Faculty Profile

Nirali Pandit

Associate Faculty
Academic Qualification
MCom (Business Management)
Professional Qualification
MBA (Human Resource Management)
PhD (Commerce), Gujarat University
Areas of Specialization
OB and HR
Courses taught/projects handled
Courses Taught:
1. Organizational Behavior
2. Human Resource Management

Research Projects Guided
Academic Year Number of Students Subject Area
2006-2007 1 (MBA –II, Sem-IV) Marketing
2007-2008 3 (MBA –II, Sem-IV) HR
2008-2009 3 (MBA –II, Sem-IV) HR
2009-10 3 (MBA –II, Sem-IV) HR
2012-13 5 (MBA – II,  Sem III and IV) Finance
2013-14 5 (MBA - II,  Sem III and IV) 2 Finance, 2 HR and 1 Marketing
2015-16 4 (MBA - II,  Sem III and IV) Marketing
2016-17 4 (MBA - II,  Sem III and IV) HR

Projects (Consultations) carried out:
Academic Year Project Title Beneficiary Organization
2006-2007 Mid-Term Evaluation for Dairy Projects (Shri Vardhman Gruh Udhyog Mahila Mandal, Wadhwan) CAPART
2007-2008 Pre-Appraisal Fund Evaluation for a project on Entrepreneurship Development on Training (Manav Kalyan Seva Trust, Bhiloda)
Developed a Business Plan for starting an embroidery and block printing business unit for Manav Kalyan Seva Trust, Bhiloda
2008-2009 Conducted a workshop on “Corporate Grooming” for MBA students, gave training consultation on Communication Skills and Soft Skills Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management and Research

Has been granted with a Doctoral Fellowship Award from Indian Council of Social Science and Research, New Delhi for PhD work. Has corporate work experience of five years as a trainer in service industry and 13 years of experience in post-graduate level teaching. Research interests include areas related to behavioural science, human resource management, entrepreneurship and small business management. She has given consultation on new business projects or on-going business projects for pre-, mid- and post-project evaluation. Apart from this, she has also provided consultation to B-school students on corporate grooming and soft-skills training. She has more than 20 research papers to her credit, in journals of national and international repute and has authored two books.

Book(s) Published:
  1. “English Communication for Professional Students”, Published by Parshva Publications, Ahmedabad; Year 2008.
  2. Diasporic Business Linkages: A Big Story of Small Enterprises, published by LAP – Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany, 2014.
Chapter Contribution in Book
  1. “Entrepreneurship and Rural Development”, paper jointly written with Neha Chhibber and published as a chapter in bookRural development through Entrepreneurship’ edited and compiled by S.K. Sinha. New Delhi, Shree Publications, 2007, xvi, 292 p., ISBN 81-8329-197-X.
  2. Chapter contribution in “Empowering Women Worldwide Series:6, Women Networking: Its Applications & Implications”, edited and compiled by Dr. Ila Joshi Published by The Women Press, New Delhi, 2010,  ISBN 978-81-89110-22-2.
  3. “Propagating Growth through Inter-dependence: A Case of SEZ Units and Related  Ancillary Units”, paper jointly written with Vijaylaxmi Chari and published as a chapter in the book “Meeting the Challenges of a Globalised Market” edited by Dr. Aggarwal and Murthy, Excel India Publishers, New Delhi, 2013. ISBN: 978-93-82062-90-5
National Level Publication
  1. “Impact of Medical Tourism in improving Health Care Resources in India”, jointly written with R.K. Balyan and J. Mulchandani, AIMS, A Journal of Management Sciences; September ‘08-February ’09. ISSN-0974-2581.  
  2. “A Study of Organizational Climate in Public Sector Banks of Ahmedabad”, Nirali Pandit, Bizcraft, The Journal of Contemporary Management Perspective, Vol. 4 No. 1, Sept. ‘09 – Feb. ’10, 2231-0231.
  3. “Physically Challenged People: A Biggest Untapped Employment Source”, jointly written by Nirali Pandit and Manish Chug, AIMS, A Journal of Management Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 2, March-August 2010, ISSN-0974-2581.
  4. “Study of Perception of HRD climate in Private Sector Banks in Gujarat’, jointly written by Nirali Pandit and I.S. Gulati, Sandesh – Mansath Journal of Management, Vol 5. No. 1,2 July 2010-Dec. 2010, ISSN 0975-6515
  5. “Innovative Business Development Model: The Diasporic Dimension”, jointly written with Prof. Vijaylaxmi Chari. Advances in Management, Vol 5, Issue 7, Pg: 43-51. July 2012, ISSN 0974-2611
  6. Impact of Working Capital Management Practices on Firm Performance: A Study of Selected Indian Automobile Companies, Southern Economist, Volume 81 (1) December 2013, ISSN: 0038-4046
  7. Small Innovations: The Big Drivers of Indian Economic Development, paper jointly written with Prof. Vijaylaxmi Chari, Advances in Management, Vol. 7 (1), January 2014, E-ISSN 2278 - 4551
International Level Publication
  1.  “Teaching Business Communication: Some Issues”, International Journal of Technology in ELT, volume 1, Issue 3-4, 2010, ISSN : 0974-8008
  2. “Localization Rationale of SEZ and its Units in India”, jointly written with V. Chari, European Journal of Management, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2010, ISSN : 1555-4015
  3. “Study of Quality of Work Life of Nurses and its Impact on their Job Satisfaction in Selected Private and Government Hospitals of Gujarat”, jointly written with R. Pant, International Journal of Business Research, Volume 10, Number 3, 2010. ISSN: 1555-1296.
  4. “Growth Impact of Special Economic Zones in Gujarat”, jointly written with Prof. V. Chari, Review of Business Research, Vol. 11, no. 1, 2010. ISSN: 1546-2609.
  5.  “Sustainable Growth Rate of Textile and Apparel Segment of The Indian Retail Sector” jointly written with R. Tejani, Global Journal of Management and Research, Volume 11, Issue 6, May 2011. ISSN: 0975-5853
  6.  “A Study of Role Efficacy of Nursing Staff in Hospitals of Gujarat”, jointly written with Rashmi Pant. Aditya International Journal of Research in Technology and Management, Vol1, Issue 5, October, 2011, Pg 67-76. ISSN: 2248-9665
  7. “Taxonomy of Apparel Exports: India versus other Asian Countries”, jointly written with Prof. Vijaylaxmi Chari. International Journal of Research in Management and Social Science, Volume 1, Issue 1, July-September 2013, ISSN: 2322-0899.
  8. “Export Orientation in Indian Textile Sector”, jointly written with Toral Vadhel and Surendra Patel. International Journal of Strategic Management, Volume 14, Number 1, March 2014, ISSN - 1555-2411 
  9. "Special Economic Zones (SEZS) in India and Gujarat: A Policy and Performance Perspective", International Research Journal of Business and Management, Volume 7, pp 36-49, July-August 2014, ISSN - 2322-083X, Impact Factor 1.26
Academic Year 2006-07:
  1. “Knowledge Management in Global Era” One-Day National Level Seminar at Anand Institute of Management, on 19th February 2006.
  2. “Corporate Governance and Business Ethics” National Level Seminar at R.K. College of Business Management, on 2nd April 2006.
  3. “The Role of Marketing Management in medical Tourism” State Level Seminar at Sardar Patel Institute of Management, Anand on 4th March 2006.
 Academic Year 2007-08:
  1. “Technology Support To Small-Scale Industries In India: A Review Of its Implementation Concepts and Government Project Practices”, paper presented at state level seminar at SMP College, Ahmedabad, 25th August, 2007.
  2. “Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges”, International level Seminar at ICFAI, Ahmedabad, 26th, 27th, 28th December, 2007  Academic Year 2008-09:
  3. Presented a paper at national conference on ELT and Business Communication at Charotar Institute of Technology, Changa, January 2009.        
 Academic Year 2009-10:
  1. Social Entrepreneurship at B-schools, National level workshop under DRS-1, Special assistance Program (UGC) at Banaras Hindu University, February, 2010
  2. Presented a paper at International Conference on Business and Economics at Bangkok, Thailand, June 2010
 Academic Year 2010-11:
  1. Presented a paper at International Conference on Business and Economics at Las Vegas, United States, October 2010
  2. Presented a paper at National Seminar on Managing Development: Issues and Challenges in Gujarat at GHPIBM, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, March 2011.
 Academic Year 2011-12:
  1. Presented a paper at International conference on India Diaspora Inter Linkage and Synergy at Gujarat University, January 2012.
  2. National Conference on Promotion of Ethics and Human Values at S.V. College of Commerce, April 2012.
 Academic Year 2012-13:
  1. Presented a paper on “Propagating Growth through Inter-dependence: A Case of SEZ Units and Related Ancillary Units” at International conference on “Meeting the Challenges of a Globalised Market: Perspectives of Corporates, Financial Institutions, Governments, Educational Institutions & Civil Societies” January 2013.
 Academic Year 2013-14:
  1. Presented a paper on “Special Economic Zones (Sezs) In India And Gujarat: A Policy And Performance Perspective” at International conference on Corporate Governance: Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Indian Economic Environment March 2014
  2. Presented a paper on "Export Orientation in Indian Textile Sector" with Toral Vadhel and Surendra Patel at International Conference on Research / Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics organized by IABE Florida March 2014.
  3. Niching Innovations In Forward Linkages By Small Business Enterprises, Innovations in management-Perspective-2014, February 2014 organized by CPIMR
 Faculty Development Programs (FDP) Attented:
  1. Attended a Faculty Development Program on “Quality Issues in Management Education” in May 2007, at IILM Jaipur.
  2. Attended a Faculty Development Program at Nirma Institute of Management, Ahmedabad on Research Methodology, May 2008.        
  3. Attended a Faculty Development Program at Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University on Research Methodology in February 2010
  4. Attended a Faculty Development Program at B.K. School of Management, Ahmedabad, on Research Methodology, October 2010.
  5. Attended a Faculty Development Program at Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management and Research, Ahmedabad on Effective Teaching, July 2014

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