Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The PGDM–BE two-year, full-time, residential programme at the EDII, now in its eighteenth batch of delivering entrepreneurship education, has been designed specifically for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial mangers to encourage critical and lateral thinking, nurture their ambitions, and enable new ventures through an academically rigorous, directly relevant and highly practical learning experience.

An ecosystem involves a number of interconnected key elements that constantly interact and mutually reinforce. An entrepreneurship ecosystem encompasses a number of moving parts – components that have to come together to facilitate innovation and growth.
Few of such are listed below

Entrepreneur Interaction

To help students translate their ideas and knowledge into a business venture, the Institute organizes face-to-face interactions with successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs from various industries and sector share their experiences and help students to get a better understanding of the related sectors. Entrepreneurs are also involved in mentoring the students.

Alumni association – network and interaction:

The EDII alumni association is rich in diversity in terms of its students representing sectors ranging from manufacturing to services and not-for-profit enterprises. The EDII alumni association is working towards a future where EDII alumni take pride in their entrepreneurial experience and pass the enthusiasm on to their peers, prospective students, families and community. During interaction, the alumni speaker provides career guidance, encouragement during the academic program, advice on important course and field work and opportunities to make professional contacts. EDII also supports alumni to get funding for their ventures.

EDII Launchpad:

EDII is providing a co-working space and other basic necessary infrastructure facility to the start-ups and business ideas of current students.

The EDII Launchpad is a novel and successful entrepreneurship initiative. It will make the young student entrepreneurs to work individual or in team to get the entrepreneurial experience with all the pressures and demands of the real world in an early stage Start-up. Start-ups are not about executing a plan. Start-ups are temporary organizations that exist to search for a scalable and repeatable business model. This will also help to get experiential exposure; intensely and deliberately to develop what an entrepreneur needs in today's world and to learn how to turn a business and social venture idea into a great company. This will also augment to prove what does work and how to successfully transfer knowledge into products and processes that benefits society.

The EDII's Launchpad program is pragmatic, concrete and experiential, it provides the just-in-time knowledge student entrepreneurs need to access and develop their ideas and plans for a new enterprise. EDII provides a co-working space, mentoring, seed capital grant, support and other basic necessary infrastructure facility to its selected students to work on their business ideas. Launchpad is a new initiative that provides co-working space to students and their enterprises that are at a very early stage of evolution. Launchpad enables the students to be a part of Gujarat's vibrant start-up community along with the academic ambience of EDII.

Primary sector focuses are software/IT, web/e-commerce, service sector, agribusiness, manufacturing/textile, food processing, renewable/clean-tech energy, chemical/fertilizer, power/electricity, electrical/electronic etc.

Who can apply to Launchpad at EDII?

Any EDII student entrepreneur/enterprise that plans to start-up and develop its business idea is eligible to apply for seats at Launchpad EDII.

What does EDII Launchpad provides?

The Launchpad infrastructure comes with a co-working space. Each co-working space comes with secure private lockers and a common network printing facility. Launchpad is also for those who are still working on developing their enterprise.

Registration process:
  • Student should be ready with business idea and basic business snapshot.
  • The submitted business ideas will be analysed by panel of faculty members and then it will be recommended to Launchpad team.
  • Launchpad will provide counselling, support and services related to market survey, creating prototype, financial forecasting, interaction with bankers etc.
  • Students can create team with outside members, the details of the team members are required to submit along with the business idea.
  • EDII will provide a limited co-working space for a period of six months to one year.
  • Office space will be available from 4.00 – 8.00 pm.
  • Launchpad incubatees should have to take care about Launchpad infrastructure.

Association with Incubators and Accelerators:

EDII is associated with incubators and accelerators collectively support students to work on their business ideas and start-ups. Few of such are Innovify Incubation Lab and Espark Viridian, a venture accelerator initiative of Entrepreneurial Spark, UK and the Viridian Group. They continuously interact with students in classroom sessions and discuss with students business ideas on one-to-one basis and guide them for their entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship Workshop, Summit and The Development of Entrepreneurship Policy:

India is becoming the biggest and definitive platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Big ideas and successful entrepreneurs have made a mark in small town India. Looking at the vision of 'Start-up India; Stand up India' of The Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, EDII in association with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) has conducted six days workshops 'YuStart: A National Start-up Competition' during 14th-18th Sep 2015 in six different Universities of the State of Himachal Pradesh.

The names of the universities are:

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
  2. National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur
  3. Central University, Dharamshala
  4. Nauni University, Solan
  5. Shoolini University, Solan
  6. Baddi University, Baddi
  7. Rayat & Bahra University, Sholan

Dr. Rajiv Joshi, Faculty EDII was the trainer of the entire event. Young graduates from different institutes attended the event and now would be working on preparing the Business Plan which would be presented in the event of 'The Entrepreneurship Summit-2015: Innovation in Entrepreneurship' which is proposed to be held the month of Nov 2015 in Chandigarh. The shortlisted and selected business plans would be presented in front of Panel members which will include industry mentors, venture capitalists, angel investors etc.

Business ideas of EDII students in various sectors are listed below:

Sector-wise business ideas of studentsAutomobile Ind…EnergyFMCGFood Processin…Gems & JewelleryHealth CareHospitality/Touri…IT/ITES/E-Com…1/323.5%16.5%11.8%

EDII Mentors associated in various sectors:

Mentors : Sector-wiseFamily BusinessManagementFood Processing/AgricultureInternationalBusinessIT/ITES/E-CommerceServiceTextile/Garments23.1%23.1%15.4%15.4%15.4%