Centre For Micro Enterprises, Micro Finance And Sustainable Livelihood

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (REDPS)

(to promote entrepreneurship in rural areas)

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programmes , which were initiated as an experiment, by EDI about two decades ago, have become one of the major activities of the Institute.

Job opportunities in today's competitive and over populated environment are very rare and especially for rural youth getting a job in this hard fought environment is almost impossible. In such a scenario, generating viable business opportunities in rural areas and teaching & motivating the youth to start their micro enterprise has been proved to be a result-oriented strategy for initiating the process of economic development in the region. The EDI has, therefore, developed and implemented a well-tested replicable training model for promoting entrepreneurship in rural areas. The training is spread over three phases, i.e. the pre-training phase under which the main activity is selection of potential entrepreneurs; the training phase which focuses on the participants acquiring knowledge and skills in business opportunity identification and guidance, project report preparation, market survey & feasibility, financial management etc. and the post-training phase which aims at follow-up by the trainers of the trained potential entrepreneurs thus ensuring a good start-up rate. Through these phases and various other simulation exercises, case studies, role-plays, etc. the participants are motivated and taught how to successfully launch and manage their enterprises in their areas itself. To institutionalise the RED activity EDI has linkages with over 500 NGOs across the country. EDI conducts capacity building programmes for the functionaries of these NGOs, who in turn conduct REDPs at grassroots level.


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