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Sivan Ambattu

Assistant Faculty
Academic Qualification



Professional Qualification


  • Certified International Trainer for Start & Improve Your

Business (SIYB) Programme, by ILO

Certified International Trainer for Expand Your

Business (SIYB) Programme, by ILO

Areas of Specialization




Project Management, Women Empowerment, Youth Entrepreneurship, Value Chain development and establishment of producers’ organization.

Courses taught/projects handled




Women Empowerment Project implemented by United Nations Development Programme-UNDP at Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Alternative Livelihood Project implemented by International Labour Organization through United Nations Team for Recovery and Support

Youth Empowerment Project being implemented by Kerala State Youth Welfare Board

KUDUMBASHREE – a women empowerment project of Government of Kerala

An expert in project management and entrepreneurship, he specialises in strategy formulation, donor management, partnership development and in establishing rural business institutions. He brought international training programmes like EYB and SIYB to India. He has worked with multilateral agencies.His specialisation includes  value-chain development, cluster development, youth entrepreneurship, and group & women entrepreneurship. He has published one book, 11 manuals and two reports.




































  • Padavukal

This books talks about the possibilities and potentials on formation and establishment of enterprises in Kerala. First chapter briefs on the potential linkage of Youth as entrepreneur. It further narrates contribution of enterprises in nation building.

  • Expand Your Business

This book is an operation manual for existing entrepreneurs. The book was developed on the basis of enterprise creation experience gained by ILO at international level.

  • Chelavu nirdharanam : 978-92-2-820931-0

  • Samramba Asoothranam : 978-92-2-820937-2

  • Stock Niyantranam – 978-92-2-820933-4

  • Vipananam – 978-92-2-820939-6

  • Vangal – 978-92-2-820935-8

  • Record Sookshikal –978-92-2- 820941-9

  • Ningaluda Sarmbam Aarambikuka – 978-92-2-820927-3

  • Saramba Pravarthana Rekha – 978-92-2-820929-7

  • Ningalude Sarmba Aasayam Roopapeduthal –978-92-2- 820925-9

All these books are providing how to start and establish a micro and small enterprises. Each book talks about functional management of the enterprise.

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