs 250/- 20
3 Self - Made Impact - Making Entrepreneurs.
- G.R.Jain & Akbar Ansari
300/- 22
4 National Directory of Entrepreneur Trainer - Motivators and Resource Persons
- Compiled by S.B.Sareen & H.Anil Kumar
190/- -
5 In Search of Identity - The Women Entrepreneurs of India.
- Ajit Kanitkar & Nalinee Contractor
200/- 15
6 A Manual on How to Prepare a Project Report
- J.B.Patel & D.G.Allampally
150/- 10
7 A Manual on Business Opportunity Identification & Selection
- J.B.Patel & S.S.Modi
200/- 15
8 Performance Improvement Booklets for Existing Entrepreneurs
  1. Budgeting
  2. Energy Conservation
  3. Cost Consciousness for SSI
  4. Business Plan for SSI
  5. Cash Flow in Small Business Management
  6. Understanding Value Engineering
  7. Basics in Export Marketing
  8. Just in Time
  9. Record-Keeping in Small Business Management (Hindi)
  10. Statutory Ascpects in SSI
50/- Per Booklet 4
9 Not Born - The Created Entrepreneurs
- Jose Sebeastian & Sanjay Thakur
200/- 15
10 New Initiatives in Entrepreneurship Education & Training
- Edited by Gautam Jain & Debmuni Gupta
200/- 15
11 The Seven Business Crisis & How to Beat Them
- V.G.Patel
225/- 16
12 A Handbook for New Entrepreneurs
- Edited by P.C.Jain
595/- -
13 Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
- D.N.Awasthi & Jose Sebeastian
250/- 20
14 Doing Business in India - The Street Smart Entrepreneurs
- V.Padmanand & P.C.Jain
425/- 109 (1 Yr.)
15 Short Steps Long Leaps - Stories of Impact Making Rural Entrepreneurs

- Edited by Dr. Dinesh Awasthi
Published by Sage  

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