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Saji kumar

Academic Qualification

PhD in Economics (Topic- International Trade & Economic Growth: An Indian Experience)

Professional Qualification


Areas of Specialization

International Trade, Micro & Macro Economics, Business Environment, and Indian Economy.

Courses taught/projects handled

Micro and Macro Economics, Business Environment, Indian Economy, Business policy and Strategic Management.

Projects handled:

S.A.G.Y Project in Karnali.

 Project on “Availability Accessibility and Utilisation of Bank Loans by Minorities in Kutchh”, at the R.B.I Endownment Unit, Department of Banking and Business Finance,  Faculty of Commerce, M.S.University of Baroda, 

Has 22 years of experience in various branches of economics - international trade, international business, international marketing, economic development and growth models, micro and macro economics, business and social accounting managerial economics, business environment and Indian economy. Recipient of the Best Teachers Award for the year 2007-08 at IBS, Ahmedabad. Featured in Ahmedabad Times as the “coolest mentor” of Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad. He has published two books, edited by him, four research papers and 14 articles. He has presented papers at many national and international conferences.

Restructuring of Indian Ports: Reforms and Challenges Paperback – 2007

by Saji Kumar (Author)


  • India s coastline is of 7517 kms on which there are 12 major ports and 187 minor ports. 90% of India s foreign trade is handled through seaways. Indian ports were under the purview of the government in the pre-liberalization and pre-reforms era. These ports were characterized by inefficient and ineffective services due to bureaucratic structure, obsolete infrastructure and mismanagement. However, changes worldwide brought pressure on the port industry and government was inefficient to speed up the expansion within a short span. Government of India based on the Rakesh Mohan Committee Report (1996) and World Bank s India Port Sector Strategy Report (1995) initiated Port Reforms Process in 1996. Under reforms process, port sector has been opened up for private participation, measures have been taken up to change the governance structure, guidelines have been issued for private participation in major ports and plans are underway to corporatise the major ports. Divided into four sections, the book deals with the industry scenario, performance of major ports, port reforms and challenges. Privatization of Indian ports, which is a step towards restructuring is also dealt with. Cases of major ports where reforms have been implemented, such as Vishakha port, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Ennore Port Ltd. have been discussed. Global experiences comprising case studies like Chinese ports, Malaysian ports, South Africa s port policy, pricing and growth have also been detailed.


Impact of Globalisation on SMEs in India (Economy Series) Paperback – 2006

by Saji Kumar (Author)


Book Summary of Impact Of Globalization On SME's Of India, Like many developing countries, India has moved towards a trajectory of trade policy liberalization and globalization. These policies have been beneficial for the country, though several issues concerning the small and medium scale (SMEs) industries have not yet been addressed. International experience suggests that the path to sustainable income growth lies in systematic upgrading, which involves process, product, functional and value chain. The ability to meet changing process and product standards is a vital need for process upgrading. Transnational corporations can help to improve the capabilities of the SMEs but there is a pervasive pressure on them to reduce their number of suppliers. This book deals with Indian SMEs in the global environment and with relevant case studies.


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  • “Exchange Rate Management and Current Account Sustainability in India”. Published in the magazine ‘Treasury Management’ (ICFAI University Press Publications) in June 2006.
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  • Developments in the Current Account of India’s Balance of Payments (1990-91 to 2003-04). Published in the book ‘Markets and Institutions: An Indian Experience in Nineties’ in the month of September 2006.
  • Edited book on “Impact of globalization on SMEs in India”, Published by ICFAI University Press. October 2006.
  • Book Review on “The Twilight of the Nation State” Globalisation, Chaos and War, Published by the ICFAI University Press in the magazine ‘Best Books’, December 2006.
  • Performance of Indian Ports: Post Liberalisation. Published by the ICFAI University Press in the ICFAI Journal of Infrastructure in the April 2007 issue.
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  • Reverse Mortgages: Securing Old Age Income.  Published by the ICFAI University Press in the magazine ‘TREASURY MANAGEMENT’, in August 2007.
  • Edited book on “Restructuring of Indian Ports: Reforms and Challenges”, Published by ICFAI University Press in November 2007.
  • Issues in the Governance Structure of Ports in India: A Public-Private Ownership, published in the derivative book “Restructuring of Indian Ports: Reforms and Challenges”, Published by ICFAI University Press in November 2007.
  • Wall Street versus America – A Book Review. H.L.I.C. Journal of Commerce Volume II, No. 1, September 2009.


  • “Investment in Infrastructure: Some Issues” in the seminar on Accelerating Economic Growth as part of the function to inaugurate the Prof. I.G.Patel Seminar Hall at M.S.Univeristy of Baroda. The seminar was organized the Gujarat Economic Association Silver Jubilee Trust in collaboration with ICRIER New Delhi and the Department of Economics, M.S.University of Baroda on 11th February 2006. I was one among the 10 speakers invited in this prestigious seminar.
  • “FIIs Vs Sensex : The journey so far” in the National Seminar on “Capital Markets and Development in the Indian Economy” organized by the Department of Economics, M.S.Univeristy of Baroda, on 3rd & 4th March 2005.
  • “The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Exports of India” at the National Conference on Building Management Competencies of India, organized by ICFAI Business School, Ahmedabad, 25th & 26th Feb 2005.
  • “Developments in Balance of Payments of India in the decade of 90’s” at the National Level Seminar on “Markets and Institutions – an Indian Experience in Nineties”, organized in the Department of Economics, M.S.University of Baroda, on 11th & 12th February 2004.

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