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Mathew C D

Associate Faculty
Academic Qualification
PhD (Organisation Development), SASTRA University; BSc (Mathematics), MBA (HR & Marketing)
Professional Qualification
Master of Business Administration-Specialised in Human Resources and Marketing
Areas of Specialization
Human Resourse Management
Marketing Management
Courses taught/projects handled
Organisational Change, Design and Development
Marketing Management
Training and Development
Industrial Organisation and Management
Consumer Behaviour
A doctoral degree holder in Management Studies from SASTRA University with an MBA degree specialisation in HR and Marketing. Has over 12 years of experience in teaching at BTech and Post-Graduate level. Has several international journal publications to his credit and presented several research papers at international and national conferences. Along with teaching assignments, he was incharge of training and placements. Infosys recognised him as the best SPOC during the Infosys Campus Connect Principals Meet 2017. Is also the recipient of Professional Excellence Award, bestowed by the Consortium of Technical Institute for Placements Supports, Kerala in 2015.
1. Relevance of Applied Behavioural Science in Ecotourism: A Case Study with Reference to Kerala (Indian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, September 2008)
Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
2. Organisation Development: A Review of Approaches and Experiences- With Special Reference to Relevance of MBO for Ecotourism Destinations in Kerala (Management Researcher, October-December 2008) Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan
3. Applicability of TQM in Eco-Tourism: An Exploratory Approach with Reference to Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala State (Emerging Trends in Contemporary Management Research, Published by Anna University of Technology Coimbatore and Excel India Publishers, New Delhi,Impression:2010 ISBN:978-93-80697-12-3 Author:Mathew C D
4. Organisation Development Interventions: A Review of Approaches and Experiences with Special Reference to Relevance of Process Consultation for Thenmala Ecotourism Destination in Kerala (ACUMEN Marian Journal of Commerce and Management Volume 3 (1), December 2010)
Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
5. A Pragmatic Cost Effective Model for Tier-3 Tier4 Business Schools in the Wake of Economic Meltdown with Focus on Entrepreneurship and Industry Integrated Programmes  (Research Lines 4 (1), January- June 2011) Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
6. Live Case Studies: An Innovative Approach to Business Education (Mirror September 2011, ISSN 2249-8117) Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
7. The Likert Organisational Profile: Methodological Analysis and Test of System 4T in Tourist Destinations. Vol.3 No.7 (2011) of European Journal of Business and Management. ISSN 2222-1905 (paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (online)Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
8. Reengineering: An Effective Tool for Achieving Service Quality (Research Scholar, Volume 1 No. II-B December 2011, ISSN 2249-6696 Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
9. New Learning Theory and its Resultant Impact on Achieving Economic Objectives. Vol. 3, No.3  (2012) Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development. ISSN 2222-1700 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2855 (Online), published from Hong Kong Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
10. Improving Service Quality: A Case Study with Reference to Thenmala Ecotourism Destination. Vol.8 Num.1 April 2012 Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review, ISSN 1813-0534. Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
11. An Effective Transaction Analysis: An Intervention for Developing Problem Solving Ability Vol.2 Issue 1 September 2011 Deecee School Journal on Organization and Management, ISSN:0972-9003. Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
12. An Exploratory Approach to Organizational Ailments: A Case Study with Reference to Ecotourism Destinations in Kerala State Vol.1 No.2 July 2012 International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Studies ISSN: 2226-4809 published from Malaysia Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
13. Accelerating organisational learning in the backdrop of knowledge hoarding: A case study with reference to eco-tourism destinations on Published in:
Management Issues in Emerging Economies (ICMIEE), Conference Proceedings of 2012 Intenrational Conference Print ISBN: 978-1-4673-2044-3-IEEE Xplore Digital Library-Scopus Indexed and listed in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science Authors:Mathew C D, R. Renganathan, Kurian Joseph
14. A Case Study on Brand Loyalty of JIVE Products: A Case Study with reference to JIVE Products in Ernakulam Dist. in Kerala State Global Research Review Vol.4 No.2 June 2014 ISSN 2250-2521 Author: Mathew C D
15.A Study on Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to a Local FMCG Product Contemporary Commerce Review September 2014 ISSN 2319-3638 Author: Mathew C D
16.Blooms Taxonomy: An Innovative Approach for Business Education LUX MONTIS Vol.III No.1 January 2015 Author: Mathew C D
17.Falling Rubber Prices and the Ailing Kerala Economy Riveting Opportunities in Emerging Sectors of Indian Economy August 2015 ISBN 9789351960782
Author: Mathew C D
18. A Study on Knowledge Sharing with respect to an IT Firm in Kerala New Thoughts 2015 ISBN No. 978-81-92565-0-2
Author: Mathew C D
19. Taxonomy for Business Education: Not for Business JET Peer Referred Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies and Research Vol.8 2016 ISSN 2394-3874
20. Learning through Convergence Scheme of IGNOU: A Framework for a Practical Approach Management Today, Vol.6, No.4, October-December 2016 ISSN: 2348-3989 (Online) ISSN: 2230-9764 (Print)
1.Behavioural Science Interventions for Capacity Development: An Experiential Approach at Thenmala Ecotourism Destination in Kerala State Athenaeum 2011 held at Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli on 12th & 13th February 2011.
2.Experimenting with Transactional Analysis: An Empirical Study with Reference to Tribal Guides at Periyar Tiger Reserve: International Conference on Rural Markets, jointly organised by School of Management & Business Studies, MG University, Kottayam and Institute of Human Resources Advancement University of Colombo, SriLanka on 29th ,30th November 2010
3.Relevance of OD Interventions in Ecotourism: An Empirical Study with Reference to Kerala. In the conference ‘Tourism Challenges Ahead’, held at IIM Kozhikode, jointly organised by IIM Kozhikode and IIM Lucknow on May 16th 17th and 18th 2008
This paper is available in ‘Google’ and www.meta-guide.com based in Philippines
4. Technology Implementation for the strategic marketing of SBT, National Conference on Strategic Marketing, held at SMS, Cochin University on February 20th and 21st .2009
5. Redesigning the MBA Pedagogy in the wake of Economic Meltdown with Special Emphasis on Case Study Methods of Teaching: 7th AIMS International Conference held at IIM Bangalore on 20th ,21st 22nd and 23rd of December 2009
6. Human Engineering and Quality of Work Life Programmes: A Case Study with Reference to Thenmala Ecotourism Destination held at IIT Madras on Nov 17th 2011
Abstract of the paper is available in Google
7. Application of OD Interventions for Team Empowerment
 International conference on the changing. Paradigms of. Technology and Strategic Management. 30-31 August 2013. Sastra University
Associate Corporate Member-Kerala Management Association-KMA-INMB-764
Life Member- YMCA-Mem. No: 588
Associate Member-Consortium of Technical Institutes for Placement Services-Kerala (C-Tips-Kerala)
Professional Membership-International Society for Development and Sustainability, Japan Membership ID: M140420
Member-Association of Indian Management Scholars-Membership Number:B2-2270
Reviewer of Research Journals 

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